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Encryption software Secure with AES or Blowfish

Program-Icon abylon CRYPTDRIVE

Version 24.10.4 - only 29,95 €

Container-based, encrypted drives for programs and data | Details...

Program-Icon abylon SHAREDDRIVE

Version 24.10.4 - only 49,95 €

Encrypted file storage for multi-user access in networks | Details...

Authentication Manage access rights

Program-Icon abylon KEYSAFE

abylon KEYSAFE
Version 24.10.4 - only 24,95 €

Encrypted storage of passwords & access data | Details...

Program-Icon abylon LOGON

abylon LOGON
Version 24.10.4 - only 34,95 €

Secure and comfortable Windows login | Details...

Program-Icon abylon LOGON Business

abylon LOGON Business
Version 24.10.4 - only 59,95 €

Windows-Login for your office, company or practice | Details...

Security software & Suites Solutions for your privacy and security

Program-Icon abylon BASIC

abylon BASIC
Version 24.10.4 - only 19,95 €

Simple file encryption for File Explorer | Details...

Program-Icon abylon ENTERPRISE

Version 24.10.4 - only 99,95 €

Security-Suite for professional use | Details...

Program-Icon abylon SHREDDER

Version 24.10.4 - only 29,95 €

Secure deletion of files, free space and internet traces | Details...

Apps & Tools Special toolboxes

Program-Icon abylon APP-BLOCKER

Version 2024.4 - only 24,95 €

Monitor and block processes and spy functions | Details...

Program-Icon abylon BACKUP-TUBE

Version 2024.4 - only 24,95 €

Backup and synchronization of files | Details...

Program-Icon abylon EXIF-CLEANER

Version 2024.4 - only 11,95 €

Show and delete meta file information of images | Details...

Program-Icon abylon FILECOPY

Version 2024.4 - only 9,95 €

Copy and synchronise with speed advantage | Details...

Program-Icon abylon UAC-GRABBER

Version 2024.4 - only 24,95 €

Starts programs without query and confirmation dialog | Details...

Freeware Free tools

Program-Icon abylon LOCAL-USER

Version 2024.4 - only 25,00 €

Add local Windows users | Details...

Program-Icon abylon FREEHASH

Version 2024.4 - only 25,00 €

Create and compare hash values (checksums) | Details...

Program-Icon abylon SELFCERT

Version 24.10.4 - only 50,00 €

Creating self-signed X.509 Test certificates | Details...

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Online Tools Little helpers directly in the browser

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Chip.eu Award 4 von 5 Punkten

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Der erster Eindruck von Chip: 4 von 5 Punkten

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7 Comments - » Enter comment directly

Avatar from Mary L. #457

Mary L. -  

With both your fine programs that I have tried, (WLAN Live Scanner AND
Keysafe v 16) it was clear from the beginning that I am WAY out of my
field of expertise. Since that can be dangerous to my computer in my
opinion, it is better just to remove them. Thank you for giving me
the opportunity to try your products. They appear to be Extremely
useful and necessary in today's world.
Sincerely, Mary L.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #457


We offer many helpful products in the area of security and privacy. All our software products can be downloaded free of charge and tested for 30 days.

Avatar from Sandra Chung #382

Sandra Chung -  

Who coded the English version of your page? It's not so much the language on the page that is amateurish, it's the layout and graphics. I know the German site is your main one, but this is just abysmal.
It looks better to load your German site in Google Translate than this "English" version. Surely there is someone who is bilingual enough to correct the most glaring of grammatical errors!

Avatar of abylonsoft support #382


I'll give you right. The English site is already 10 years old. So far, however, I have not yet managed to translate the page by "Google Translate" and then correct it.

Avatar from Douglas M. #372

Douglas M. -  

I went through the registration process for your abylon WLAN-LIVE-Scanner giveaway on the advent calendar. I received the following registration:
Name or CD-Key:
The product says this is invalid and does not activate.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #372


Hi Douglas,
The registration data does not belong to the covermount from the PC World Adventures Kallender. Please use this link!

Avatar from Dave #337

Dave -  

Thank you for all your hard work in development of this product.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #337


In the days of Windows 10, the development of stable software products is becoming increasingly difficult. We do our best to offer great products. If problems or errors occur, we are pleased about a detailed message.

Avatar from Wayne Minett #309

Wayne Minett -  

How do I change my Language preference to English? I have looked for the "preference-page" as specified in an email you sent me, but can't find it.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #309


To change the settings you need to enter your e-mail on this page.
Then you will receive an email with instructions.
If you have problems, please contact us directly.

Avatar from hasan ali #5

hasan ali -  

Thanks for the offer of a partner program, but, in all honesty I would be embarrassed to refer my clients (English speaking in the main) to your site as your site looks very amateurish and the English translation is poor.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #5


We are also looking a very long time to earn money without much effort. However, the experience has shown us that this is not usually so. It always requires a certain assiduity. For partners and their suggestions we are always open. In a direct contact can be clarified whether a beneficial solution for both parties is feasible.

Avatar from Peter Bruce #3

Peter Bruce -  

I have not tested your software and so will not comment yet on how good or bad it is. Thanks for the offer of a partner program, but, in all honesty I would be embarrassed to refer my clients (English speaking in the main) to your site as your site looks very amateurish and the English translation is poor.
I wish you well and my comments aren't intended to be insulting but constructive.
Cheers - Peter.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #3


Thank you for your comment. I see the comment as motivation rather than a criticism. I know that my English is not good. For this reason, I'm happy about every concrete suggestion for improvement.

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