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The new version 12.30.3 / 2014.9 of abylonsoft software is available for download. The most important innovations are the complete deletion of EverCookies with the abylon SHREDDER and that some programs can directly create a mobile version in the Setup Wizard, for example on a USB stick.


The new version 12.00.1 / 2014.3 of abylonsoft software is available for download. All extant source code remains from the Borland development environment have been removed. More news, changes and improvements are listed in the version history and to the individual product pages.

abylonsoft offer all the products in the new version 11.60.7 / 2014.2. The speed was significantly increased by removing unneeded files. 
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Bewertung der Software abylon BASIC durch die Chip-Redaktion
Chip 03/2007
abylon BASIC 6.3:
4 von 5 Punkten
Price/Performance: good
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New in Version 14.00.1 and 2015.5

- Cross-program: All software products of abylonsoft have been adjusted for the new Microsoft operating system Windows 10 and extensively tested on our test systems.
- CRYPT in the BOX: The software abylon CRYPT in the BOX now offers the possibility to reseto faulty token or passwords.
- BACKUP-TUBE: Memory allocation problems of the service have been fixed.
- BACKUP-TUBE: A rarely occurring .NET GUI-problem (ResumeLayout) was compensated. This may cause GUI display minor flaws.
- APP-BLOCKER: In abylon APP-BLOCKER program a warning dialog will be displayed that changes can have a serious impact on the computer.
- SHREDDER, ENTERPRISE: The reading of many files after selecting the right mouse button in the File Explorer has been significantly accelerated.
- SHREDDER, ENTERPRISE: With about 100,000 files, the abylon SHREDDER has simply terminated before ending the task. Now the Erasers can also handle many more files.
- SHREDDER: In Shredder dialog a horizontal bar will be generally displayed on the status issue.
- SHREDDER, ENTERPRISE: In File Explorer (context menu of the right mouse button) can a drive directly selected to start the drive cleanup or drive destruction directly.
- UAC-GRABBER: The icons in the main window will now display correctly.
- READER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE, CRYPTMAIL, KEYSAFE: From the module abylon CRYPT ASSISTANT can be sent encrypted or signed files directly. If multiple files are selected, they must be combined with the Zip function to a file.
- CRYPT in the BOX: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, an encryption is not possible anymore. The decryption is still possible!
- BACKUP-TUBE: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the service no longer starts automatically. Backup's are only possible manually. After opening and confirming the registration of the service is started manually and the program can continue to be used.
- UAC-GRABBER: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the UAC bypass is no longer possible.
- EXIF-CLEANER: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the cleanup functions are no longer available.
- SHAREDDRIVE: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the new creation, change password and the encryption is no longer possible. Opening and decryption are still possible!
- CRYPTDRIVE: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the encrypted Cryptdrives just can open in the read-only mode.
- BASIC, READER, ENTERPRISE, CRYPTMAIL, KEYSAFE: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days can only be decrypted using the Crypt Wizard.
- KEYSAFE: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the single sign-on functionality is deactivated and the Keysafe starts in read-only mode.
- WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days the automatic scan for Wi-Fi networks will be disabled.
- APP-BLOCKER: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, no app's can be locked.
- LOGON, LOGON SSO Home, LOGON SSO Pro: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, when you start (boot), Logout (logoff) or lock (Lock) will see the message that this function only after the registration is also possible. After reporting abylon LOGON is disabled.
- LOGON, LOGON SSO Home, LOGON SSO Pro: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days, the functionality of single sign-on is disabled.
- CRYPTMAIL: The Restricting after the test phase has been optimized: After 30 days appears the registrations dialog when encrypting or signing! A decryption and verification is still possible.
- KEYSAFE, SHAREDDRIVE, CRYPTDRIVE, LOGON SSO Home, LOGON SSO Pro: The Restricting during the test phase has been optimized: After the 30 days trial period can more than 5 messages / files created now.
- CRYPTDRIVE: The Restricting during the test phase has been optimized: After the 30 days trial period also Cryptdrive's greater than 1000 MB can now be created.
- Cross-program: The partially multiple display of the registration dialog will be prevented.
- UAC-GRABBER, READER, ENTERPRISE: When starting the "Manager" without admin privileges, the program has been closed again directly. In addition, when starting the "Manager" with admin rights the autostart entries were rerun. Both problems have been fixed.
- Cross-program: Because of understanding problems we introduced the Icon "Run as Admin". For example, now in the setting-dialog in the left menu the point advanced view is displayed. Thus restart the settings dialog with admin rights and additional functions.
- Cross-program: If the Windows 7 basic design is set to classic (under "Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items"), then some switches of our software have been shown with blue text on a blue background. This has now been changed so that the text is now perfectly legible.
- CRYPTMAIL, ENTERPRISE: During the encryption in the Outlook main window appears the Credential Provider now. With this the encryption with smart card or USB flash drive is now possible.
- LOGON, LOGON SSO Home, LOGON SSO Pro, ENTERPRISE: During locking under Windows 8 and Windows 10 show the error "parameter is incorrect". Contrary to the Microsoft requirements this was caused by the encryption of the credential. This problem is solved now.
- BACKUP-TUBE: When you click on the desktop icon now opens the program window, even if the tray runs.
- UAC-GRABBER, READER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE: Changes in the Windows start menu are also displayed in the manager.
- UAC-GRABBER, READER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE: When you click the Update icon the Manager dialog will no longer be minimized.
- UAC-GRABBER, READER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE: If a directory is selected, the point Shortcut remove is disabled. TThis prevents the possibility to erase the entire Start menu.
- UAC-GRABBER, READER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE: The error message when you remove Start menu and Autostart entries has been fixed.
- SHREDDER, ENTERPRISE: (In the abylon Duplicate Finder all duplicates can be marked with one click now. For this purpose, the checkmark icon "Mark duplicate files" available. With the first click all duplicate files will be highlighted. With the 2nd click any duplicate files are deselected again. If in the list a file is selected, then the duplicate files are preferably labeled in this directory.

New in Version 12.90.1 and 2014.12

- APP-BLOCKER: The partial access violation occurs when you select main entries are corrected.
- APP-BLOCKER: Advanced display information about each process, such as path, program, manufacturer, description and more.
- APP-BLOCKER: Changes in the process list are bold for a Day.
- APP-BLOCKER: All processes are marked with the date on which they are new.
- APP-BLOCKER: Running processes will now be displayed in color.
- APP-BLOCKER: The program list will be output with a file extension. This is advantageous because, for example, processes can also have the extension TMP.
- LOGON: Disabling the screen saver, the logon window is brought back to the foreground.
- LOGON: The selection dialog when pulling the card can now be activated again using the icon on the Settings page "General".
- LOGON: After locking the screen saver, the password prompt does not appear twice.
- UAC-GRABBER, MANAGER: The cross-icon has been replaced with a folder icon.
- BACKUP TUBE: The display speed for network drives could be increased.
- BASIC ENTERPRISE: The copy destination is now shown longer.
- BASIC, ENTERPRISE, UAC GRABBER: The Tray Menu has been added the points "Auto Start" and "Favorites". In the manager-dialog can be added custom shortcuts. The entries in the "Favorites" can be accessed faster. The entries in the "Auto Start" will be started with the program.
- SHAREDDRIVE: The program can be installed as a mobile version. Access to the encrypted data is done via the new program window.
- SHAREDDRIVE: The internal search function has been optimized.
- CRYPT in the BOX, KEYSAFE, CRYPTDRIVE, SHAREDDRIVE: The backup management of key files for CRPYT objects has been optimized. When changing the passwords the backup key files are previously shredded and a new key file with the current password are created. Also a key request will automatically create a backup of the IMK-file in "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\apm\backup". In addition, for each successful opening of the CRYPT-object every day a backup of the key file is created in the same directory as the CRYPT-object.
- ENTERPRISE: The new program window of abylon SHAREDDRIVE was supplemented in Manager-module and can also be accessed via the tray icon.
- CRYPT in the BOX: The encrypted messages are now displayed in alphabetical order.
- CRYPT in the BOX: Existing files in the Windows clipboard can be added directly in the encrypted CryptBox now.
- CRYPT in the BOX: From the program window encrypted image files can be opened. For this purpose, a progress dialog is displayed.
- CRYPT in the BOX: The interface and menu navigation is optimized. For example, a lock or unlock is now without closing the window possible.
- EXIF CLEANER: In addition to the EXIF format now also meta-data in the XMP and IPTC format be cleaned.
- EXIF CLEANER: Selected Images can now be sent directly via the MAPI interface to the default e-mail program without taking a detour via the file explorer.
- EXIF CLEANER: Images can be reduced before the mail delivery. The reduction is given in percent of the file size of the original file.
- EXIF CLEANER: During the test phase of the software a company text was inserted in the sending email with the images. After registering the software of the company text is is no longer inserted.
- BASIC, ENTERPRISE, UAC-GRABBER: Drag and drop operations now work in the manager.
- BASIC, ENTERPRISE, UAC-GRABBER: For quick access program shortcuts can be placed in the new folder "Favorites". These are started by users with admin rights in the Admin context and at all other users with normal privileges.
- BASIC, ENTERPRISE, UAC-GRABBER: Shortcuts can be added to the new folder "Startup". Stored there, programs will be started automatically. If the user has admin rights, the links are also started with admin rights. For normal users, the programs are launched without admin rights.
- SHREDDER, ENTERPRISE: A free list of files and directories can be specified, which are automatically processed in the erase routine. For this "batch process" the software abylon SHREDDER deliver a predefined list. These can be adapted for individual requirements, but should be used with caution. Not available files or directories are displayed, but indicated with an icon (Red Cross).
- SHREDDER: The reading the files has been improved during the cleanup of the Cluster-Tips and Drive-Erase. Because of this, the deletion process could be accelerated.
- SHREDDER: The detection of the Google Chrome browser is now error free
. - SHREDDER: The Shredder program unlocks locked files faster to allow the deletion. For example, it is possible to shred the ThumbCache files in the directory "% USERPROFILE% \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Explorer"! In particular, under Windows 8.1 is now much safer and more than ever delete the shredder. Access to locked files will be used or shared successfully in many cases. To get the files are deleted real, log off or restart the system is sometimes necessary from Windows 8.
CAUTION These advanced features are only erase until Level 3 and without using fast mode!
- SHREDDER: During shredding of complete drives the PC shuts down no longer automatically. Only exception is for system partitions, as this is not otherwise possible.
- SHREDDER: The hard drive destruction in Windows 8 are optimized. For the OS disk, first all data files (no program files) are captured and destroyed. Thereafter, the remaining data and program files are detected and destroyed until the machine hangs logically. At this time all important data has already been destroyed and the PC can be easily turned off. After that the operating system needs to be reinstalled.
For normal drives (not system partition), the hard disk shredded directly complete. Following a format is still running. The user will be asked to restart the PC. In this case a reinstall of the operating system is not necessary.
- UAC-GRABBER, BACKUP-TUBE, CRYPT in the BOX, APP-BLOCKER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE, KEYSAFE: When changing the dialog to the Admin mode, the dialog reappears and not reduced to the tray.
- UAC-GRABBER, BACKUP-TUBE, CRYPT in the BOX, APP-BLOCKER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE, KEYSAFE, LOGON: The Hint of the tray icon indicates if the process was started with or without admin rights.
- UAC-GRABBER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE: The feature "Run Explorer as Admin" is now also on Windows 8 available. Unlike Windows 7, however, the desktop is not fully displayed because it is the administrative desktop. This allows the user to customize and set up according to their needs.
- KEYSAFE: Memory problems are fixed in case of storing the Keysafe-file in the network.
- KEYSAFE: The USB version will not boot with admin rights and the Single Sign-On is not generally active.
- LOGON: For the card monitoring a tray icon was introduced. This indicates the card status and provides the functions "Stop Card-Monitoring", "Invoking the Settings Dialog", "New Logon Account" and "Log-off, "Shut down" or "Lock PC".
Note: While using the SSO this functionality performs by the SSO-modul.
- KEYSAFE: The Keysafe dialog can be minimized to the tray icon.
- BASIC, SHREDDER, BACKUP-TUBE, ENTERPRISE: The progress bar will show the current file correctly.
- READER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE, EXIF CLEANER, UAC-GRABBER, WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER, KEYSAFE, SHREDDER, SELFCERT, CRYPT in the BOX, SHAREDDRIVE: During installation an USB-stick can select as installation directory (mobile-installation). In this case some features of the software can may be disabled.
- Cross-program: Because of the overloaded windows 8 Start Menu only important icons are displayed now.
- Cross-program: Problems with the integrated progress bar were corrected.
- Cross-program: A Win 8.1 - update problem is resolved
. - Cross-program: After the MS patch KB3000850 the operating system return an incorrect return value when loading a DLL that does not exist. Our software compensate this OS error now.
- Cross-program: The expiry time of the test phase is indicated in the header in the "About" dialog.

New in Version 12.30.3 and 2014.9

- MANAGER, UAC-GRABBER: Problem with the partially disabled "Run-button" fixed.
- MANAGER: About the abylon MANAGER all abylonsoft modules are open without administration privileges in the user mode. The entries in the Start menu can still be opened with administrator rights.
- SHREDDER: Complete deletion of EverCookies in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera.
- SHREDDER: Optimize the erasing of Internet-Tracks for the current browser (September 2014).
- SHREDDER: App- and Operating-System-Traces have been updated and included the deletion of "forensic evidence".
- SHREDDER: Delete the "prefetch folder".
- SHREDDER: Delete History of JoJo Screensaver and Endless-Screensaver.
- SHREDDER: The display problem with the drive selection on the total deletion page was corrected.
- SHREDDER: The background cleanup can now be started from the main menu. In addition, a warning dialog informs about the launch of the background cleanup.
- SHREDDER: Locked directories with content can now be shredded. Directories and files used from application are disconnected.
- WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER: The Online status indicator has been optimized, with "red" for "no connection and no internet", "yellow" for "connection without internet" and "green" for "network and internet".
- WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER: In pure "Scan mode" the software searched continuously for wireless networks. In the mode "Scan and Connect", the search is performed so long until the computer has established a connection to the Internet via the WLAN.
- WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER: The setting of the option "Only open Wi-Fi networks scan" will be saved when you close the program window.
- SHAREDDRIVE: When importing or creating a new Shareddrive the selection dialog now offers the complete root directory with "My Computer" and "Network".
- SSO, KEYSAFE: The functionality Single Sign-On (SSO) can now be started manually.
- LOGON: Special characters are now allowed in the user name, for example the @ sign of emails using for an online account.
- LOGON: The incorrect display of the Registration dialog at the Windows 7/32-bit Login-Screen was prevented.
- CRYPTDRIVE: In case of creating and opening the progress-bar will not be displayed over the password dialog.
- CRYTPDRIVE: The software test apparently available network drives under Windows 7 intensively and do not declare erroneously.<
- CERTMANAGER: In the certificate manager the "hanging" is resolved when inserting certificates.
- READER, BASIC, ENTERPRISE, EXIF CLEANER, UAC GRABBER, WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER, KEYSAFE, SHREDDER, SELFCERT, CRYPT in the BOX: During installation, mobile versions of the software on USB sticks (etc.) can create directly. In some cases functionality is somewhat limited.
- Cross-program: An error while accessing the local settings file was corrected.
- Cross-program: Problems with the error output (2250) "This network connection does not exist" has been fixed.

New in Version 12.00.1 and 2014.3

- LOGON: The window for certificate selection can be disabled and set to automatic. Administration is performed through a registry key.
- LOGON: If the settings dialog is open, the cards-monitoring is set in a pause mode. This unpleasant interactions are avoided.
- LOGON: About the CredentialProvider the different tokens for the Windows login can also be selected when logon.
- LOGON: Focus problems of the dialogues in the login screen have been eliminated.
- CRYPTMAIL: Encrypted and Signed attachments (CR2, CRP, SGN, etc.) can be drag from Outlook onto the desktop and there opened by double clicking.
- CRYPTMAIL: Signed and Encrypted attachment can now be opened by double-clicking. Due to a Microsoft security feature, the first point was removed at double extension. So the file could not be assigned to a matching program. This Re-Corrects the software now and additionally removes the read-only attribute.
- CRYPTMAIL, KEYSAFE: The abylon CRYPT-ASSISTANT functionality would be added, so that files can be encrypted and decrypted. For this purpose, a new icon appears on the desktop.
- KEYSAFE: Incorrectly service management has been corrected.
- KEYSAFE: In the settings dialog (main page) new Keysafe can now be created or opened. The problem has been solved. 
- SHREDDER: In the directory tree under "Temporary file extensions" even hidden directories are displayed.
- CRYPT in the BOX, UAC GRABBER, MANAGER: Beside the "Hide" (minimize to tray icon) the Windows can also "Close".
- CRYPT in the BOX: The data can now encrypted with a password, USB flash drive, smart card and certificate. For this purpose, a selection dialog (CredentialProviders) is offered. There can be selected the various methods. For the certificate administration the windows abylon CERTMANAGER has been integrated in the program.
- CRYPT in the BOX: CRP files in AutoCrypt directory can now be called with admin rights.
- BACKUP-TUBE: The backup program has received for faster access a tray icon (next to the clock). The tray icon is automatically started after the Windows login.
- BACKUP-TUBE: Created jobs are saved as an INI file in the target directory with filename JOBNAME.backupbox. After a system crash the backup or synchronization job can be reloades.
- BACKUP-TUBE: Well, the logs can be deleted all at once.
- BACKUP-TUBE: Unhappy expression for deleting a job (question dialog) corrected!
- BACKUP-TUBE: In the Event Viewer will only display changed files, so that the output could be significantly accelerated.
- BACKUP-TUBE: During automatic UPDATE is a time constant of 30 minutes maximum defined, so do not maintain a permanent change in a loop.
- BACKUP-TUBE, MANAGER, UAC-GRABBER, CRYPT in the BOX APP-BLOCKER: A double start of the program hides the tray icon and bring the program window to the front.
- MANAGER, UAC-GRABBER: The error after the trial time when calling an internal function has been corrected.
- EXIF-CLEANER: The file list can now be reset without having to close the program.
- CRYPT: The encryption secret (password, token or certificate) can be selected for encryption over the CredentialProvider "on the fly". Thus, the default setting is no longer necessary in the settings dialog.
- CRYPT: IMK-key files are backed up in the backup directory in several versions as a BAK file.
- HYBRIDCRYPT: The specified backup certificate is automatically transferred to the certificate-based encryption (HYBRID) in the list of available certificates.
- HYBRIDCRYPT: An error in the check dialog for participation certificates has been corrected.
- SSO: In the case of certificate-based access control (HYBRID), the user must define its own certificate. If this does not already exist, abylon SELFCERT is called to create a certificate.
- SSO: When you press the "Cancel" key in the password dialog or certificate CSP dialogue SSO is terminated.
- SHREDDER: Wiping of files in the Recycle Bin is now performed with the set shredder level.
- SecureID: The determined SecureID is really now copied to the Windows clipboard.
- Cross-program: The faulty input focus for some dialogs is now properly set.
- Cross-program: Disabling of running processes in the removal process is optimized.
- Cross-program: The input interaction of text fields (eg password dialogs, etc.) has been improved. When you press the Enter key automatically gets the focus to the next field.
- Cross-program: All file operations now understand UNICODE characters. For example, lead special characters in file names no longer an error occurs.

New in Version 11.60.8

- LOGON: In case of the open settings dialog the card monitoring is deactivated. Thereby the display of the locking dialog is is prevented.
- CRYPTDRIVE, LOGON, KEYSAFE, SHAREDDRIVE: New objects are now displayed immediately without manual update.
- Cross-program: A standardized toolbar with update, support, registration, etc. are displayed in all main dialogs (usually top right).
- SELFCERT: The update function with automatic search was integrated.
- SHAREDDRIVE: The Office compatibility was restored. This fixes problems when saving modified Office documents.
- SHAREDDRIVE: General problems in smartcard based keys have been fixed.
- CRYPTDRIVE: The problem of open CRYPTDRIVE's when closing has been fixed!

New in Version 11.6 and 2014.2

- UAC-GRABBER: Call of LNK-shortcut files now considers the launcher parameters.
- CRYPTMAIL: The Outlook plugin is now enabled in the User mode with limited rights.
- CRYPTMAIL: Sending email via the MAPI interface of e-mail programs eliminated!
- SHREDDER The status output has been optimized and speeded.
- KEYSAFE: In the text box, the shortcut menu is available for copying and pasting.
- KEYSAFE: It is now possible to create a backup.
- Single Sign-On SSO: Via the SSO TRAY a new card can be trained.
- CRYPTMAIL: In Outlook, the icons are hidden in case of unavailability. In addition, note text will be displayed.
- BASIC, ENTERPRISE, UAC GRABBER: In the Manager window, the selected program will be started also by pressing Enter on the keyboard.
- KEYSAFE: The search function has been improved.
- BASIC: A new service module interaction has been improved.
- BASIC, ENTERPRISE: The creating compressed ZIP files using the context menu is working again.
- CRYPT in the BOX: Automatic encryption now works for users with restricted rights. - KEYSAFE: Saving erroneous entries is prohibited.
- KEYSAFE: Switch now possible between different Keysafe files.
- SHREDDER: When shredding of private data protection violation no longer occurs.
- UAC GRABBER: Running shortcuts (LNK files) is now also possible to bypass the UAC user control.
- KEYSAFE: Overworked password cache for crashes, violent termination or protection violation.
- SHREDDER: The duplicate finder tool now deletes only the selected files.
- SHARED DRIVE: Further optimization of protection to prevent violation in Windows File Explorer.
- Cross-program (Apps): The app products offer an automatic version update.
- Cross-program (CRYPT): Certificates can be added under Win7 without error message "Could not read SessionKey".
- Cross-program (CRYPT): Deleted IMK-key file automatically restored from the backup.
- Cross-program: The question dialog "Open as administrator" when opening a window is no longer displayed. If administrator privileges for special operations are required, they are requested.
- Cross-program: Optimized installation process after activation (with respect to newly create objects).
- Cross-program: Through an icon can be changed in the dialog to the admin view.
- Cross-program: Loading symbol or PIC to show the user that something is happening, such as when activating after setup.
- Cross-program (CRYPT): The unwanted interruption in encryption and decryption has been fixed.
- Cross-program (CRYPT): The Dialogues "OpenOrSave", "FileProperties", "KeyGenerator dialog", "SigInfo", "CRL dialog" "CertCheck" and "CertManager" were converted to. NET.
- Cross-program (CRYPT): The LDAP dialogue is omitted
! - Cross-program: Problems with the internal USB installation of Programs have been resolved.
- Cross-program (CRYPT): Various error in Hybridcrypt system could be resolved.
- Single Sign-On SSO: The certificate-based encryption works again.
- Cross-program: error messages can now be saved as a text file be.
- Cross-program: The unsightly compatibility message will no longer appear
. - Program Cross: For users with limited rights the Registration dialog is no longer displayed automatically.

New in Version 11.3

- KEYSAFE: When creating new entries the sporadic error has been fixed
- KEYSAFE: Search with no result will be displayed
- SETTINGS: Administrative settings are marked
- SETTINGS: Normal user can use a button to switch to the admin mode
- Cross-program: Intelligent open of dialogs with admin rights
- MANAGER an UAC-GRABBER: Program start via keyboard (Enter)
- SHREDDER: Slight redesign of the user interface and update the symbols

New in Version 11.0 and 2014

- UAC-GRABBER / MANAGER: Creating special UAC desktop icons per Icon or Drag and Drop (Normal and Administrativ)
- UAC-GRABBER / MANAGER: More extreme acceleration at startup and display the dialog
- CRYPT in the BOX: With the new tray icon accessing to program is easier 
- CRYPT in the BOX / SHAREDDIRVE / SHREDDER: The new icon-function call-up the program window much faster
- BACKUP TUBE: In order to optimize the "Automatic Backup" the changed files are collected and saved by 1 hour maximum
- BACKUP TUBE: Error of multiple restarts a job has been corrected 
- SHREDDER: The software has been completely revised and implemented in .NET
- SHREDDER: Speed and control was improved
- KEYSAFE: The new surface was completely converted into .NET technology
- KEYSAFE: Search for items will speed up and optimized
- CRYPTDRIVE: Error of otion "Open Explorer" has been fixed
- CRYPTDRIVE: Error fixed of display multiple drive letters when adding CRYPTDRIVEs
- CRYPTMAIL: Significantly more stable - crashes Outlook plug was corrected
- SHARED DRIVE: Significantly more stable - crashes the program were corrected
- LOGON: For USB sticks the accounts data can be stored on the stick or the computer (optional)
- LOGON: The RUN entry will be removed after the program deactivation.
- LOGON: Error by Logon account with additional password protection is corrected!
- LOGON: Error by displaying the Accounts-dialog is corrected!
- SEARCH: General issues have been resolved
- HYBRID-System (General): Errors in the use of certificate-based encryption has been fixed
- Cross-program: Modifications and optimizations for Windows 8.1
- Cross-program: The registration dialog will be invoked with the required admin rights + new entry in the start menu
- Cross-program: Various optimizations and acceleration of the program Modules
- Cross-program: Indicates the user-rights of opened window

New software 2013

- abylon UAC-GRABBER: Starts programs in the administrative context without prompting dialog and with activated UAC user control.

New in Version 10.0 and 2013

- Cross-program: Support for Windows 8 (32 and 64bit)
- Cross-program: Tracelog revised
- LOGON-WALLPAPER-CHANGER: Images can be dragged and dropped into the program
- LOGON-WALLPAPER-CHANGER: Images are displayed in proportional preview
- APP-BLOCKER: Pure 64-bit mode / For Windows 8 adapted
- APP-BLOCKER: User friendly through clearer and more comprehensible dialog
- APP-BLOCKER: Links are indecated to executable EXE file
- APP-BLOCKER: For each listed app will display an offline help
- APP-BLOCKER: For each listed app can be opened an on-line help
- APP-BLOCKER: Optimized performance and startup times
- WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER: Pure 64-bit mode / For Windows 8 adapted
- WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER: User friendly through clearer and more comprehensible dialog
- WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER: Fast scan times up to 2 seconds when moving the computer
- WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER: Automatically scan, connect and configure to hotspots
- WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER: Internet connectivity assessment
- WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER: Optional Adjusting own IP configuration for network access
- BASIC / ENTERPRISE: Complete new tray icon (manager) to call the modules
- BASIC / ENTERPRISE: Tray icon (Manager) offers direct access to the Windows Start Menu
- ENTERPRISE: About the Programme Manager programs can be start in administrativ mode without the Windows UAC
- ENTERPRISE: The File Explorer (desktop) can be started administratively
- LOGON: The Credential-provider is optimized for Windows logon, so custom wallpapers are shown
- LOGON: In the standard Windows logon-mask the alternative logon is offered as option
- SHREDDER / BASIC: SYNCCOPY function for direct synchronize (sync) of the source and destination directory
- SHREDDER: Delete the Adobe Histroy extended
- SHREDDER: Adaptation to new browser versions in 32bit and 64bit (even with Windows 8)
- CRYPTDRIVE: IMK-files can be opened directly by double without import
- Cross-program: File operations speed-up by a new cache management
- Cross-program: Various optimizations and adjustments

New software 2011/2012

- abylon LOGON-WALLPAPER-CHANGER: Flip the windows 7 login screen automatically (without starter)
- abylon CRYPT in the BOX: The easy file-safe with automatic background encryption
- abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER: Show WLAN-networks and display free hotspots and free access points
- abylon APP-BLOCKER: Blocks neving processes and services permamently

New software 2011/2012

- abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER: Lists Wi-Fi networks and find hotspots or free public access points
- abylon APP-BLOCKER: Blocks permanently nerving applications and services
- abylon CRYPT in the BOX: The simple file-safe with automatic background encryption
- abylon LOGON-WALLPAPER-CHANGER: Change the windows 7 logon wallpaper automatically

New in Version 9.5

- Crypt in the Box: Integrated menu and add dialog
- Logon and encryption: Change the timeout from Bluetooth enabled devices
- Shredder: Fixed a bug in the detection of Chrome browser
- All modules: Optimized XML interface
- All modules: Improvement of the 32 - and 64-bit support
- All modules: Optimization of the Admin / User Access on Windows 7
- All modules: Minor corrections

New in Version 9.3

- Logon and encryption: Support for Bluetooth-Device as a key (eg. mobile phones)
- Password input: Support for the Windows screen keyboard
- All modules: Optimization of 64bit support
- All modules: Minor errors corrected

New in Version 9.0

- All modules: Optimization of user interface and graphic design
- All modules: Program icons for Windows 7 adapted
- Shredder: New Home Quick Start
- Shredder: Shredding of temporary Windows directories (History / Backup)
- Shredder: Delete File Search History
- Logon and Keysafe: Single sign-on window detection optimized
- Logon: Display additional information when logon
- Logon: SecureID on the setting page
- Cryptdrive: Breakdown Protection (Interrupted sessions will start new)
- Cryptdrive: NAS server support (up to 2TB and 500 Partitials)
- Cryptdrive: Repair function for damaged Cryptdrive
- Encryption: Fast exchange between password and card input
- All modules: Time calculation for copying and encryption operations
- All modules: Optimized question dialog with 'Yes All' and 'no all'
- All modules: Error correction and speed optimization


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