Support, help and instructions for abylon KEYSAFE

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Additional Info and Help Save passwords and encrypt them securely

Questions and answers about the software abylon KEYSAFE (FAQ's)

Easy to use password manager for your passwords and login data

Tray-Icon of abylon KEYSAFE This may be because the abylon KEYSAFE has already been started and automatically minimized. Minimized means that the window is reduced and only displayed as a tray icon next to the clock. In the screenshot the robot icon is displayed in the tray bar. The window can be maximized again by double-clicking or using the right mouse button menu.

The window can be minimized to the tray icon using the minimize icon at the top right.

Infos about the tray icon can also be found on this page under FAQ-General -> Where can I find the tray icon?!

If only the first line is displayed in the list function, then you should update the software abylon KEYSAFE to the newest version (Download page). After that this problem should be solved.

Alternatively, pressing the Update-Icon will also help!

The structure of the Keysafe-file changes over the different versions. For this reason, larger version jumps are not possible.

ATTENTION From the version update you should absolutely create a backup of the Keysafe files!

  • Version under 10 / 2 files: data file (XML format) + key file (XMK format)
  • Version over 10 / 1 File: Data and key file (XML format)
>TIP>/strong> Also otherwise, backup copies of the Keysafe files should be made at regular intervals!


Every version currently in use, you should install version 7.3, 8.3 and 10.5 on your computer one after the other.

Example Version 6.5: In this case the setups must be installed in the order 7.3, 8.3 and 10.5, whereby the existing Keysafe file (XML) must be imported in each case.
If the old Keysafe file is not automatically imported, the program abylon KEYSAFE offers the possibility to create a new Keysafe at the first program start. It is also possible to import an existing Keysafe-File.

Example version 8.3 or 9.x: In this case it is sufficient to install version 10.5.

After importing the previous Keysafe file an automatic conversion is offered.

Download: abylon KEYSAFE 7.3

Download: abylon KEYSAFE 8.3

Download: abylon KEYSAFE 10.5 

After the import has been completed, you can install the current software version.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us (-> support form)!

At the first start of the program you will be asked if you want to create a new file or import an existing file (XML format).

If a KEYSAFE file already exists and you still want to create a new file, proceed as follows. Find the existing vault file that is normally located in the Documents and Settings directory. The best way to find the file is to use the File Explorer search function to search this directory for the XML file. By default, the file name corresponds to your login name (your_login_name.xml). Rename the file and restart the software. Now you will be asked if you want to restore the file through the backup. Here you answer with NO. Now a new, empty vault file will be created with the same name.

Dot by dot again:

  1. Search the KEYSAFE file (XLM format)
  2. Rename
  3. start the abylon KEYSAFE
  4. Do NOT restore backup

TIPP If you have problems with the access rights, you should also rename the key file with the same name (your_login_name.xmk)!

After the first start of abylon KEYSAFE you can choose a place to save it yourself. Default is your own directory\apm. You can create a backup of the vault file (XML format) at any time. However, if you change your password after the backup, this does not apply to the saved file. In this case you must enter your old password.

FAQ: Password

Information about password usage and related security issues.

For this purpose, a mouse click event was inserted programmatically from version 19.10.1 and 2020.1 on. If there are problems with this, it can be switched on or off via the registry. To do this, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\abylon\[PROGRAM NAME, e.g. ENTERPRISE]\FLAGS set the value FWACTIVATEWINDOW from YES to NO.

After the password entry the software displays the message "The entered password is wrong or the key file (certificate) does not belong to this object!". What is the reason for this?

Please check first whether the password was really entered correctly or the keyboard layout has changed.

Another possibility is that the password scrambler converts certain special characters into other characters. For this reason it is necessary in such cases to activate or deactivate the password scrambler according to the creation of the encrypted element. I.e., if the password scrambler was activated during encryption, it must also be activated during decryption.

The password scrambler must be deactivated in any case if a password or the SecureID are entered into the password field via Copy&Paste. Otherwise, the program will not recognize a keyboard entry and the password field will remain empty.

The SecureID is a so-called emergency password. If the chip card or USB stick is defective or lost, this can be entered as an alternative for decryption.
The SecureID is determined during the encryption process on the page 'Key management >SYMM-System'.
The SecureID is identical for each encrypted object (abylon KEYSAFE, abylon CRYPTDRIVE, abylon BASIC, abylon SHAREDDRIVE) and is built as follows:

# + 32 characters + . + 32 characters + # 
(characters only numbers 0-9 or letters A-F; e.g. #A54E1CB23F31464AC3B7D65F4557C1D1D. 50F4B4A9EC30705944EB12870284C419#

- Starting with version 8.3, both upper and lower case letters can be entered. In older versions the input is Case-Sensitive.
- The password scrambler should be deactivated for input!
- The SecureID should be stored in a secure place!
- The SecureIDs are different for encryption and Windows logon.

A "brute force attack" means trying out all possible character combinations of passwords. For example, the process starts with 00000001 and then continues with 00000002, 00000003, 00000004.... A password that has only 4 digits and consists only of numbers can easily be "cracked" within a few seconds. A good password should consist of at least 12 characters with lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and special characters. In addition, no words from dictionaries, names or relevant password databases should be used. If you follow these rules, you can be sure that it will not be possible to decrypt the protected data economically in the foreseeable future.


Unfortunately / fortunately it is not possible to open protected data without the corresponding password. I.e., the software of abylonsoft offers neither a back door nor a so-called "general key". If you have lost your password, you can no longer access your stored data. 

You should remember the used passwords well and possibly write them down in a secret place. However, this should not be on the hard disk or near the computer. Alternatively, so-called password managers (such as abylon KEYSAFE) offer the possibility to store the different passwords in a secure database. In this case you only have to remember a password

An insecure password is always a date of birth, a nickname, a name in principle or any other word that is frequently used or that is in the dictionary.

A secure password is a password consisting of several random characters, e.g. myz<_/k)),%06YLbcw3pU. It consists of special characters ( ! "§$%&/()==?´*?+#´\ß^.;:_@<>|{[]}), numbers (1234567890), uppercase letters (QWERTZUIOPÜÄÖLKJHGFDSAYXCVBNM) and lowercase letters (qwertzuiopüäölkjhgfdsayxcvbnm).

If you cannot remember such a password, you can use a trick. Although the password is not as secure as the previous one, it is still much more secure than "Otto" or "Müller". And this is how it works. Think of a long sentence that you can easily remember, such as : I live in the model city 134b. My phone number is 123456789.  Now simply take the first letters / characters from this sentence. In this case that would be? IwidM1.Mti1.?. However, you should make sure that at least some numbers and special characters are present in the sentence. In addition you must pay attention to upper and lower case.

To create a really secure password, you should use the integrated password generator. You can find it for example in abylon KEYSAFE.