abylon FREEHASH Current Version: 2022.1

Calculates MD5, SHA-1 and SHA256 hash values for arbitrary files and compares them to the reference

NEW: Online-hash-generator!

From now on we offer here the possibility to calculate numerous hash values of files and texts directly on our homepage.


Free of charge for private and commercial use
Resale not permitted

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Supported operating systems: 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 32-Bit, 64-Bit
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  • Determine MD5, SHA-1 and SHA256 hash values
  • Insert the hash value in the file name for checking
  • Copy and paste the hash values to the clipboard
  • Manual comparison of hash values
  • Display detailed file information
  • Online search for additional file information
  • New Partially occurring "hang-ups" seem to be due to the waiting dialog. If not necessary, this has been removed. ... All new features (version history)

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Checksum generator Software for creating and comparing hash values (checksums)

The free software abylon FREEHASH calculates and compares hash values for any files. Single or multiple files can be loaded into the software via Drag&Drop or via the Add dialog. For each file the cross sum is determined and displayed according to the MD5, SHA-1 and SHA256 hash method. The hash value is a character string with a fixed length, which is almost individual for each file. Even if only one character is changed, the hash value differs completely from the previous value. This makes it easy to check files for changes. This is helpful, for example, when downloading from the Internet or to detect changes to files on the hard disk. For this purpose the software offers the possibility to save the determined hash values in the file name or in a text file with the same name. These saved hash values are also read when the file is opened. If the values not match the currently determined hash value, the file is marked red in the list. For further checking, the hash values can also be copied to the Windows clipboard or pasted from there into the search field.

Screenshot of abylon FREEHASH

Screenshots of abylon FREEHASH

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Software Informer: No Spyware, No Adware, No Virus!
Software Informer: No Spyware, No Adware, No Virus!

Gelistet auf der Homepage von Computerbild
Gelistet auf der Homepage von Computerbild

FileCluster: This software is 100% clean!
FileCluster: This software is 100% clean!

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