Support, help and instructions for abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER

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Additional Info and Help Scan WLAN wireless networks and connect

Explanation of symbols abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER (Wi-Fi connection tool)

Symbols and switches (faded in or faded out, depending on selection):

  • Close-Icon


    Closes the window and exits the program.
  • Start Scan Icon

    Start scan:

    Starts or stops the search for available WLAN networks.
  • Scan und Verbindungs-Icon

    Start scan + Connect:

    Starts the search and automatically connects the computer to the first free or known WLAN network.
  • Set Scan Frequency


    Select the time unit in seconds after the search is repeated.
  • Scan open WLAN networks only:

    If this option is enabled, only the unencrypted wireless networks are displayed in the overview list. The encrypted networks are hidden.
  • TCP/IP - Customize configuration:

    To access the Internet via a hotspot, the TCP/IP settings on the computer may have to be changed. If this option is activated, the software does this automatically.

Symbols in the list:

  • Active network card

    Active network card:

    Display of an active network card with name and ClassID.
  • Inactive network card

    Inactive network card:

    Display of an inactive network card with name and ClassID.
  • Verschlüsselte WLAN-Netzwerke

    Encrypted WLAN networks:

    Display of all encrypted WLAN networks within reach. (Info about WPA2 at Wikipedia)
  • Unencrypted WLAN networks

    Unencrypted WLAN networks:

    Display of all open WLAN networks within reach.
  • Signal strength

    Signal strength:

    Display of the received network. The signal strength is displayed in 5 steps, with each green line indicating a signal strength of 20%.
  • Connected network

    Connected network:

    Display of the connected WLAN with the network name.
  • Info


    Displays additional information such as network type, connection status, security (encryption and authentication algorithm), and SSID. (Info at Wikipedia)

Symbols in the icon bar at the bottom right:

  • About-Icon


    Opens the About dialog or the help page on our homepage.
  • Registration-Icon


    Allows you to enter the registration data
  • Update-Icon


    Searches online for an update for the software.
  • Update:

    Updates the window display
  • Help:

    Opens the help page on the Internet
  • Support-Icon


    Opens the support page in the Internet

Questions and answers about the software abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER (FAQ's)

Lists WiFi networks and finds free hotspots or public access


The main task of the software abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER is to connect the computer to open WLAN networks in order to retrieve emails or surf the Internet. In order to fulfill this functionality, no connections are cached in contrast to Microsoft Windows. In addition, a minimum signal strength is important so that a stable Internet connection can be guaranteed. For this reason, the software abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER displays fewer networks than directly under Windows.


As soon as a connection has been successfully initialized, the scan process is stopped and all other WLAN networks are hidden. In order to make a realistic estimation about the quality of the further WLAN network, it would be necessary to disconnect the existing network connection at short notice.