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Infographic: Summer offer abylon CRYPTDRIVE from abylonsoft

Summer offer abylon CRYPTDRIVE from abylonsoft Offer from 01.07.2020 to 31.07.2020

This month 50% discount on Container Encryption

The software abylon CRYPTDRIVE protects all sensitive data against unwanted access in a protected area on the hard disk. Therefore we create a virtual drive, which can be accessed after opening with password and/or hardware key via the file explorer. Here files can be stored and edited or even programs can be installed. The protection software easily increases data security on your computer by several levels.

Price: (29,95 €) 14,97 € Get now 50 % discount!

Infographic: Covermount abylon EXIF-CLEANER 2020 - WEKA-Verlag

Covermount abylon EXIF-CLEANER 2020 - WEKA-Verlag Offer from 01.07.2020 to 30.07.2020

abylon EXIF-CLEANER on a DVD of the WEKA-Verlag

Digital images contain besides the actual file content a lot of additional information about the camera, settings, location and so on. With the software abylon EXIF-CLEANER this information can be viewed and deleted. Currently, our software is available free of charge in the version 2020.PRV via the magazine DVD of the PC-GO or PC-Magazin.

Price: (9,95 €) free of charge Get now 100 % discount!

Infographic: WEKA-Verlag - Free abylon KEYSAFE

WEKA-Verlag - Free abylon KEYSAFE Offer from 01.07.2020 to 30.07.2020

Software abylon KEYSAFE for private users free of charge

The software abylon KEYSAFE is a reliable password safe on all Windows operating systems from XP on. For this purpose the sensitive access data is stored in an encrypted database. Only the owners of the master password or hardware key are granted access and can thus access stored user names, passwords and additional information. Currently, our software is available free of charge in version 19.PRV on the DVD of the PC-GO or PC-Magazin magazine.

Price: (19,95 €) free of charge Get now 100 % discount!

BitsDuJour Offers offers are valid daily from 10 a.m. until the following day at 10 a.m. (CET)

Infographic: Dr. Explain for PC

Dr. Explain for PC Angebot von Indigo Byte Systems, LLC

An Amazing Automatic Documentation Authoring Tool

Dr. Explain is a help authoring tool that automatically produces draft help topics for each of the elements of your software application's user interface.

Price: ($250,00) $75 Get now 70 % discount!

Infographic: SmartSHOW 3D Deluxe for PC

SmartSHOW 3D Deluxe for PC Angebot von AMS Software

Create 3D Movies from Your Photos and Music

SmartSHOW 3D Deluxe lets you easily create amazing 3D movies from your own photos and music, complete with cool transitions and over 100 stunning special effects.

Price: ($85,00) $17 Get now 80 % discount!

Infographic: Text-R for PC

Text-R for PC Angebot von ASCOMP Software GmbH

Identify Text in PDF and Image Files

Text-R automatically recognizes text in PDF and image files and saves it as an editable PDF or RTF.

Price: ($29,90) $11,96 Get now 60 % discount!

Infographic: ColorCache for PC

ColorCache for PC Angebot von Technology Lighthouse

Pick the Perfect Color!

ColorCache packs in a color picker, color scheme generator, web preview tools and a color scheme management system into a single convenient application.

Price: ($34,99) $12,95 Get now 63 % discount!

Infographic: ALLCapture 3.0 for PC

ALLCapture 3.0 for PC Angebot von balesio software AG

Simple and Powerful Screen Recording / Video Creating Software!

Real-time screen recording made simple! A quick one-click video suite with a host of editing options that exports slick, compressed files for easy sharing and streaming.

Price: ($199,00) $39,80 Get now 80 % discount!

Infographic: PDF to X for PC

PDF to X for PC Angebot von TriSun Software

Batch Convert PDF to Multiple Formats, Including Images

PDF to X lets you convert PDF files to Word, WordPad, HTML, image formats, and plain text in batch, saving valuable time and increasing your productivity.

Price: ($29,99) kostenlos Get now 100 % discount!

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Avatar from naumgod #527

naumgod -  

??? ??????? ?????

Avatar of abylonsoft support #527


Wir bieten unsere Software nicht in russisch!

Avatar from Egon #525

Egon -  

key doesnt work.... ?

Avatar of abylonsoft support #525


Hi Egon,
Thank you for your interest in our software. Problems with the registration rarely occur. For this purpose you can also have a look at the following tutorial.

Avatar from anotheridea #517

anotheridea -  

Can you add?
Traces in MFT
Traces in USN Journal
Traces in $LogFile
like PrivaZer

Avatar of abylonsoft support #517


many thanks for your suggestion. We will take a close look at the points and if we think something is useful, we will add it to the shredder.

Alternatively the user can add his own files and directories in 2 ways.
1. open the page "Jobs" in the Shredder dialog and add files or directories via the corresponding icons.
2. open the file "_WipeFreeBat.ini" in the directory "Own documents -> abylonsoft" with an editor and add it accordingly

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