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Product number: 181081
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Windows Vista 32-bit Systeme 64-bit Systeme


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The software abylon LOGON-WALLPAPER-CHANGER can be tested for 30 days free. Only then will a registration be necessary.

Current version: 2018.2
File size: c. 15,3 MB
For operating system:  Windows 7 32-bit Systeme 64-bit Systeme (not Starter)

Free download

For the press and Webmaster: The setup may be reproduced, without alteration, & disseminated in digital form. Please send us details, if you wish to do so. For questions, feel free to contact us.


PAD - Information about abylon LOGON-WALLPAPER-CHANGER (XML-Format)

Step instructions for installation

1. Run Setup 2. Free 30 day trial 3. Unlimited activation
Note: Um Probleme bei der Installation und Registrierung zu vermeiden, sollten Virenscanner und weitere Sicherheitssoftware temporär deaktiviert werden!

Further information