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In the lexicon or glossary explains abylonsoft topics of general interest around the offered software products, computers and technology. The column with the letter B contains 2 entries.

Column B 2 entries


Imagine an employee in your company has stored important information in encrypted form and becomes ill or leaves the company. If the data is encrypted with an additional backup certificate (e.g. from the company management), you can still access the files. Furthermore, the backup certificate can prevent greater damage if the smartcard is lost. Backup certificates can only be created for the HYBRID system. With the software of abylonsoft the backup certificates are registered in CERTMANAGER.

see also: HYBRID-System Certificate


Blowfish is a freely usable symmetrical encryption method with a variable key length of 32 to 448 bits. Blowfish currently still counts as secure due to the high key length.

see also: HYBRID-System Certificate

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