abylon SELFCERT Current Version: 20.60.2

Creates digital, self-signed test certificates for use in abylonsoft software programs and more


Free of charge for private and commercial use
Resale not permitted

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Supported operating systems: 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 32-Bit, 64-Bit
(ATTENTION: Load corresponding setup)

Related product group: Freeware


  • After creating the certificate an automatic installation is possible
  • Certificate fields: Owner, email address, state/province, city, organization, department and country Selection list with country abbreviation
  • Key strength from 512 to 4096 bits
  • Term up to 9999 days (~27 years)
  • New Häufig bieten wir unser Software über unsere Partner für Privatnutzer kostenlos an. Damit die Anwender trotzdem einen kleinen Beitrag für die ... All new features (version history)

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X.509 Key Generator Generation of self-signed X.509 v3 test certificates (PKCS / RSA)

Digital certificates consist of a key pair and are used in many areas. Certificates can support different uses, such as unique identification by signature or encryption of different data. Certificate-based encryption is used, for example, for the secure transmission of Internet pages using SSL or email encryption. The software products of abylonsoft also support the encryption of data with certificates as secret keys.
Certificates are normally issued by certificate service providers. These check the correctness of the given data and receive for it a corresponding exhibition fee. For many applications, however, this is not necessary. For these purposes the free software abylon SELFCERT enables the generation of self-signed test certificates (X.509 v3).

For this freeware abylonsoft does not assume any warranty and guarantee. The certificates can be used in the private and business environment for test purposes.

Screenshot of abylon SELFCERT

Screenshots of abylon SELFCERT

Application example for digital certificates

Digital certificates are widespread in today's society and play a very important role. They guarantee authenticity, integrity and authenticity and enable secure encryption.

The numerous application examples for digital certificates are summarized in our tutorials.

NOTE: The self-signed certificates created with abylon SELFCERT are not qualified according to the German Signature Act (SigG §2 Nr. 7) and cannot legally replace a handwritten signature. In the private or locally limited business environment, however, they offer good services. The software abylon SELFCERT is offered free of charge as Freeware without guarantee.

Windows certificate database for software certificates

The certificate created with the software abylon SELFCERT from public and private key is available as PFX file. This can be used with a certificate chip card or Token. Usually, however, it is simply installed in the Windows-certificate-database.

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FileCluster Scan Report: This software is 100% Clean

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Avatar from Gen #455

Gen -  

hello, just to say what a pity that the certificate isn't truted by trustprovider, doing desinfection's tools I use your program but in virustotal.com it's said "A certificate chain processed, but terminated in a root certificate which is not trusted by the trust provider."
Regards Smiley smile

Avatar of abylonsoft support #455


Do you mean the signature of the setup file or the certificates created with the software.
The software abylon SELFCERT creates only so-called self-signed certificates. These are quite sufficient for many cases, especially in the private sector.
For the signature of the setup, we also used only a self-signed certificate. Therefore, the certificate chain is also interrupted. In our eyes, there are no advantages for the user in the case of the signature with a commercial acquired certificate.
Or how do you see this?

Avatar from Ixari Ion #379

Ixari Ion -  

totul este bine

Avatar from Liviu #368

Liviu -  

is possible to generate new sha256 certificate with this tool?
Thank you

Avatar of abylonsoft support #368


Currently supports abylon SELFCERT only SHA1.

Avatar from maria #7

maria -  

A note or observation intended to explain, illustrate, or
criticise the meaning of a writing, book, etc.;
explanation; annotation; exposition.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #7


Hi Maria, unfortunately, we are not clear about what you want to express with your message. We would very grateful for a more detailed explanation, alternatively by email.

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