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Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 32-bit Systeme 64-bit Systeme


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Award 5 stars
Award 5 stars

Windows 8 Compatible
Windows 8 Compatible

Online help

 Statement UAC - User Account Control  

UAC is an acronym of User Account Control and is a security technology, which was introduced by Microsoft starting with Windows Vista. This was designed to restrict the rights of programs, so that they could do no harm. Many applications require corresponding rights, e.g. to specific directories, or Registry-access. Even administrators must confirm a dialog, when a program requires appropriate administrative rights. More information at Wikipeadia

abylon UAC-GRABBER legends to symbols

Icon and button (Activated or hidden, depending on the selection):

NOTE See FAQs, if some symbols are not displayed!

Icons at the bottom right:

Other Info:


Frequently asked questionsWhy you should not completely disable UAC User Account Control?

Frequently asked questionsHow does the UAC GRABBER work? What should I do to start a program without UAC question dialog?

Frequently asked questionsWhy display the icon bar / toolbar only the closing icon?

Frequently asked questionsHow can I add a program / a program shortcut to the UAC GRABBER?

FAQ: Installation and Registration

Häufig gestellte FrageDo I have administrator privileges to install?

Häufig gestellte FrageIt will display an error message when entering the registration information (name, license key)!

Häufig gestellte FrageFor online update, the download file is not found! Error message "PROGRAM UPDATE FAILED

FAQ: Common

Häufig gestellte FrageWhere can I find Tray-Icons? How can I restore missing tray icons?

Häufig gestellte FrageBeim mir tritt eine allgemeine Schutzverletzung auf oder das Programm / System stürzt ab!

Further information


Request for support

5 Support requests - » Enter support request

Robert - Entry Date: 25.08.2017 at 07:12 clock 
Software version: 2017.PRV - Operation system: Windows 7 pro 64 bit SP1

Question: My pinned taskbar icons disappeared.

My pinned taskbar icons disappeared. They are still in the correct folder. C:\Users\[User name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar

We have no influence on the pinned desktop icons. We do not make any changes in this regard. Sorry

Eduardo - Entry Date: 13.05.2016 at 09:42 clock 
Software version: unknown - Operation system: W7-64

Question: Download and use

I just downloaded the free grabber app. I didn't see any option to enter the license and worse yet, the landing page appears for a fraction of a second and immediately disappears
Plse let me know what to do

For free or reduced deals, please always directly consult our partners, in this case to BitsDuJour.

Mario - Entry Date: 07.01.2016 at 15:21 clock 
Software version: 8.1 - Operation system: win 8.1 64

Question: Programs MUST be started thru your program???

if this is so, this program is totally useless! The desktop link with admin rights does not work! And even this solution is not satisfactory! Too much hassle!! It is much much easier to simply click on regular icon e accept the UAC.

Yes, to start the program without confirmation question with UAC enabled, the corresponding program must be called by our software. This is otherwise technically impossible.
Suggestions for improvement are always welcome. The idea with the context menu, we will discuss.

Rick - Entry Date: 15.12.2015 at 00:12 clock 
Software version: - Operation system: Windows 10 64 bit 15111

Question: Cannot add shortcuts. Program did not 'grab' exes.

I bought a multi install version threw BitsduJour. Program works fine on my desktop installation. It read all of the local exes and/or I could adjust to what I needed to do.
I installed on my laptop, same version of Windows 10, and the program 'reluctantly' installed one short cut. It will not install others and while it read in a large number of exes it has not read in the applications for the programs I use to program software - Clarion from SoftVelocity - two separate versions. Thoughts?

The cause of the problem can be manifold.

I have "Rick" written a few suggestions. Afterwards he worked out a solution. Here is his answer:

Quote Rick:

" Problem solved. I finally figured out how to work with the software.
Additionally, on the laptop, the UAC Grabber had read in the EXEs for the development software I thought was missing, and quite a few others, but had placed the links under an entirely different folder in the screen display.
Once I found them I could create the shortcuts I needed. Antivirus, etc., was never an issue.

You need to write or have written for you, better and more complete instructions for getting started with UAC Grabber. It took quite a bit of trial and lots of error to figure out how to use it. Despite what you might think, the existing help is rudimentary and does not begin to explain the process that's needed. "

Thank you very much

Tom M. - Entry Date: 27.06.2015 at 03:56 clock 
Software version: 8.1 - Operation system: Windows

Question: Can you provide a license code?

I downloaded and installed the UAC software from a giveway site a few weeks ago but it keeps asking me for a restration code. Whats the deal?

Hi Tom,
the easiest way to obtain the necessary registration information is about the registration dialog in the software. Simply click on the "Shop" or the "Register Now" link and then the appropriate registration page appears. Alternatively, the page can be accessed via this link below. Please be sure to select the correct software promotion. And consider that the created registration data is only valid for the setup of the software promotion and not for download on our server.

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