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Windows login with hardware key and central administration

Current version: 22.60.6 from 2022-11-23
Available for Windows: 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 32-Bit, 64-Bit

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Recommended setup
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Offered setups

NET 4.0-Setup for windows 8, 10 und 11

File: logonbusiness.exe (Size: 44,91 MB)
.NET 4.0 version: Version selection info
SHA256 hash value: 06BCDF449433C730E0F9E5E64511359FAB068696EF130982663BF86EF59B9AA1
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NET 3.5-Setup for windows XP bis 7

File: vc2008_logonbusiness.exe (Size: 24,19 MB)
.NET 3.5 version: Version selection info
SHA256 hash value: D60C62585084DAE8C48DF31F8E2E5606549970D6986AA3C93F0A594741D17330
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Additional information, whitepapers and documents

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Data sheet abylon LOGON SSO (Business Login for Windows - 557,83 KB)
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Use of a removable storage device (Business Login for Windows - 3100,15 KB)
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