Versionshistory abylon LOGON Business:
Aktualisierungen, Änderungen und Verbesserungen der Updates


In dieser Versionsübersicht werden alle Neuerungen, Verbesserungen und behobenen Fehler der Software abylon LOGON Business aufgelistet. (Link zur kompletten Versionshistory)

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New version 24.10.0+3 and 2024.1+2

2024-02-18: The major annual update once again brought numerous internal improvements, GUI optimizations and cross-product improvements.

Problems with the installation of the "Mobile USB version" in the setup and in the software settings have been fixed.

In some of our applications (e.g. Logon, WLAN scanner, Keysafe, etc.) acoustic signals are emitted for certain actions. These have been optimized by using better sounds (sound files).

Various problems with Windows logon in the context of card monitoring have been fixed.

Numerous small bug fixes and optimizations.

Various changes to the GUI (graphical user interface).

When registering the software under a user with restricted user rights, admin rights can be requested via the new Run as admin button.

Under Windows 10 and 11 the abylon LOGON login screen is now always displayed reliably.

From this version onwards, the software supports sound files. A corresponding sound is emitted for certain actions (e.g. chip card events).

When the server option is activated, all local accounts are deleted and then reloaded from the server. Login accounts cannot be infiltrated from the client using this security function.

Problems when creating user accounts on the client with the option "Synchronise local account files with server" activated have been fixed.

The Windows user "LELogonUser" for synchronising the logon accounts will no longer be assigned to a user group in future. The user is therefore no longer visible in the login screen, for example.

Card monitoring under Windows 11 has been optimised.

In the settings under "Logon behaviour", the option "Should the Windows logon password be automatically taken from the logon account file and changed on the client if required or changed?" has been added. This allows the password of a user to be set on the server and is then automatically taken from the logon account file when logging on to Windows on the clients.

In the settings under "Login behaviour" the option "Should the Windows login account be created automatically on the client with the stored credentials if it does not exist?" has been added. This allows non-existent Windows user accounts to be distributed and created on all connected clients via the abylon LOGON Business software.

The Logon software evaluates the registry values for the Windows AutoLogon. If the Autologon is activated, the logon by abylon LOGON is also skipped and logged on by the operating system with the values specified under "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon".

The card interface has been completely revised. An index error has been fixed and various functions have been optimized to significantly speed up the login process. Individual logon accounts may have to be recreated.

Problems with the simultaneous execution of our software in several user contexts have been resolved.

A memory overflow occurred in a service function of our encryption solutions due to a problem in the Bluetooth interface, which we were able to rectify.

New version 23.60.3 and 2023.6

Various optimizations in handle management (allocate and share), as well as the window update in the progress bar in the File Explorer context.

Some virus scanners see problem copying the CG.Animations.DLL file to the Windows directory. This will be taken care of by the setup program in the future.

Problems with critical sections fixed!

Sporadic access problems with the Windows login could be solved.

New version 23.30.3 and 2023.4

2023-04-11: At the end of the major update, a few problems have been fixed and the speed is optimized once again.

All software products run more smoothly due to the revision of error handling (Critical Sections).

The function for reading out registy values has been revised so that foreign keys can also be determined.

The trace log functionality has been expanded.

Neue Version 23.10.3 und 2023.3

2023-03-16: This small update has fixed bugs and issues and added some small features!

The ability of our software products to run on Windows XP has been tested and enabled, as in the case of abylon LOGON Business.

The TRACE-LOG functionality would be revised and strongly supplemented!

Access problems of the .NET DLL for animated graphics were corrected.

New Version 23.10.1 and 2023.2

2023-03-09: In the new version, the speed in all applications could be increased through optimization. The program abylon APP-BLOCKER has also received many new features, such as Windows update and Windows Defender permanently disable.

For animated images a .NET component is needed. This is now initialized correctly, so that possible call problems are excluded.

By clicking on a column, all tables can be sorted chronologically.

By optimizing the function call, the performance of all apps could be increased significantly.

Problems in service connection and registry access were fixed.

The waiting dialog when starting the software is automatically closed after 5 seconds in case of a problem.

New version 22.60.6 and 2022.9

2022-11-23: Even though the version number has changed only slightly, numerous changes have been made in the last 6 months.

To avoid protection violations, the general startup dialog of our programs has been revised. This can be disabled in the registry under HKCU\Software\abylon\ by changing the value FWUSEWAITDLG from YES to NO.

The start dialog of the programs was further optimized and can be deactivated via the registry in case of problems (HKCU -> REG_SZ -> "FWUSEWAITDLG" = "NO")

The transparent logon login dialog has been optimized.

New Version 22.60.x and 2022.5

2022-05-25: From this update to version 22.6 and 2022.5 all software programs of abylonsoft have benefited and received small or large additions.

When a domain user logs in without a domain network, a so-called offline logon takes place, using a local cache.

The status of abylon LOGON-Business was partially displayed incorrectly. Now it should be displayed correctly whether the software is activated or deactivated.

Administration rights are no longer required to check whether a new update is available.

New Version 22.30.x and 2022.2

2022-02-25: Among other things, this update offers optimizations in the area of the GUI and the program start dialog. In addition, the software abylon LOCAL-USER was released for the first time.

Performance issues in the wait/start dialogs have been fixed and an animated wait squiggle has been implemented.

The automatic window adjustment under Windows 7 has been optimized.

The software now displays a waiting dialog for time-critical operations.

New Version 22.00.1 and 2022.1

2022-01-22: The major update of all products includes various optimizations regarding stability and speed. Especially in the area of smart card support some innovations were implemented.

After registering our software, this is now displayed directly in the about dialog.

When changing the encryption secret (e.g. from smart card to password), problems were eliminated.

In the login or lock mask of the abylon LOGON software caught a loop if no hardware key was available. Now it should be possible to switch back to the normal Windows login mask via the cancel button.

The Desfire smart card is fully supported as a hardware key.

Der PasswortScrambler dient zum Schutz gegen das Ausspähen des Passwortes. Damit ist es Keyloggern erschwert das eingegebebne Passwort abzufangen. Bei aktiviertem PasswortScrambler kam es manchmal zu Fehlinterpretation der Tastatureingabe.

From this version on, the card monitoring is bound to the hardware key. Thus, the card monitoring only reacts if the USB stick or the chip card with which the user has logged in is removed.

abylonsoft software requires in certain cases a so-called system context to execute actions. In this regard, the query has been extended so that this function also works without errors in languages besides German and English.

Problems with logging in with online accounts have been fixed.

The encryption with smartcard (logon and data) has changed. For this reason, data encrypted by older versions should be better decrypted before the update.

From this version on, explicit support for ACOS, Mifare and Desfire smart cards is offered. A 32-byte AES random key can optionally be written to ACOS and Desfire cards.

The support of the CT-API for old memory chip cards (OLD health cards) has been completely discontinued. However, current EC cards and eGK (health cards) with CHIP can be addressed via the PC/SC interface and used in our software!

As of version 22, card access has been optimized by adapting it for special card types (e.g. ACOS, DESFIRE, MIFARE ). This has significantly increased the speed of card access. In addition, the card access is less error-prone.

There was a small error in the positioning of the settings dialog, which has now been corrected.

New Version 20.60.2 and 2021.10

2021-10-19: All software products were successfully tested under Win 11. In addition, there is now the possibility to support the software development via a donation!

Initial tests of our software products were successfully conducted on the new Windows 11 operating system from Microsoft.

Partially occurring "hang-ups" seem to be due to the waiting dialog. If not necessary, this has been removed.

abylon LOGON is now only activated automatically on the server if this is desired.

Häufig bieten wir unser Software über unsere Partner für Privatnutzer kostenlos an. Damit die Anwender trotzdem einen kleinen Beitrag für die Weiterentwicklung unserer Software leisten können, bieten wir nun eine Spendenseite in Zusammenarbeit mit PayPal an.

Der Passwort-Scrambler zum Maskieren der Passworteingabe im Passwort-Dialog läßt sich nun wieder deaktivieren.

If the abylon LOGON lock dialog mask is aborted, the user can now enter the user name and password independently.

Logon account synchronization in Win10 domain environment is now done without problems by setting the required folder share correctly.

New Version 20.60.1

2021-07-15: As from this version, the software is available in Spanish and French as well. In addition, Windows accounts can be created directly in abylon LOGON Business.

The software products of abylonsoft are now offered in French and Spanish in addition to German and English. We would be very pleased about improvement and optimization hints for the translation.

From the abylon LOGON Business software, new Windows users can be created directly. This is done via the icon "Create new Windows user account\ or while creating a new logon account.

When creating a new logon account, the abylon LOGON Business software offers many new options. Until now, only logon accounts could be created which already existed under Windows and whose credentials could be verified unambiguously. In the future, logon accounts can also be created which do not yet exist. The software abylon LOGON Business offers in such cases now to create the user account under Windows again or simply save the credentials without verification. ATTENTION: This option is only available in the settings dialog and not at logon time.

Problems with the Elatec TWN4 card reader and the resulting triggered event log entry could be fixed.

A problem with account synchronization to the private directory could be fixed.

In the case that the user is allowed to define the behavior of the map dragging event on the client itself, the setting "Do not show dialog again" can be set back to default via the general icon "Reset messages".

The selection dialog should now default to folder documents rather than the program directory.

New version 20.30.6 and 2020.4

2021-04-19: Primarily, the April update fixes many internal problems and speeds up the execution.

Sometimes it was not possible to create a new logon account in the login screen. Problems with creating and deleting accounts have been fixed with this version.

The "freeze" of the service under Windows 10 could be corrected.

The program name is displayed at the bottom left of the logon screen for information purposes.

New version 20.10.1(3) and 2020.2

2021-02-25: The major update again offers many innovations and improvements in numerous products and many functionalities.

All main dialogs got the Windows header again because there were problems with the individual header when moving, resizing, etc.

New version 19.10.3 and 2020.3

2020-03-07: In addition to minor and major optimizations, the new version offers new functionalities and increased speed.

All our modules can be switched into admin mode by the shield icon. Since this version the software can also be switched back to user mode. This is necessary for example, because Drag&Drop of files only works in the same context.

Due to an unfavorable click during the Windows logon, the logon windows of abylon LOGON disappeared in the background and could only be switched back to the foreground via Alt+Tab. This is prevented from this version on, so that the logon dialog always remains in the foreground.

Significant performance increase of the lodge waiting routines.

New Version 19.10.1 and 2020.1

The positioning and font output was corrected and standardized in all waiting dialogs.

After reinstalling the software and directly creating a drive or account, the corresponding page of the settings dialog is displayed.

To prevent problems with the registry dialog, it is now always placed in the front panel (TopMost). Now the registration dialog shouldn't slip into the background anymore when clicking on another window.

Under special conditions, the password entry window may not always have the focus to enter the password directly. This was solved programmatically with a so-called mouse click event. Should this cause problems, this can be deactivated via a registry flag. For this, see the support page under password!

NOTE: Please note that the password scrambler converts certain special characters into other characters. If the program of abylonsoft does not recognize the password input correctly, this should be repeated with activated or deactivated password scrambler.

New software version 18.30.2

04.12.2019: Stability and speed improvement of the deletion, encryption and logon software and more!

The files APM_LSMSNT32.DLL, APM_LSMSNT32x64.DLL, APMPNTSec.DLL and APMPNTSecX64.DLL are gone! This has no negative influence on the functionality, but accelerates the workflow

Performance problems after software reinstallation could be localized and fixed.

The option Show account management dialog is now also displayed under Logon settings -> Logon behavior for better clarity.

In account management dialog with activated "server mode" the option delete account was displayed. From now on, the button is displayed when the server mode is activated!

An error in the DLL initialization with active waiting dialog could be solved

When card monitoring is inactive, a corresponding text is output as a hint in the tray icon (to the left of the clock).

If abylon LOGON Business is installed purely as a client, the ADMIN mode will also automatically activate the server/client mode (here as server) when the ADMIN mode is activated, provided that this was not the case. Without activated server/client mode the synchronization of the settings with the clients in admin mode is not possible

From this version on the LOGON card monitoring is only started if at least one account is created.

In the login dialog, you can select in the bottom left corner of the account selection that the dialog is no longer displayed. The option Show account selection can only be set by the user in client mode. If server mode is enabled, the option is NOT displayed. The setting can only be set on the server under LOGON Settings

The speed of chipcard access has been accelerated significantly. It is irrelevant whether the chip card is used for Windows logon or encryption. Further optimizations can be made on request

New software version 18.10.1 to 18.10.3 and 2019.4

2019-03-21: Numerous new features and improvements of the company software abylon LOGON Business and other software products

Problems with the back-synchronization of the login accounts have been solved. The software sets the corresponding semaphores for this purpose

If the back-synchronization is deactivated, a corresponding message dialog is displayed when creating a new account on the client.

After an update installation, the user service is restarted automatically.

The update function with download and setup start has been reworked to make it work

The specification ANYCLIENT as domain / workgroup is evaluated correctly again in domain environments.

The superimposed admin icons have been removed from the settings dialog. If in the future a function is selected for which no sufficient rights exist, this is indicated in a message window.

The setup routines of the program are only started after the setup wizard is finished.

The AddOn "Jobs" can only be activated after the software has been licensed. A corresponding message is displayed

The default account for the Windows login is displayed even more securely

Starting services under Windows 10 sometimes causes problems, not only with the software products of abylonsoft. In the future the services will be tried to start 3 times in case of problems. In addition, the services have received a general description

The CPU requirement of the synchronization service has been reduced by synchronizing only when needed

Card monitoring now starts individually for each logged in user. This allows you to use the functionality to change the Windows user under Windows 10. This is also possible within the lock mask

When unlocking, the PC name is no longer checked, so fewer problems should occur

The size of the logon account window is now better calculated so that entries are no longer truncated.

Temporary IMG files are now deleted after use

Size problems of the account management dialog have been fixed

The client/server mode can now be deactivated on the client. This is only possible for administrators

If several logon accounts are stored for a hardware key, the last used account is preset as "Default".

When searching for logon accounts in the settings dialog, matching entries are highlighted in red

Defective 0-byte IMK files are no longer considered during synchronization, but deleted

When testing a new card, a clear message is now displayed

In addition to the user alias, an alias can also be assigned to the hardware key (e.g. smart card). This makes it easy to search for a specific card

In the login dialog logon accounts can only be deleted with the required rights.

When using locked hardware keys (e.g. USB sticks), a corresponding message is displayed

Checkboxes for blocking or deleting cards or logon accounts are displayed in the settings dialog. This allows the entries to be marked more clearly. In addition, several actions are possible simultaneously

The switch Abbruch can now be read in the window "Card is being read... please wait!" to be clicked without the program sometimes hanging

The designation Remove key card has been replaced by the more correct designation Block key card\-Block

Various other problems and errors have been fixed, such as GUI resolution, text alignment or clearer descriptions.

New Version 17.60.1 and 2018.12

2019-01-21: Various adjustments and optimizations of GUI and functions

Administration in networks would be optimized so that the workstation mode is now generally active. This means that in the workstation and domain environment, the administration server can be freely selected by specifying the computer name

In the settings under the tab Administrative settings there is now the option Allow settings dialog only for administrators. If this function is activated, the settings dialog can only be opened if the user is in the group of administrators

The waiting dialog when starting the application is now displayed as a simple hexagon with program name

Negative window coordinates are now intercepted programmatically. In addition, the unpredictable jumping of the window during slicing would be prevented.

Negative window coordinates are now intercepted programmatically. In addition, the unpredictable jumping of the window during slicing would be prevented.

The functionality RemoteAdmin was removed from all modules, because the registry access via the network did not work reliably since Windows Vista. With the software abylon LOGON Business the settings defined on the server are distributed to the clients via a restricted user profile

Drag&Drop operations over windows with different rights are now displayed with the no entry symbol. For example, no files from the File Explorer (user context) can be dragged into our dialogs if this was started with admin rights. This is also shown at the top of the dialog

New Version 17.30.5 and 17.30.6

2018-11-26: Various optimizations of all programs from abylonsoft

Occasional login problems under Windows 10 could be fixed

When selecting a user who is not logged in, log in in lock mode as follows: Under Windows 7 a note is displayed and under Windows 10 the selected user is logged in next to the active user.

Restricted users can now open the logon settings dialog in restricted mode

The problem with jumping windows was fixed.

Automatic password management has been deactivated

Especially under Windows 10 the card monitoring did not start or run stable. The software monitors the start of card monitoring and guarantees error-free monitoring of card drawing and plug-in events

Problems with network release in a domain environment have been corrected

Due to problems with the synchronization of the logon accounts, the abylon LOGON gets stuck. This has been compensated by using the local sync user

The logon settings can now be made centrally on the server. The sync user distributes the settings to all connected computers and accepts them there. This is done by activating the admin mode, so that no settings can be made on the clients

Functions deactivated by the activated admin mode or non-existent rights now display a message so that the user is informed accordingly.

In the settings on the "Logon Accounts" page, the accounts created can be searched for the card ID, for example.

New version 17.30.4

2018-10-18: New functionalities and optimizations of abylon LOGON Business

Automatic password management has been deactivated

The card monitoring is clearly optimized so that it does not simply end

The program start was accelerated significantly, so that some problems do not occur anymore after login or in the account synchronization

Unavailable bottles or icons are no longer deactivated, but information is displayed as to why they are not available in this case

In the list of online accounts and cards, several cards and/or accounts can be marked and deleted simultaneously using "Multiselect".

In the list of logon cards and accounts we offer a search for card ID or alias.

In the domain environment, the computer for managing the accounts can also be freely selected in the future. This does not necessarily have to be the server anymore. To do this, switch to workstation mode in the settings. The management computer should have a high availability

In case of problems with the sync user, an error message is issued once. Problems can be special policies, password length or the password history

From Vista on, the lock mode can also be released by other cards. For example, the admin can create a special multi-card with several logon accounts.

The display time of the event window when dragging the card can be edited via the registry. If the value is zero, the window is not displayed

The check and check list on the settings page "Logon Settings" also shows whether the sync user has been created correctly and the software is registered.

The Katenzieh event would not be executed correctly under certain circumstances. This problem is now solved

The domain is now displayed as UNC path

Account data can now be deleted on the server. With the 1st deletion the files are locked and with the 2nd deletion completely removed.

New versions 17.30.1 and 17.30.2

2018-07-02: Privacy policy, window resolution and for abylon LOGON Business optimization of account synchronization

The new privacy policy and license conditions are included with the software and can be opened via the menu

The size of the program windows can now be adjusted to the maximum width of large screens

The new data protection regulation DSGVO and license agreement can now be accessed directly via the menu in the program.

The synchronization of the logon accounts has been optimized. A detailed overview is given in the Withepaper "Information on the use of abylon LOGON Business for logon account distribution in the workgroup or domain environment"

When a logon account is removed, the account file is first converted into a "Removed file". This prevents a new account from being created with this card. Only when the account file has been permanently removed can new logon accounts be created for the associated hardware key.

The option "Syncronize client also to server" is only displayed on the server in the logon settings.

New Version 17.10.2 and 2018.2

2018-05-05: Adaptation of the License Agreement to the new Data Protection Ordinance DSGVO

The license agreement was revised in German and English and adapted to the new data protection regulation DSGVO. The file is displayed in the setup and is attached to the program as a PDF file.

Memory problem of a registry check function has been fixed.

New Version 17.10.1 and 2018.2

2018-03-05: Many new features for abylon LOGON Business and abylon APP-BLOCKER

The map support has been optimized and adapted to today's conditions

Under Windows 10 you can't leave the abylon LOGON mask if the option "Change to normal logon with abort (ESC) in lock mode" is disabled. Additionally the option "Allow change to normal logon with abort (ESC) in login mode"

Users on the client are not allowed to change or delete logon accounts with activated client-server synchronization. The corresponding icons in the settings dialog are deactivated for this purpose.

The management of logon accounts for Windows logon explicitly distinguishes between client and server. This prevents errors

For the software abylon LOGON-BUSINESS we offer the extension (AddOn) "Logon-Jobs". This allows you to automatically start programs or open documents during Windows logon and logoff

The event when dragging the hardware key can be defined by the admin for all users in the settings. This means that the question dialog is no longer displayed during the map event

Starting from this version the support for the CT-API is stopped. This means that old health insurance cards are no longer supported. New eGK (health cards) are recognized with activated option "Other smart cards" and can be used for the Windows login.

Problems with the EC-Bankcard or HBCI-Card have been fixed. However, this means that the login account must be created again.

The icon "Reset hidden dialogs" is now accessible via the settings page "Administration".

Problems with memory release in client-server mode should be solved

When creating the account synchronization user LogonLEUser the option "Password never expires" has not yet been activated automatically by the software. In previous installations, the option should be activated manually. In future this option will be used by the software

In the settings dialog on the LOGON main page it is now possible to configure all settings for the server-client synchronization with one click or to reset them to default

New Version 16.50.3 and 2017.9

2017-12-15: New software product abylon LOGON Business and general acceleration by optimized function call

Release of the new software program abylon LOGON Business. By popular request this product offers a central administration of logon accounts in domain and workstation networks

Update and position problems with the progress bar have been fixed

A small window is displayed for tedious processes. This tells the user that something is still happening and that he has to wait a little longer.

A significant acceleration of the programs was achieved by optimizing the internal function calls

General error corrections

In the settings dialog on the Logon Accounts page, ACOS3 processor chip cards can be initialized via the "CardInit" icon. This prevents incorrect initialization during operation, for example if the card reader does not respond within a reasonable time.

Internally the programs have been extended so that "InApp purchases" are possible in the future

Some windows have been standardized in color and design.

New Version 16.00.2

2017-02-07: Cloud Support, Tray Icon Conversion and SSO Optimization

The title bar of the dialogs About, Error, Question and Registry now has a specific product color for better differentiation.

New Version 2017.1

2017-01-18: Numerous optimizations and bug fixes of our apps

New Version 15.90.2

2016-12-19: Bug fixes, optimizations and special abylon FREEHASH improvements

New Version 15.90.1

2016-11-19: Different versions with .NET 3.5 and 4, as well as optimization of the user interface and functions