Support, help and instructions for abylon BACKUP-TUBE

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Additional Info and Help Backup and synchronization of data

Legend: abylon BACKUP-TUBE (data backup)

Symbols at the bottom right:

  • Info-Icon


    Opens the About dialog or the help page on our homepage.
  • Registration icon


    Allows you to enter the registration data
  • Refresh icon


    Refreshes the display

Pages / Tabs:

  • Home:

    Start page for creating new jobs (wizard)
  • Overview:

    Overview of all jobs set up and their status. Settings can also be changed here.
  • Report:

    Access to the log files created daily

Switch in the icon bar (faded in or out, depending on selection):

  • Close:

    Closes the window

    NOTE If AUTOBACKUP is activated, the jobs will be continued

  • Add job:

    Creates a new backup or synchronization job
  • Remove job:

    Removes the selected job
  • Activate:

    Switches on the AUTOBACKUP or the protocol.
  • Deactivate:

    Switches off the AUTOBACKUP or the protocol.
  • Remove:

    Deletes the selected log entry.

Sonstige Symbole:

  • Source folder:

    Opens a window for selecting the source directory.
  • Target folder:

    Opens a window for selecting the destination directory.
  • Not available:

    Source or destination folders are not available because, for example, the network computer is not turned on or the external hard disk is not connected.
  • Manually:

    These jobs are only executed manually by pressing the corresponding button.
  • Automatic:

    These jobs are executed automatically as soon as a change is detected in the source directory, e.g. a changed or new file.
  • Synchronize:

    If the Synchronize option is activated, all files deleted in the source directory are also removed from the target directory. This keeps the source and destination directories identical.

Symbols in the list 

  • Job performed:

    Finished backup or synchronization job
  • Job currently being processed:

    This backup or synchronization job is currently being performed.
  • Job waiting:

    This backup or synchronization job is started as soon as the currently executed job is finished.
  • Not available:

    The source or target directory is currently not available for this backup or synchronization job.

The status of the backup processes (display of the logs created daily with the operations performed).:

  • Successful:

    The backup was successful
  • Not successful:

    An error occurred during the backup.

Questions and answers about the software abylon BACKUP-TUBE (FAQ's)

Backup and synchronize files manually or automatically

Network drives are generally supported!

Under Windows 8 and 10 it can happen that configured network drives are not displayed in the software abylon BACKUP-TUBE. This is usually due to the user permissions. Normally network drives are created in the user context, whereby the admin user receives no access authorization.

Our software is started once during the installation with admin rights to make settings on the computer. This may cause network drives not to be displayed. After installation the software should be closed first. When the software is started again (e.g. via the desktop icon), it is started with normal user rights. Now all configured network drives should also be accessible and selectable.

NOTE Directories in the network cannot be selected via the selection dialog. But they can also be entered manually in the edit field. A network address always starts with a double backslash (example: \\PC-NAME\directory or \\\directory).