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In the lexicon or glossary explains abylonsoft topics of general interest around the offered software products, computers and technology. The column with the letter X contains 2 entries, like for example X.509 Certificates.

Column X 2 entries

X.509 Certificates

X.509 certificates in the current version 3 are an ASN.1 encoded record with version, serial number, signature, name, validity, subject, PublicKeyInfo, parameters and certificate extensions. X.509 certificates are supported by abylonsoft software. S/MIME, PGP, PEM and MailTrusT also use this Certificate.

see also: Asymmetric encryption Certificate S/MIME PGP ASN.1


For the exclusive OR operation (XOR), the following rules are used for linking two bits. If both bits are equal (1/1 or 0/0) the result is zero and if the bits are unequal (1/0 or 0/1) the result is one. In contrast, the simple OR operation (OR) converts two ones bits (1/1) into one one.


see also: Asymmetric encryption Certificate S/MIME PGP ASN.1

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