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Thank you, that you have decided for the security product from abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde.

This software solution supports the Public Key System after PKCS (RSA) and works in the HYBRID-System completely on the basis of X.509 certificates. Alternatively the symmetrical encryption (SYMM-System is supported with password input or the inserting of EC MoneyCard, Health Insurance Card or USB-Token.
According to the version different modules are offered for encrypting and signing of data (e. g. text, pictures, passwords or email). So the encrypted files are secure for spying of hackers or co-workers. Digital signed files can not be manipulated without notice for the receiver. Therefore the sending of data over unsafe channels (like internet) is without risk.

This software offers large possibilities for encryption of data and safety of your computer. Furthermore the program puts special value into intuitive operability, simple realization and high stability. In order of an easy using all modules interact together and have interfaces to standard systems like the Windows certificate database, File Explorer or Outlook.

System requirements:


Function details, module overview and a FAQ Page for common problems you will find in the internet on our homepage (https://www.abylonsoft.com). If you have a further problem with our software, please use our Support form.

Thank you for your confidence and we wish you secure working in the future! Your abylonsoft - team!

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