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Product description

Everything started with the development of WinCrypt in the spare time beside study and occupation. This simple tool for encrypting and signing files in the File Explorer has grown over the years into a comprehensive security product with numerous functions and modules. In doing so, abylonsoft attaches particular importance to the most user-friendly implementation possible of, for example, asymmetric encryption using the public key method. The following are some of the most important key points from our product range, each with a brief description. Detailed information and pictures can be found on the individual product pages and in our lexicon.

  • Symmetric encryption: The encryption of personal and secret data is becoming increasingly important. Currently we support the well known encryption methods AES (256 bit key length) and Blowfish (448 bit key length).
  • Asymmetric encryption: Asymmetric encryption with the private and public key method offers enormous advantages. Data can not only be encrypted for personal use, but also for business partners or acquaintances. For encryption, only the publicly available key of the recipient needs to be selected. The secured file can only be decrypted by the authorized persons with their private key.
  • Sign: Signing a contract makes it authentic. The authenticity and genuineness of files is determined by the digital signature and is regulated in Germany by the Signaturgesetz (SigG). A signed file cannot be changed without the recipient noticing.
  • SME files: You no longer need to send email postcards that anybody can read. So-called Secure Message Envelopes (SME) are digital envelopes. The original is first signed by you and then encrypted with the recipient's public key. With the software of abylonsoft you can create this SME file automatically and send it via your email program. In contrast to the symmetric encryption the passing on of the password here is no longer necessary.
  • Multicrypting: If you want to encrypt a document for several people, you no longer have to make a copy for each person. Create a SME-Date (Digital Envelope), select all corresponding public keys in the certificate manager and send the file to all recipients. Now, only the persons authorized by you have access to your document, which is even signed by you.
  • Backup certificates: Imagine an employee in your company has stored important information in encrypted form and becomes ill or leaves the company. If the data is encrypted with an additional backup certificate (e.g. from the company management), you can still access the files. Furthermore, the backup certificate can prevent greater damage if the smartcard is lost.
  • LDAP servers and revocation lists: Many companies use a PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to store and manage certificates. The abylonsoft software now offers access to these certificates. This enables you to access public keys without having to exchange them (Public Key Exchange). This way you can also check whether the corresponding certificate is still valid or has been revoked (revocation list).
  • Small PKI: The use of the Small PKI from abylonsoft makes complex applications for the administration of employee certificates obsolete. Small to medium-sized companies can manage the public certificates of all employees centrally on one server. Only the certificates of the employees who work on the corresponding computer have to be installed on the individual clients. Access to the public keys of all other employees is now possible via the Small PKI.
  • Token support (smartcards and USB tokens): Tokens are smart cards and USB tokens on which your certificate is stored. The certificate cannot be duplicated on the token due to special protection mechanisms. You can take the token with you at any time, which increases the high security of asymmetric encryption even further. The abylonsoft software supports smart cards (smartcards) and USB tokens whose manufacturers offer a Crypto Service Provider (CSP). These include, for example, the Cryptoflex (now Gemalto) cards from SchlumbergerSema and GemPlus processor chipcards (now also Gemalto), as well as the USB eToken Pro from Aladdin.
  • Individual access rights: You can decide yourself which employee or friend has access to your encrypted data. Simply enter the corresponding public key in the list of authorized users and you are able to transfer data for an individual or a group by email or in a network. A transfer of the secret password is no longer necessary.
  • Protection from administrators: Are you afraid of the omniscient administrator? With the software from abylonsoft you can easily create an encrypted drive on the server. The administrator has the possibility to create a backup, but he is denied access to your data.
  • Create self-signed certificates: Save yourself the cumbersome and costly way to a CA (certificate issuer) and create your certificate simply with the software from abylonsoft. This is standardized X.509 certificates according to RSA (self-signed), which can also be used in other programs.
  • Signature and encryption certificate: Some trust centers offer two certificates on the smart card, one each for signing and encrypting. The abylonsoft software distinguishes them and selects the correct certificate for the corresponding file operation.
  • Data Compression: The amount of data continues to increase. For this reason it is helpful to compress the data with the widespread ZIP standard. The abylonsoft software supports this standard and offers a clear dialog for creating and opening ZIP files. Of course you can also sign, encrypt or email these files via integrated buttons.
  • Safe deletion (shredding): Deleting files in MS File Explorer only removes the reference to the files without actually deleting them. With special programs this data can be restored. To be on the safe side, the data should be overwritten several times. The integrated deletion functionality of abylonsoft supported the DOD-II standard (12-fold overwrite) developed by the US Department of Defense or the Peter Gutman method (35-fold overwrite).
  • Internet Traces: When surfing the Internet, a number of data and information are stored on the computer, so that the surfing behavior can be reproduced relatively accurately. The Internet Trace Destroyer will delete for you Cache, Cookies and History by overwriting the data several times. Now this information can no longer be restored even with special programs.
  • Certificate administration: The software of abylonsoft offers a clear surface for the administration of your certificates. Here you can import, create, select, move and copy certificates. In addition, access to the SmallPKI or an LDAP directory is possible.
  • CRYPT- ASSISTANT: The wizard is called via the context menu of the File Explorer (menu of the right mouse button) and helps you step by step when signing and / or encrypting files. Alternatively, the CRYPT-ASSISTENT starts when files are dragged and dropped onto the program icon.
  • Encrypted drive: An easy way to encrypt sensitive data provide virtual drives. These are displayed in the File Explorer and automatically perform encryption or decryption in the background. The user does not need to perform any additional operations. For this purpose abylonsoft offers two different systems whose size does not stop at the usual 2 or 4 GByte.
  • Email: Do you still send your email unencrypted to the recipient, so that the content is delivered unhindered to foreign "glances"? To encryption and digital signing offers abylonsoft a simple interface for writing the email. The encrypted texts and attachments are forwarded to your standard e-mail program and can be sent there. It is even easier with the offered Outlook-PlugIn.
  • Passwords and access data: The number of passwords and access data is increasing. Either you always use the same easy to remember password for all cases or you save the individual passwords in the encrypted database from abylonsoft. Here your passwords are absolutely secure and you only need to remember one password (optional).
  • EC cards and health insured cards: (Almost) Everyone has these small plastic cards with chip. Besides the intended use abylonsoft enables the following use. You can use these cards to log on to your system (logon) or even encrypt files. For this only a compatible card reader is necessary, which supports or offers the PC/SC interfaces (for EC cards) or the CT-API (for health insurance cards).
  • System logon: Is the normal Windows system logon too cumbersome for you or not secure enough? In this case abylonsoft offers a simple but very versatile alternative. Simply use your certificate smart card, your USB token or your EC card or KV health insurance card to Login to the computer.
  • Automatic Keyfile Backup (AutoKeB): The software of abylonsoft creates backups of all important settings files so that they can be restored if the original files are lost. To these files belong, for example, the key lists with the authorized certificates.
  • Client/Server Architecture (CSA): The software from abylonsoft is designed for use in networks with one server and several clients.
  • Remote-Administartion Service (RAS): The software of abylonsoft can be administered centrally by a server in networks. For this only the corresponding user control files (settings file) have to be distributed to the corresponding clients. As soon as a new settings file is found on the client, the settings are taken over by the software.
  • Easy Encryption Technology (EEnTe): The software from abylonsoft makes encryption as easy as possible for the user without asking too much.
  • Hybrid Encryption Technology (HET): All modules of abylonsoft are available to multiple users through the use of certificates. This is made possible by the use of Hybrid Encryption Technology (HET).

Further information about our products and images can be found on our individual product pages or we will be happy to send you more information on request.

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Product description of the software products from abylonsoft

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