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Software Update and Discounts 7 Tips

We are constantly developing our software products further and regularly release new versions. In this tutorial we will show you useful tips for updating and how you can take advantage of the discount on your purchase.

1. Check if a new update is available

Bild zu Check if a new update is available


The software checks at regular intervals if a new update is available. For this purpose, a corresponding question dialog is displayed, which must be confirmed. Here also the automatic update search can be deactivated.


Any software product of abylonsoft can also be searched manually for a new version. First the program must be started with administrator rights. This is for example possible via the shield icon (see picture). Then the window is closed briefly and restarted automatically. Now additional functions are available, such as the update search. This is done via the world icon (see picture). After confirming the question Check for a new version? you will see if a new version is available. If an update is available, you will also see whether it is a free update or a paid update!

2. Overinstallation or new installation

Bild zu Overinstallation or new installation

The setup checks if an earlier version of the software is already installed. If there is an existing installation, the setup asks if you want to uninstall or overinstall (update) the software. Overinstallation is usually the preferred option. To do this, press the Yes button. If problems occur after the installation, an uninstallation (switch No) can be advantageous. After restarting the computer, the setup for the new installation can be executed again.

3. Enter registration data

Bild zu Enter registration data

Open registration dialog

The registration dialog is called via the badge icon. In addition, the registration dialog is automatically displayed at regular intervals before registration. Administrator rights are required to register the software. If the software does not have them, the window is closed briefly and then automatically started with admin rights. Under Windows this usually has to be confirmed.

Request registration data

The registration data can be requested via the buttons Shop or Click here to the online shop. Above that you get to the corresponding registration page (for free covermounts) or to the shop of abylonsoft. The appropriate registration data will be sent to you by email after receipt of payment (commercial version) or correct completion of the online form (covermount).

Registration data entry

If possible, the registration data sent should be transferred by copying and pasting (Copy & Paste) from the email into the appropriate fields of the registration dialog. Under Name or CD-Key the name given in the order is entered for the commercial version. A free covermount version is usually a string containing the name of the source. This will be specified in the sent email. With license code the registration key is entered. This key is also in the email and consists of four blocks ([4 characters]-[8 characters]-[10 characters]-[5 characters]).

If you have registration problems, please contact us . Please indicate the software used with version number, source and registration data.

4. Possible reasons for unsuccessful registration

Bild zu Possible reasons for unsuccessful registration

If the registration has not been completed successfully, this question dialog is displayed. Possible reasons for this are:

  • Transmission error: To avoid errors during the transmission of the registration data, the data from the email should be transmitted by copying and pasting (Copy&Paste).
  • >Wrong version:
  • The version number of the software is displayed in the Registration dialog and About dialog. New registration data is required for each major version number. Please compare this with the information in the email.
  • Free Version: For covermounts and comparable free versions individual setups are created, which are only offered via the corresponding action. Downloads directly from our homepage cannot be used for this purpose and will display this error dialog!
  • Wrong software product: Individual registration data will be created for each of our software products. Therefore, the product must match the registration data. The name of the software product is indicated in the email and in the software itself (e.g. About dialog).
  • Incomplete installation: In rare cases there may be an incorrect installation, for example because not all files were exchanged correctly during the overinstallation. In this case the deinstallation and reinstallation of the software usually helps.

When registering the software does not differentiate from abylonsoft between upper and lower case. therefore the data can be entered as lower case letters as well as upper case letters!

5. Program Information in the About Dialog

Bild zu Program Information in the About Dialog

Open About dialog

The information dialog of our software is called via the yellow i-Icon in the software. This is either directly visible or can be found in the menu of the blue question mark icon.

Information contained:

  • Remaining useful life: In addition to the software name, the remaining useful life of the test version is also displayed in the header line of the dialog. The program is then still executable, but some functionalities can be deactivated.
  • Operating system: The operating system recognized by the software is displayed in the upper right corner. This should match the installed operating system on the computer.
  • Internal product number: The internal product number is displayed behind the operating system name. This consists of 4 blocks, whereby the 1st block is the main version number and the 2nd block is the sub-version number. The last two blocks indicate internal build versions. Only if the main version number changes, the update is subject to a charge.
  • Product name: The name of the software product is displayed here. Under this name the corresponding information is displayed on the homepage. The exact software name should be indicated next to the version number with every communication with the company abylonsoft.
  • External version number: The external version number may differ from the internal version number. This is for example the case with the App's, where the product number is the year of publication and the month.
  • Licensed for:Display of the name on which the software was registered. During the trial period, unknown is displayed.
  • License code: Displays the four-block registration key. The 3rd block can be used as voucher code during update. During the test phase unknown is displayed there.
  • Purchase license: The switches Purchase license or Shop open the registration page (covermounts) or the online shop (purchased version).

6. Determine and enter update voucher

Bild zu Determine and enter update voucher

Determine previous license key:

For a reduced update price, the voucher code must first be determined. This is a part of the license code that can be viewed at any time in the About dialog. The 3rd part of the license key is used as the voucher code. This is ten characters long and usually starts with two zeros.

enter coupon code:

In order to receive the update discount, the determined coupon code must be entered during the order. Open the appropriate order page for the desired software product on our homepage and activate the checkbox Click to enter voucher code. This will display a new text field by entering the 10-digit voucher code (3rd block of the license key). With the button Redeem it is checked whether the voucher code is valid. The price in the shopping cart will be adjusted accordingly.

If you have problems entering the voucher code, please contact us. Please provide all necessary information.

7. Amount of the individual update discounts depending on the predecessor version number

Bild zu Amount of the individual update discounts depending on the predecessor version number

The amount of the discounts are as of September 2015. This information is without guarantee and future changes cannot be excluded!

We offer different discounts for an update depending on the software product and version number. For the amount of the discount the version jump of the internal version number is decisive for the update. In general, minor updates are free of charge. The discount for major updates is between 30% and 90%. The update check shows whether the update is free or not.

Example for minor update: to (First number does not change!)
Example for major update: to (First number changes!)

When updating from a Covermount-Version (free from the internet or from a computer magazine) the discount is granted as if the main version number changes by 2 or more.

The update discounts are listed in the following table.

Software Update Discount (from new price)
abylon BASIC,
abylon KEYSAFE,
abylon LOGON,
abylon LOGON SSO Home,
abylon LOGON SSO Pro,
Minor-Update (Main version number does not change) 100% discount (free update)
Major update (major version number changes by one) 60% discount
Major update (major version number changes by two or more)
or from covermount to current purchase version
30% discount
abylon CRYPT in the BOX,
Minor update (main version number does not change) 100% discount (free update)
Major update (major version number changes by one) 90% discount
Major update (major version number changes by two or more)
or from covermount to current purchase version
60% discount

In order to keep the discount, the 3rd block of the license key must be entered during the order as a coupon code!

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7 tips for updating the software from abylonsoft

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