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The new version 12.30.3 / 2014.9 of abylonsoft software is available for download. The most important innovations are the complete deletion of EverCookies with the abylon SHREDDER and that some programs can directly create a mobile version in the Setup Wizard, for example on a USB stick.


The new version 12.00.1 / 2014.3 of abylonsoft software is available for download. All extant source code remains from the Borland development environment have been removed. More news, changes and improvements are listed in the version history and to the individual product pages.

Now we offer on many sites the possibility to leave a comment, as well be submitted on the support pages a support request. This service is anonymous and dispense with a registration!

Please select the required software:

Encryption software

Download-Dateien zu abylon CRYPTDRIVE abylon CRYPTDRIVE 16.0: Container-based, encrypted drive for files and programs

Download-Dateien zu abylon SHAREDDRIVE abylon CRYPTMAIL 16.0: Encrypting and signing of Emails; incl. Outlook AddIn

Download-Dateien zu abylon KEYSAFE abylon KEYSAFE 16.0: Easy to use password management


Download-Dateien zu abylon LOGONabylon LOGON 16.0: Secure and comfortable windows access protection

Download-Dateien zu abylon LOGONabylon LOGON SSO Home 16.0: Automatic Windows and application login

Download-Dateien zu abylon LOGONabylon LOGON SSO Pro 16.0: Single Sign-On for Windows and applications

Security Software & Package

Download-Dateien zu abylon SHREDDERabylon SHREDDER 16.0: Delete files and digital traces irrevocable

Download-Dateien zu abylon ENTERPRISEabylon ENTERPRISE 16.0: Professional security and encryption solution

Download-Dateien zu abylon BASICabylon BASIC 16.0: Easy CRYPT- and ZIP-Collection

Apps's (Tools)

Download-Dateien zu abylon SHREDDERabylon APP-BLOCKER 2017.1: Blocks permanently nerving applications and services

Download-Dateien zu abylon BACKUP-TUBEabylon BACKUP-TUBE 2017.1: Backup and synchronize files

Download-Dateien zu abylon CRYPT in the BOXabylon CRYPT in the BOX 2017.1: The simple file-safe with automatic background encryption

Download-Dateien zu abylon EXIF-CLEANERabylon EXIF-CLEANER 2017.1: Displays meta-information of images file and deletes them

Download-Dateien zu abylon LOGON-WALLPAPEr-CHANGERabylon LOGON-WALLPAPER-CHANGER 2017.1: Change automatically the windows 7 login wallpaper

Download-Dateien zu abylon UAC-GRABBERabylon UAC-GRABBER 2017.1: Start programs without prompting

Download-Dateien zu abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNERabylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER 2017.1: Lists Wi-Fi networks and find hotspots or free public access


Download-Dateien zu abylon SELFCERTabylon SELFCERT 16.0: Creating of selfsigned X.509-Certificates

Download-Dateien zu abylon READERabylon READER 16.0: Freeware for decrypting and verifying




Adolf Sunyilo - 16.11.2017 at 19:37 clock  ✪✪✪

Very thanks! OK.

Tony M. - 05.10.2017 at 12:55 clock 

Can't registered this program!?!

Hi Tony,
in order to be able to offer help, we need additional information:

  • Which software product (incl. version number) do you use?

  • Where did you download the product from?

  • What registration data did you use?

  • On which operating system (incl. 32 or 64bit) you have installed the product.

  • What error message is displayed?

Phamdangd - 09.09.2016 at 06:42 clock  ✪✪✪

chuong trinh rat tot

Thanks a lot

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