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Additional Info and Help Skip UAC user account control with

Declaration for UAC user account control
UAC is the abbreviation of User Aaccount Control and stands for a security technology, which was introduced by Microsoft starting from the operating system Vista. This is intended to restrict the rights of programs so that they cannot cause any damage. However, many applications require corresponding rights, e.g. to be able to access special directories or the registry. This means that administrators must also confirm a dialog as soon as a program requires corresponding administrative rights.
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Legend abylon UAC-GRABBER (User account control)

Symbols and buttons (shown or hidden, depending on selection):

  • Close-Icon


    Exits the program and activates the tray icon.
  • Linking-Icon

    Create desktop link:

    Creates a shortcut from the selected program on the desktop.
    NOTE Helpful under Windows 8 and 10!
    WARNING The UAC confirmation dialog is still displayed for administrative calls!
  • Admin-Linking-Icon

    Create desktop link with admin privileges:

    Creates a shortcut with administrative call to the desktop from the selected program.
    NOTE With this special desktop icon programs can be called administratively without UAC confirmation dialog!
  • Add-Icon

    Add shortcut:

    Opens a dialog for selecting a file. This can be documents or executable programs. The displayed icon is automatically extracted from the file.
  • Remove-Icon

    Remove shortcut:

    Removes the selected link from the list in the Start menu.
  • Activate Service Icon

    Activate service:

    Organization of the rights management.
    NOTE Only with activated service an administrative program can be started without UAC question dialog!
  • Deactivate Service Icon

    Deactivate service:

    Stops the rights management organization utility.
    NOTE In this case, the program will start normally and the UAC question dialog must be confirmed!

NOTE See FAQ's (below) if not all symbols are displayed!

Symbols at the bottom right:

  • About-Icon


    Opens the About dialog or the help page on our homepage.
  • Registration-Icon


    Allows you to enter the registration data
  • Update:

    Checks on the Internet if a new version of the program is available.
  • Update:

    Updates the window display
  • Help:

    Opens the help page on the Internet
  • Support-Icon


    Opens the support page in the Internet

abylon UAC-GRABBER Tools:

Integrated functions:

  • Log off computer now: Log off current user.
  • Shutdown computer now: Shutdown computer.
  • Lock computer now: Locks desktop.
  • Explorer run as administrator: Starts the File Explorer in the administrative context, whereby all operations in the File Explorer environment are performed directly administratively, including for example the desktop.
    (NOTE Almost comparable to disabled UAC)
  • Close: Exits the program and activates the tray icon.


Corresponds to the Execute field in the Start menu. For example, when "cmd" is entered, opens the command dialog.

  • Tray icon:

    When the program window is closed, the program icon is displayed to the left of the clock.

    NOTE If the icon is not displayed, the behavior of this icon must be adjusted via "Adjust"!

    • Right mouse button: Opens a tray menu, via which all references of the start menu are started directly with administrative rights.
    • Double click or left mouse button: Opens program window

Questions and answers about the software abylon UAC-GRABBER (FAQ's)

Opens programs in administrative context without Windows security question dialog

It's correct that the UAC User Account Control can be easily disabled (see MicrosoftGuideline).

However, UAC is a security infrastructure of the Windows operating system. A complete deactivation leads to a reduced protection of the computer. If, however, the starting of programs takes place consciously with the software abylon UAC-GRABBER, one has furthermore the security by UAC and the comfort of the direct starting of programs without further inquiry.

The principle is that programs that are called via UAC-GRABBER no longer have to confirm the UAC dialog. To do this, the software reads the Windows start menu directory.

However, it is NOT the case that the programs displayed in the UAC-GRABBER dialog start automatically and in any case without UAC dialog.

To start a program without UAC prompt, proceed as follows:
Start Windows and wait until the tray icon of the UAC-GRABBER is displayed to the left of the clock (staghorn beetle on a yellow background). With the left mouse button a menu opens, which shows the Windows start menu. Then select the desired program icon, which starts with admin rights and without confirmation.

The software abylon UAC-GRABBER can only perform certain actions with admin rights. This includes adding and removing start menu entries as well as starting and stopping the service. If the software is called without admin rights, the corresponding icons are hidden.

How do I start the software abylon UAC-GRABBER with admin privileges?
Select the UAC-GRABBER icon on the desktop or in the start menu and right-click the menu item Execute as administrator.

There are three ways to manage the contained entries:

  1. You can add or remove the entries in the normal start menu.
  2. You can add or remove entries using the icon Add or Remove
    . HINWEIS The icons are only displayed if the program was started with admin rights!
  3. You can drag icon from desktop or File Explorer to abylon UAC-GRABBER window (Drag&Drop).

FAQ: Installation

Questions and Answers about the installation of software products from abylonsoft.

Usually, with abylonsoft software, the new version can be installed over the old version. This is also the case if the setup asks in advance and offers the uninstall option. If an over-installation for any reason is not possible, so you will be pointed out during installation. In this case no other option is offered.

Yes, because during the installation the software has to make some settings for which only the administrator has rights. So log in for the installation as an administrator or contact your responsible administrator.

Possible cause of error:

  1. You have entered the registration data incorrectly! The safest way is to copy and paste the name and the registration key from the email directly into the registration dialog of our software.
  2. Each license key is created individually for each program and each version. Check whether your registration data are also intended for the version you have installed!

Updates in the same major version number are free. Updates to the next major version number are subject to an update fee. If you have any questions or problems with us you are welcome to contact us in Kontakt.

This is because when a new user is created, Windows first creates the registry and makes entries. Since our software also has to make registry entries, an operating system restart is required for proper operation.


If this error occurs, you should manually download and install the setup from the download page. All settings of the previous version will be adopted.

FAQ: General

General questions and answers about the software from abylonsoft.

This error is caused by the rights management under Windows
  • If you open a file, the error message The path is not available is displayed.
  • If you open a folder, the error message Unhandled exception in the application - The root folder cannot be retrieved is displayed.
user's root folder or the own files. This causes the above error message and is due to the Windows rights policy. As a workaround, you could adjust the NTFS permissions, for example, add the rights for administrators in the user directory.

Redist Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Redist-Error-Message 0xc0150002

We unfortunately had to realize that Microsoft has changed something since the end of the Windows 7 support. Since that time it seems to be necessary to install a so-called Redist-Pack of Microsoft Visual Studio. This was not necessary before, but now it seems to be absolutely necessary. Please download and install the Redist-Pack of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

Alternatively please use our contact form for further information! Please indicate the software version and operating system.

From version 19.1 or 2020.1 the appropriate Redist-Pack is delivered with the setup.

Interaction with electromagnetic radiation

First of all, passive RFID tokens (chip cards or key fobs) need a magnetic field or high-frequency radio wave to be supplied with energy. This is usually done by the RFID card reader. The data integrity on the RFID token is not endangered by light magnetic or radio fields. The data is not likely to be erased, for example by a mobile phone, a magnet or a monitor. However, an electromagnetic interference source can lead to an impairment of the reading reliability.

Storing the RFID token in the same pocket as the mobile phone is no problem. In order not to disturb the reading process, the RFID card reader should be placed as far away from electromagnetic sources as possible! In a microwave, on the other hand, the RFID token is likely to be destroyed.

Tray-Icons are small buttons, which are displayed in the taskbar at the bottom right, next to the clock.
These icons are used to display information and call functions. In the preferences, Windows deactivates tray icons of programs so that they are not displayed for the time being. The following section describes how the settings for all or individual icons can be set.
NOTE The description is general. Depending on the program, you must select the appropriate tray icon. You can find this in the help or the FAQ's.

How do I open the settings for the tray icons?

To the left of the clock, there is a small white arrow pointing upwards, which can be used to display the other tray icons.

Adjust Tray-Icons

With "Customize" you can define the behavior of the tray icons. The "Info Area Symbols" window opens.
NOTE Below are alternative ways to open this window.

Information area symbols

In the settings window for info area symbols, you can define the behavior of each individual tray icon.
Select the corresponding icon and select "Show icon and notifications" as option. After that you will find the tray icon on the taskbar to the left of the clock at any time.
Alternatively, you can enable the option "Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar". In this case, the tray icons of future programs will also be displayed directly on the taskbar.

Alternative 2 to open the notification area icon settings

Move the mouse to a free area of the taskbar and press the right mouse button. Select Properties from the menu. The dialog for customizing the info area symbols opens on the Taskbar page via the "Customize" button.

Taskbar Properties

Alternative 3 to open the notification area icon settings

As a further option, you can also open the Control Panel via the Start menu. Select "Large Icons" or "Small Icons" in the upper right corner. Now you can open the settings via the "Info Area Symbols" icon.


Because of errors in the operating system or other software, as well as the variety of the hardware used, apparently occurring errors and / or irregularities in the software of abylonsoft must not necessarily be justified in this software. This means that the interactions between our software and software / hardware from other manufacturers are so complex that they cannot be taken into account by us in all cases. Often errors / defects in other software (e.g. the operating system) also occur, which only become effective in combination with our software. These errors usually manifest themselves in a general protection violation or a system crash. For these reasons we subject our software to a very extensive test before release in order to reduce the problems and errors to a minimum.

Should you nevertheless become aware of a direct error in our software, we will correct it as soon as possible. So that we can understand the error / the problem, you should give us all the details:

  • Operating system
  • Service packs
  • Other software used
  • Whereby the error occurred
  • If the error is reproducible
  • Etc.

Please use our support form support form!

for this purpose

For more see AGB's

Support request for abylon UAC-GRABBER Starts programs without query

8 Support requests - » Submit support request

Avatar von Eric #166

Eric - Eintrag vom: 18.02.2022 um 12:01 Uhr 
Software-Version: 2022 - Betriebssystem: Win 10 Pro-64bit

Frage: Program not signed!

Dear Sirs,
Today, I tried to install it.
Both Windows & Norton warned me not to do this ...
While I waved the warnings, the next thing I got was the UAC warning for your Installer: for some reason, rather than the regular blue UAC warning (for legit signed software), this was yellow (meaning the Installer was not signed!)
Obviously, at this stage I stopped the installation - I can hardly imagine installing a utility that affects security (overrides UAC) which is not vetted & signed by itself ...
Could you please check?
Thanks in advance for your prompt & effective attention to this matter,
Eric T.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #166


Hi Eric,
our software products are signed, just with a self-signed certificate. However, I do not want to go into this subject again here. However, a self-signed certificate does not reduce the functionality of our software.
About the functionality of abylon UAC-GRABBER: The UAC function of Windows is not disabled or affected by our software! You can think of it that our software takes over the confirmation of the UAC dialog of desired applications.

Avatar von Alain #149

Alain - Eintrag vom: 14.06.2020 um 18:03 Uhr 
Software-Version: 2020 PRV - Betriebssystem: Windows 10 Pro 1909

Frage: UAC Grabber not functional

After create desktop UAC with program1.exe another program start before (program2.exe) with UAC windows ???
NOTE: program 2 is an uninstall program (Soft Organizer)-\ clic NO in UAC windows (close program2.exe) follow program1.exe start with UAC windows

Avatar of abylonsoft support #149


Hi Alain, Thank you very much for your inquiry. However, I cannot say what the problem is with you and how program 1 and program 2 are related. Could you send me some more information. Maybe some screenshots.

Avatar von Ottavio #143

Ottavio - Eintrag vom: 29.03.2020 um 19:47 Uhr 
Software-Version: 19.10.3 - Betriebssystem: Win 10

Frage: Launch program with arguments

I'd like to launch a program with arguments and with administrative privileges, without UAC permission dialog box.
Here an example
C:\Program Files (x86)\R-Wipe & Clean\RwcRun.exe /t "TEST1"
Is it possible?

Avatar of abylonsoft support #143


To achieve this, you should create a link from the program. Then, you can add the parameters in the shortcut via Properties (right mouse button -> Properties). This shortcut will now be added to the program UAC-Grabber via Drafg&Drop or the Plus-Icon, e.g. in the Autostart folder.
Otherwise, I am not sure if the parameters can be added to the desktop shortcut created by our software via Properties. Would be worth a test.

Avatar von Robert #114

Robert - Eintrag vom: 25.08.2017 um 07:12 Uhr 
Software-Version: 2017.PRV - Betriebssystem: Windows 7 pro 64 bit SP1

Frage: My pinned taskbar icons disappeared.

My pinned taskbar icons disappeared. They are still in the correct folder. C:\Users\[User name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar

Avatar of abylonsoft support #114


We have no influence on the pinned desktop icons. We do not make any changes in this regard. Sorry

Avatar von Eduardo #87

Eduardo - Eintrag vom: 13.05.2016 um 09:42 Uhr 
Software-Version: unknown - Betriebssystem: W7-64

Frage: Download and use

I just downloaded the free grabber app. I didn't see any option to enter the license and worse yet, the landing page appears for a fraction of a second and immediately disappears
Plse let me know what to do

Avatar of abylonsoft support #87


For free or reduced deals, please always directly consult our partners, in this case to BitsDuJour.

Avatar von Mario #81

Mario - Eintrag vom: 07.01.2016 um 15:21 Uhr 
Software-Version: 8.1 - Betriebssystem: win 8.1 64

Frage: Programs MUST be started thru your program???

if this is so, this program is totally useless! The desktop link with admin rights does not work! And even this solution is not satisfactory! Too much hassle!! It is much much easier to simply click on regular icon e accept the UAC.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #81


Yes, to start the program without confirmation question with UAC enabled, the corresponding program must be called by our software. This is otherwise technically impossible.
Suggestions for improvement are always welcome. The idea with the context menu, we will discuss.

Avatar von Rick #78

Rick - Eintrag vom: 15.12.2015 um 00:12 Uhr 
Software-Version: - Betriebssystem: Windows 10 64 bit 15111

Frage: Cannot add shortcuts. Program did not 'grab' exes.

I bought a multi install version threw BitsduJour. Program works fine on my desktop installation. It read all of the local exes and/or I could adjust to what I needed to do.
I installed on my laptop, same version of Windows 10, and the program 'reluctantly' installed one short cut. It will not install others and while it read in a large number of exes it has not read in the applications for the programs I use to program software - Clarion from SoftVelocity - two separate versions. Thoughts?

Avatar of abylonsoft support #78


The cause of the problem can be manifold.

I have "Rick" written a few suggestions. Afterwards he worked out a solution. Here is his answer:

Quote Rick:

[i]" Problem solved. I finally figured out how to work with the software.
Additionally, on the laptop, the UAC Grabber had read in the EXEs for the development software I thought was missing, and quite a few others, but had placed the links under an entirely different folder in the screen display.
Once I found them I could create the shortcuts I needed. Antivirus, etc., was never an issue.

You need to write or have written for you, better and more complete instructions for getting started with UAC Grabber. It took quite a bit of trial and lots of error to figure out how to use it. Despite what you might think, the existing help is rudimentary and does not begin to explain the process that's needed. "[/i]

Thank you very much

Avatar von Tom M. #71

Tom M. - Eintrag vom: 27.06.2015 um 03:56 Uhr 
Software-Version: 8.1 - Betriebssystem: Windows

Frage: Can you provide a license code?

I downloaded and installed the UAC software from a giveway site a few weeks ago but it keeps asking me for a restration code. Whats the deal?

Avatar of abylonsoft support #71


Hi Tom,
the easiest way to obtain the necessary registration information is about the registration dialog in the software. Simply click on the "Shop" or the "Register Now" link and then the appropriate registration page appears. Alternatively, the page can be accessed via this link below. Please be sure to select the correct software promotion. And consider that the created registration data is only valid for the setup of the software promotion and not for download on our server.

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