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Infographic: Cold-Winter-Offer: abylon CRYPTDRIVE

Cold-Winter-Offer: abylon CRYPTDRIVE Offer from 01.12.2023 to 31.12.2023

Offer: Container encryption


With the software abylon CRYPTDRIVE can be created encrypted containers, which are displayed on the PC as a drive. If the drive is open, then file can be created, opened and edited. After closing the container, all files are secured and cannot be viewed by anyone without a matching key.

Now also usable again under Windows 10!

Price: (29,95 €) 14,97 € Get now 50 % discount!

Infographic: abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANER: December Hot Deal

abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANER: December Hot Deal Offer from 01.12.2023 to 31.12.2023

Wireless network scanner software

Are you currently travelling abroad and the Internet train is too expensive for you? The software abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER helps to find an open or free access. Additionally the software can make necessary settings on the computer.

Price: (19,95 €) 7,98 € Get now 60 % discount!

BitsDuJour Offers offers are valid daily from 10 a.m. until the following day at 10 a.m. (CET)

Infographic: F-Rename for PC

F-Rename for PC Angebot von ASCOMP Software GmbH

Rename Multiple Files Quickly and Easily

F-Rename lets you rename as many files as you want, using consistent renaming patterns, in just a few clicks.

Price: ($19,90) $5,97 Get now 70 % discount!

Infographic: BelkaVPN

BelkaVPN Angebot von DIGIAPP LLC

Enjoy Private Browsing and Geo-Unblocking for 10 Devices

BelkaVPN offers you lifetime access to a secure VPN, enabling private browsing and access to geo-restricted content across 10 devices.

Price: ($99,00) $20 Get now 79,8 % discount!

Infographic: PDF Replacer PRO for PC

PDF Replacer PRO for PC Angebot von PDFZilla, Inc.

Find and Replace Words and Phrases in PDF Files in Batch

PDF Replacer PRO lets you find and replace specified text in PDF files, with support for batch processing.

Price: ($29,95) $14,95 Get now 50,1 % discount!

Infographic: Folder Marker Pro + Extra 10 Folder Icons Bundle for PC

Folder Marker Pro + Extra 10 Folder Icons Bundle for PC Angebot von ArcticLine Software

Escape the Yellow Uniformity of Folders

Folder Marker Pro and Extra 10 Folder Icons let you distinguish between folders by assigning different icons, colors, priorities, work status, or type of file.

Price: ($54,90) $16,47 Get now 70 % discount!

Infographic: Launcher 2.x for PC

Launcher 2.x for PC Angebot von Microsys

Launch Your Favorite Apps and Programs Quickly

Launcher is a portable file and application launcher, empowering you to manage shortcuts and launch programs on your own computer as well as others.

Price: ($29,00) $9 Get now 69 % discount!

Infographic: Batch Image Resizer for PC

Batch Image Resizer for PC Angebot von Vovsoft

Vovsoft Batch Image Resizer is an efficient solution that can help both novices and experts into quickly adjusting the height and width of their graphic files.

Price: ($19,00) kostenlos Get now 100 % discount!

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8 Comments - » Enter comment directly

Avatar from Leonardo Neill Moreira #647

Leonardo Neill Moreira -  

Hi, Thanks for app, I will test and back here to comments...

Avatar from ziggie hillberg #630

ziggie hillberg -  

Thank you for the free app

Avatar from Jerry Sindo Garcia #596

Jerry Sindo Garcia -  

Thank you, now I can test this software.

Avatar from RayL #557

RayL -  

Why are fewer WLAN networks displayed than under Wireless network connection on Microsoft Windows?
This FAQ question appears but the link does not answer the question.
There is an audio alert every time the software finishes a scan. How can I disable that audio alert?

Avatar of abylonsoft support #557


I'll try to explain again why abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER shows fewer networks than Windows. This is because the abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER only displays available networks that have a certain signal strength. This is the only way to guarantee a stable WLAN connection. If we were to connect to a WLAN network with low signal strength, this connection would not be stable.
In addition, Windows also displays WLAN networks without Internet access (e.g. printers, etc.).
Because our software, unlike Microsoft's, does not display so-called ghost networks, the number is lower.

The signal tone sounds when there is an active connection to a WLAN network. Currently, it cannot be switched off. We have made a note of this and will add it in one of the next versions.

Avatar from Héctor-Gerardo P. #556

Héctor-Gerardo P. -  

Gracias por tu generoso regalo. Te deseo lo mejor.
Vielen Dank für Ihr großzügiges Geschenk. Ich wünsche dir das Beste.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #556


De nada. Nota: Acción por tiempo limitado a través de SharewareOnSale

Avatar from naumgod #527

naumgod -  

??? ??????? ?????

Avatar of abylonsoft support #527


Wir bieten unsere Software nicht in russisch!

Avatar from Egon #525

Egon -  

key doesnt work.... ?

Avatar of abylonsoft support #525


Hi Egon,
Thank you for your interest in our software. Problems with the registration rarely occur. For this purpose you can also have a look at the following tutorial.

Avatar from anotheridea #517

anotheridea -  

Can you add?
Traces in MFT
Traces in USN Journal
Traces in $LogFile
like PrivaZer

Avatar of abylonsoft support #517


many thanks for your suggestion. We will take a close look at the points and if we think something is useful, we will add it to the shredder.

Alternatively the user can add his own files and directories in 2 ways.
1. open the page "Jobs" in the Shredder dialog and add files or directories via the corresponding icons.
2. open the file "_WipeFreeBat.ini" in the directory "Own documents -> abylonsoft" with an editor and add it accordingly

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