abylon FILECOPY Current Version: 2024.4

Copies and synchronizes files directly as a plug-in of File Explorer quickly and easily to the target directory (Product group: Apps & Tools)

The software abylon FILECOPY is an extension for the Windows File Explorer. Via the right mouse button menu file lists can be copied from the clipboard to the target directory. Thereby only files are copied, whose file content has changed. This is even independent of the file name, because these files are simply renamed. Especially with large amounts of data this results in an immense time saving. Further advantages are the overwriting of used files and the optional execution of the copy process with administration rights.
Further options are the synchronization of directories or the simple search for files or file contents.

NEW: The useful extension for Microsoft File Explorer now as an individual app!

Supported operating systems: 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 32-Bit, 64-Bit
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  • File Explorer extension via right mouse button menu
  • Using the Windows clipboard
  • Optimized and secure copying of files, even for large amounts of data
  • If file or folder names are changed, they are renamed and not copied
  • Copying and overwriting files in use
  • Copying with and without administrator rights
  • Simple search for files and file contents
  • Neu Numerous small bug fixes and optimizations. ... All new features (version history)

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Avatar from Rodgers Hamungala #792

Rodgers Hamungala -  

Thank you very much for this wonderful software.

Avatar from levu08 #788

levu08 -  

Can I use this software for long time on my PC
Thanks your help

Avatar of abylonsoft support #788


The software is LiveTime license. This means that it is NOT limited in time. Only if you perform a major update, an update fee is due. However, an update does not have to be performed.

Avatar from Eddyhopper #787

Eddyhopper -  

Amazing thank you!

Avatar from Gronzo #786

Gronzo -  

Thank you very much!

Avatar from Divya Parkash #783

Divya Parkash -  

👍 for the good work.

Avatar from Eko Cahyono, S.Pd #781

Eko Cahyono, S.Pd -  

This app is very good

Avatar from Gigito #777

Gigito -  

Eu quero usar esse software.

Avatar from Burtnieks #775

Burtnieks -  

Hello there. Lets try it out.

Avatar from wmjinslo #759

wmjinslo -  

thanks very much. very generous.

Avatar from AtwaTribe #758

AtwaTribe -  

Hello !
I got many files in a place or an other, and your soft should help me to replace each file at this right place.
So, thanks for this soft !

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