abylon KEYSAFE Current Version: 24.10.4

For convenient access, the password safe stores the access data in an encrypted database (Product group: Authentication)

To be on the safe side, an individual password should also be used for each protected login. In addition, the longer and more complex the password, the greater the security. The password manager abylon KEYSAFE stores the complete login data and further information in a highly encrypted database. After the master password has been entered or the hardware key inserted, all stored passwords and login data can be accessed. Without this password or the hardware key, the data remains encrypted and access is not possible. Further important functions are the integrated password generator and the automatic transmission of login data (Single Sign-On).

Since version 19.x the SSO functionality (Single Sig-On) has been deactivated!

We have decided to transfer the SSO functionality into a separate software product for more flexibility. If you use the SSO functionality until now, you should wait with the update until the release and use the last version 18.30.2 of the software abylon KEYSAFE.

Supported operating systems: 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 32-Bit, 64-Bit
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  • Only one password or alternatively a USB stick, chip card or CD/DVD as key
  • Blowfish (448 bit key length) or AES encryption algorithm (256 bit key length)
  • Copy the data by dragging with the mouse (Drag&Drop)
  • Creation of completely random passwords in the password generator
  • Create USB stick versions
  • Mobile use by copy on a USB stick
  • Neu Problems with the installation of the "Mobile USB version" in the setup and in the software settings have been fixed. ... All new features (version history)

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Password Manager Easy to use password manager for your passwords and login data

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Download-Tipp: Redaktionswertung: 3 von 5 Sterne, Besucherwertung: 4 von 5 Sternen
Download-Tipp: Redaktionswertung: 3 von 5 Sterne, Besucherwertung: 4 von 5 Sternen

Brothersoft: Editor Pick Award
Brothersoft: Editor Pick Award

FileCluster: This software is 100% Clean + 5 of 5 Stars
FileCluster: This software is 100% Clean + 5 of 5 Stars

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Avatar from Bunni  #656

Bunni -  

thank you so much for the privelege of using this program

Avatar of abylonsoft support #656


It is a privilege that our software is needed.

Avatar from O. J.  #655

O. J. -  

A very useful piece of Software.
Thanks, a Bunch!

Avatar from Joe K. #654

Joe K. -  

Thank you for the program.

Avatar from Johannes D. W. #653

Johannes D. W. -  

I hofe this KEYSAFE is realy safe and not for spinage govermant

Avatar of abylonsoft support #653


All our software programs are free of spyware, adware or other backdoors.

Avatar from James Gr. #563

James Gr. -  

I tried to register keysafe (several times) using the information I received in my email but keysafe says it's invallid. what can I do?

Avatar of abylonsoft support #563


In order to be able to make an exact statement, I would need to know where you got the registration data from. I do not have an official order under your email.
As far as I can see, you have requested a free key for the SharewareOnSale-Covermount in version 19. As it says on the registration page, this is only valid for the corresponding version of SharewareOnSale and also only during the promotional period. In the case of abylon KEYSAFE, this was from 18 to 25 March 2021.
If I am wrong with my assumption, please contact me again. Otherwise, you can purchase the software officially via our homepage or you have to wait until the next promotion.

Avatar from William H #561

William H -  

thanks in advance for this software, I will try

>> some times later >>
well this is not working at all, thank you for destroying my saturday evening pfffff, installed and uninstalled it 6 times but nothing of the keysafe is working, great software, thnx to let me try
have a nice sunday, bye

Avatar of abylonsoft support #561


Hi William,
Thank you for testing our software. In case of problems we were happy to help, but this is only possible if you describe the problem in more detail. To write that simply "nothing" works is too simple and also not purposeful. Does the installation not work? What is the problem? Is an error message displayed? Otherwise, thank you for "Nothing".

Avatar from Luis #559

Luis -  

Why has the SSO functionality (Single Sig-On) has been deactivated? Do I now have to buy two products if I want SSO?

Avatar of abylonsoft support #559


SSO (Single Sig-On) functionality has been disabled due to major compatibility issues with different Windows programs and browsers. At the moment, we have not yet found a simple and uniform interface. The SSO functionality is to be developed from scratch. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear when this will be.
Those who want to continue using this functionality should use the software abylon KEYSAFE in version 18.x.

Avatar from ngd357 #502

ngd357 -  

Thanks for the excellent offer!

Avatar of abylonsoft support #502


You're welcome

Avatar from Master #501

Master -  

Thanks a lot for this soft

Avatar from MuSeR #500

MuSeR -  

Good Stuff for Encrypt Files.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #500


Hi MuSeR,
The software abylon KEYSAFE is only for storing passwords and access data.
For the encryption of files we offer the following software products:

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