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Copies and synchronizes files directly as a plug-in of File Explorer quickly and easily to the target directory (Product group: Apps & Tools)

The software abylon FILECOPY is an extension for the Windows File Explorer. Via the right mouse button menu file lists can be copied from the clipboard to the target directory. Thereby only files are copied, whose file content has changed. This is even independent of the file name, because these files are simply renamed. Especially with large amounts of data this results in an immense time saving. Further advantages are the overwriting of used files and the optional execution of the copy process with administration rights.
Further options are the synchronization of directories or the simple search for files or file contents.

NEW: The useful extension for Microsoft File Explorer now as an individual app!

Supported operating systems: 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 32-Bit, 64-Bit
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  • File Explorer extension via right mouse button menu
  • Using the Windows clipboard
  • Optimized and secure copying of files, even for large amounts of data
  • If file or folder names are changed, they are renamed and not copied
  • Copying and overwriting files in use
  • Copying with and without administrator rights
  • Simple search for files and file contents
  • Neu Numerous small bug fixes and optimizations. ... All new features (version history)

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Avatar from BC Kyle #756

BC Kyle -  

Thaks for this software.

Avatar from Lee Qua Dany #753

Lee Qua Dany -  

Thanks for sharing

Avatar from Millen antony #751

Millen antony -  

Tested by Techglyphs.com teams and found to be very good!

Avatar of abylonsoft support #751


I would be very happy to receive the test report. Thomas

Avatar from First Last #746

First Last -  

Free everyday?

Avatar of abylonsoft support #746


The software is offered as shareware. After the test phase a registration is necessary.
Only during promotions (e.g. covermounts) we offer the software product free of charge for one or a few days for private users.

Avatar from phan công danh #745

phan công danh -  

Abylonsoft based in Soonwald offers the new, practical file tool abylon FILECOPY. By special procedures thereby the copy process is accelerated. This has an advantage especially when backing up large ...

Avatar of abylonsoft support #745



Avatar from Aldo Comparini G #743

Aldo Comparini G -  

Cool and useful tool ! Thanks!

Avatar from Martha P GOMEZ #742

Martha P GOMEZ -  

I would like to test the program and find it useful. It is intended for Personal Use.

Avatar from ONEDIGITAL #741


Thank you for the software

Avatar from Tony #739

Tony -  

Thank you for this opportunity.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #739


We offer our software as a 30-day trial version. In this time, the software can be tested without paying or other disadvantages in the full extent. Only after that, a registration is necessary.

Avatar from Ryszard #738

Ryszard -  

the sent Data do not work successfully

Avatar of abylonsoft support #738


We can only give you the following tips in case of problems with registration of our software:
- Are you using the right software? Only if the product and the version match, registration is possible. Please also remember that in case of free covermounts (e.g. from magazines or corresponding websites) ONLY the setup from this source and NOT from our homepage can be unlocked.
- Make sure that the registration data has been transferred correctly. To minimize errors, you can copy and paste the data from the email. Please also note that for free covermount, you do not have to enter your own name, but the specified string from the email.
- You can also find more information about registration here.
If you have specific questions or problems, you can contact us at any time. Please describe the problem as detailed as possible.

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