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Monitors all visible or invisible programs, services and monitoring functions and blocks them if desired (Product group: Apps & Tools)

Many processes and services are started automatically during Windows logon. These programs are partially invisible to the user and perform tasks such as monitoring the machine and user, checking for updates, or performing periodic tasks. These processes require some computing power and can only be disabled cumbersomely or not with Windows-Boardmittel.
The software abylon APP-BLOCKER groups the entries in categories, such as Autostart, Registry, AntiSpy, programs, services and drivers. Here you can deactivate them permanently or remove them completely. Information about the individual processes is displayed in the info block and online on the homepage.
An essential function of the software abylon APP-BLOCKER is the prevention of computer and user monitoring. Under the category AntiSpy critical services, internet connections and registry entries can be deactivated or changed with one click.

Supported operating systems: 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 32-Bit, 64-Bit
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  • Extensive AntiSpy features to prevent monitoring
  • Permanent removal of autostart entries from the start menu
  • Permanent removal of Run, RunOnce, RunOnceEx registry entries
  • Permanent Termination or Uninstallation of Services
  • Permanent termination or uninstallation of device drivers
  • Increased protection of privacy
  • Recommendations for AntiSpy functions
  • An offline and online help is offered for each displayed app (example: ExecutionLock.EXE)
  • Neu Various changes to the GUI (graphical user interface). ... All new features (version history)

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AntiSpy and process monitoring Permanently blocks unwanted monitoring, applications, services and drivers

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Process monitoring Information at any time

When a program is started, it is loaded into the main memory of the computer. This turns the program into a process that performs a task. Under Windows, the processes are displayed as List in the Task Manager. The process context is also distinguished. Windows distinguishes between processes in User context and all others. This also includes services, for example. The number of processes can easily rise above 100.

The process monitoring of the software abylon APP-BLOCKER lists all visible and invisible processes in a list. For the individual processes a short information is displayed. Additional information can be accessed via a link on the Internet. Many processes are necessary to enable error-free operation of the computer. However, other processes perform tasks that are not absolutely necessary. Or programs are permanently loaded into the working memory via autostart or registry. These can be simply deactivated or terminated over the software abylon APP-BLOCKER. The software remembers the settings, so that even after a restart of the computer the processes are not executed again.

AntiSpy and surveillance

AntiSpy Less surveillance - more privacy

Today it is said that data is the new gold. As a result, more and more companies are collecting data about the user behavior of their potential customers. Also operating systems and many other programs belong to it and collect diligently information about the interests and the behavior of the computer users. These help Windows to improve the operating system or to give certain recommendations for action. Windows offers the possibility to change the privacy settings, but these are sometimes very hidden or certain options are not publicly accessible.

If your privacy is important to you, you can switch off further spy and tracking functions of Windows with the software abylon APP-BLOCKER. The monitoring functions are deactivated with a click on the AntiSpy switch. This disables non-critical services, makes registry entries, and disables communication with known monitoring servers. Individual settings are possible at any time. With the AntiSpy features, you decide how important your privacy and the Privacy is to you.

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aol-soft.com award
aol-soft.com award

100% CLEAN Certified by Softpedia
100% CLEAN Certified by Softpedia

100% CLEAN Certified by Softpedia
100% CLEAN Certified by Softpedia

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Avatar from Craig #259

Craig -  

Dear Software team at abylonsoft,
it is wonderful that you are able to offer something free to help Windows perform, thank you.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #259


From time to time we offer our programs through partners free for private use. These offers are limited in time. Good luck with the use of our software.

Avatar from Chau Sui  #256

Chau Sui -  

thx for the key

Avatar of abylonsoft support #256


The time-limited promotion offers private users the possibility our software free trial.

Avatar from idolpop #255

idolpop -  

Professional security and encryption solution

Avatar from bambang #254

bambang -  

Thank you for this great application

Avatar from rich #253

rich -  

thanks great job

Avatar from sonyc #252

sonyc -  

Thank you for this great program!

Avatar from Risen #251

Risen -  

cant wait to try it

Avatar from Syiro #250

Syiro -  

I wish this app will be usefull

Avatar of abylonsoft support #250


We wish too ;-)

Avatar from reda  #249

reda -  

Thank you for the opportunity to experience the program

Avatar of abylonsoft support #249



Avatar from Brent #248

Brent -  

Thank you! I hope I can get it to work; last time i installed it, no programs or processes were shown.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #248


Ohh, sorry for the trouble. We hope that this time will work better. Compared to the last version we have a current development environment and .NET 4.0.

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