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Software suites are collections of functions and programs. With the collections of abylonsoft the topics data security and the privacy of the users have the highest priority. In a uniform interface for the functions and settings, for example, files can be encrypted and passwords can be stored securely. For the protection of personal rights the spying out of data is made more difficult and the evaluation of data traces is prevented.

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Packshot abylon BASIC

abylon BASIC Toolset for file operations

Current Version 22.60.1 - Single license from 19,95 €

The security of sensitive data is often neglected. The encryption of diaries, pictures or other secret documents with the AES or Blowfish algorithm is so simple. abylon BASIC is a tool collection for encrypting, signing, compressing, finding, copying or moving files and directories. Passwords, smart cards, certificates and USB sticks are supported as keys.

Packshot abylon ENTERPRISE

abylon ENTERPRISE Security and encryption in the software package

Current Version 22.60.1 - Single license from 99,95 €

Protecting computers and files against unwanted and malicious access is becoming increasingly important. This security suite from abylonsoft offers innovative and professional security and encryption modules for private and business use. Beside the certificate- or password-based encryption of data the PC can be protected against unauthorized access or data can be deleted without residue.

Packshot abylon SHREDDER

abylon SHREDDER Delete Files, Hard Disks and Surf Tracks

Current Version 22.60.1 - Single license from 29,95 €

When deleting with the Windows Recycle Bin, only the references to the files are removed without actually deleting them. In contrast to this, when shredding with the software abylon SHREDDER the complete data are overwritten up to 35 times (Peter Gutmann method). After that, the data can no longer be reconstructed. The same applies to the free memory, the surf tracks of the browser, the file names, double files or the drives.

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Software abylon KEYSAFE

abylon KEYSAFE:

Encrypted storage of passwords & access data


Software abylon APP-BLOCKER


Monitor and block processes and spy functions


Software abylon UAC-GRABBER


Starts programs without query and confirmation dialog


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Avatar from Joseph #160

Joseph -  

You have to start shaping your Cleaner around the New Windows 10 style and leave this one behind

Avatar from Joseph #159

Joseph -  

Windows 7 will stop getting supported on January 14, there already booked you up for 5 more Windows Version Updates all the way to Windows 15 this will be nothing compared to the trouble there going to give trying to learn how to clean the New windows 10 and you have only a year to get ready for the next one Windows 11.

You have to start shaping your Cleaner around the New Windows 10 style and leave this one behind.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #159


Hi Joseph,
this may be. Nevertheless, I think that the majority of users will continue to use Windows 7, especially in business use. Windows XP is long gone supportet, but the spread is still very large.

As developer we do not flit with every trendy. Today nobody talks about Windows Vista.
In addition, we are concerned more about the technology than about the optics. Software is supposed to work and not just look beautiful. Windows 10 is already fully supported by abylon SHREDDER. Many temporary and forensic data are collected and cleared by us. Nevertheless, we will optically enhance our software.

Avatar from lanh #158

lanh -  

It's very good
thanks a lot

Avatar of abylonsoft support #158


You are welcome

Avatar from Joseph #110

Joseph -  

Windows 10 is going to give you extra deep cleaning problems because it's made thicker than windows 9,8,7 and each year it's going to get even bigger so there's you some extra trouble to keep having to deal with

Avatar of abylonsoft support #110


We are expanding shredder continuously, whereby Windows 10 is considered.
For example, our software seeks out and deletes the browser Ever Cookies and data for forensic analysis deleted if possible residue. But it is true the analysis and deletion effort for our software is steadily more complex and extensive.

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