Encryption software Secure with AES or Blowfish

Cryptography software: Secure encryption for documents, files, emails and more

Encryption is the first choice to protect important data from unauthorized access. In this process, the plain text or any other file is converted into the ciphertext using an encryption algorithm. Access to the original file is only possible with the correct key or secret. A differentiation is made between using the same key for encryption and decryption (password-based symmetrical encryption) or two different keys (certificate-based, asymmetrical encryption). The software products of abylonsoft support both systems, as well as smart cards and USB sticks as hardware keys.
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Packshot abylon CRYPTDRIVE

abylon CRYPTDRIVE Real-time encryption for data and programs

Current Version 24.10.4 - Single license from 29,95 €

Do you store your sensitive files unencrypted on the computer and thus offer an easy target? Your data can be stored highly secure on an abylon CRYPTDRIVE. Only after opening with password, smart card, USB token or CD the drive is displayed in the file explorer. Now files can be opened and programs started, whereby the AES or Blowfish encryption takes place automatically and in the background.

Packshot abylon SHAREDDRIVE

abylon SHAREDDRIVE Multi-user encryption for files

Current Version 24.10.4 - Single license from 49,95 €

Protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access by storing it on a abylon SHAREDDRIVE. This encrypted file storage supports simultaneous access by multiple users. Access is only possible with the correct password, USB stick, certificate or the appropriate chip card. The encryption takes place in the background, without additional operation by the user.

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Software abylon BASIC

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Security-Suite for professional use


Software abylon KEYSAFE

abylon KEYSAFE:

Encrypted storage of passwords & access data


Software abylon CRYPT in the BOX

abylon CRYPT in the BOX:

Auto encryption for your files


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Freeware for decrypting and verifying


Software abylon SELFCERT

abylon SELFCERT:

Creating self-signed X.509 Test certificates


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Avatar from Napoleon Van H. #1147

Napoleon Van H. -  

Security taken to a whole NEW LEVEL -- Abylon, the software of our FUTURE!
Thank you for sharing and caring...

Avatar of abylonsoft support #1147


Thank you for your feedback. We are glad if we provide for your security with our software.

Avatar from floccin #771

floccin -  

Thanks guys for being so generous with your work! Smiley smile

Avatar from Frank Turscak #533

Frank Turscak -  

Excellent! I still have to learn how to use it. Smiley smile

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