abylon KEYSAFE Current Version: 20.10.1

For convenient access, the password safe stores the access data in an encrypted database

Since version 19.x the SSO functionality (Single Sig-On) has been deactivated!

We have decided to transfer the SSO functionality into a separate software product for more flexibility. If you use the SSO functionality until now, you should wait with the update until the release and use the last version 18.30.2 of the software abylon KEYSAFE.

Price: 19,95
Single version, incl. VAT.

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Supported operating systems: 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 32-Bit, 64-Bit
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Related product group: Authentication


  • Only one password or alternatively a USB stick, chip card or CD/DVD as key
  • Blowfish (448 bit key length) or AES encryption algorithm (256 bit key length)
  • Copy the data by dragging with the mouse (Drag&Drop)
  • Creation of completely random passwords in the password generator
  • Create USB stick versions
  • Optional access authorization through X.509 certificates (HYBRID system)
  • New When creating encrypted objects, the encryption algorithm can now be selected directly in the dialog for creating the encrypted element (Credential ... All new features (version history)

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Password Manager Easy to use password manager for your passwords and login data

To be on the safe side, an individual password should also be used for each protected login. In addition, the longer and more complex the password, the greater the security. The password manager abylon KEYSAFE stores the complete login data and further information in a highly encrypted database. After the master password has been entered or the hardware key inserted, all stored passwords and login data can be accessed. Without this password or the hardware key, the data remains encrypted and access is not possible. Further important functions are the integrated password generator and the automatic transmission of login data (Single Sign-On).

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Soft.Easytools.com: Software rate with 5 Stars
Soft.Easytools.com: Software rate with 5 Stars

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Softpedia Clean Award: No Spyware, No Adware, No Virus!

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Download 3000: Bewertung Excelent (5 Stars)

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Avatar from ngd357 #502

ngd357 -  

Thanks for the excellent offer!

Avatar of abylonsoft support #502


You're welcome

Avatar from Master #501

Master -  

Thanks a lot for this soft

Avatar from MuSeR #500

MuSeR -  

Good Stuff for Encrypt Files.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #500


Hi MuSeR,
The software abylon KEYSAFE is only for storing passwords and access data.
For the encryption of files we offer the following software products:

Avatar from AYOUBE #499


Thank You For This Nice Software

Avatar from Vikrant #498

Vikrant -  

My memory is low, so I'm super excited to use it

Avatar of abylonsoft support #498


Good luck with testing abylon KEYSAFE

Avatar from Lguzman #497

Lguzman -  

I cannot wait to use this on my Computer.

Avatar from Ronald #496

Ronald -  

Very nice program.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #496


Smiley smile

Avatar from Steven #495

Steven -  

print is way to small and unreadable:
Increase default print to size 14 and change the color to white on black backgrounds

Avatar of abylonsoft support #495


Hi Steven,
Thank you very much for your comment. We'll see what we can do better.

Avatar from Mahato #494

Mahato -  

let's try it after that I give u feedback.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #494


I'd be delighted. We look forward to your feedback.

Avatar from Pippi #493

Pippi -  

Abylon Keysafe fulfills its purpose as a password manager, but it makes no very clear impression freeware alternatives such as ...

Avatar of abylonsoft support #493


Other software does some things differently. Many things are a matter of taste. Please specify what is not clear to you and which improvements are possible.

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