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Authentication software: password storage and automatic login

To logging on to a PC, programs and the Internet, the user often has to prove his identity. This authentication can take place via knowledge of a password, possession of a hardware key or also via biometric features. The most widespread method of authentication is the use of access data consisting of login name and password. Password safes and single sign-on programs (SSO) offer central storage of all access data for security reasons and convenience. For access and use, a one-time login with a personal password is sufficient.

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Packshot abylon KEYSAFE

abylon KEYSAFE Save passwords and encrypt them securely

Current Version 24.10.4 - Single license from 24,95 €

Are the variety of passwords and credentials growing over your head? The abylon KEYSAFE, an easy-to-use password manager, provides a remedy. You only need to remember one password. Alternatively you can also use a USB stick, a CD or a chip card as "key". The deposited data can simply be dragged with the mouse into the corresponding fields of the browser or a dialog (Drag&Drop).

Packshot abylon LOGON

abylon LOGON Windows logon protection via hardware key

Current Version 24.10.4 - Single license from 34,95 €

The software abylon LOGON protects your computer in a comfortable and effective way against unauthorized access. You only need to learn a chip card, a USB stick or a CD with your login data and in the future this medium will suffice for login legitimation. During your absence you only need to pull the chip card or the USB stick and your computer will be locked automatically. In this way you protect your computer from prying eyes.

Packshot abylon LOGON Business

abylon LOGON-BUSINESS Windows login with central administration

Current Version 24.10.4 - Single license from 59,95 €

The software abylon LOGON Business allows the Windows login with a hardware key, such as USB stick, smart card or RFID token. The business-software offers a central administration of the logon accounts on a domain server or a workstation computer, which simplifies the administration in the company environment. Two-factor authentication increases security in the event of hardware key loss through the use of an optional pin; $desc_main = The Windows logon usually is done by user name or e-mail address and password. With the software abylon LOGON Business a hardware key can be used for the login function. The Windows login is automatically done by inserting the key, for example with a USB stick, an RFID token or a chip card. The user does not need to enter the login name and password. As additional security, two-factor authentication (2FA) can be activated, whereby the user must also enter a password. The software abylon LOGON Business offers a simplified administration. The login accounts can be created and administered once on a central domain server or a workstation computer. In the background there is a service for the synchronization of the login accounts with the clients. If a user logs on to the client for the first time with his hardware key, the account is determined by the server before the login and cached locally for the offline login. The user does not need the local Windows password at any time. This has the advantage that the Windows account can be protected with a complex password without having to enter it when logging on. The software abylon LOGON Business simplifies the administration of the registration, cancellation and blocking of Windows computers in companies, manufacturing halls, libraries, medical practices or other office communities in everyday life.

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