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Other software: Further software products from abylonsoft from Germany

In the category "Other Software" abylonsoft offers further software products, which do not fit into any other group. In addition, the products are listed here, which are no longer further developed. This can have different reasons:

  • The need for the functionalities is no longer given.
  • The supported operating system is obsolete.
  • An alternative software product is offered.
  • The further development has become too complex.

If you have any questions about the products, please contact us directly.

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Packshot abylon CRYPTMAIL

abylon CRYPTMAIL E-mail encryption to protect against spies

Current Version 17.60.1 - Single license from 19,95 €

Sending unencrypted e-mails is now a thing of the past. With abylon CRYPTMAIL abylonsoft offers an AddIn for Outlook for password-based (SYMM-System) and certificate-based encryption (HYBRID-System) of your e-mails and attachments. Further e-mail programs can be used via the MAPI interface. For business use, SME files (signing and encrypting in one step) are supported.

More software products from the category Other Software

Software abylon LOGON SSO Home

abylon LOGON SSO Home:

Automatic Windows and application logon


Software abylon LOGON SSO Pro

abylon LOGON SSO Pro:

Single Sign-On for Windows and Applications




Automatically changes the login screen


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