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Various tools for file operations, such as access protection by encryption or copying and synchronizing (Product group: Security software & Suites)

Remember that not only company computers contain data that should be protected from unauthorized access. Through encryption, important files can also be protected on privately used computers with this collection of tools. Passwords, USB sticks, various chip cards or certificates can be used as keys. As additional security, a password scrambler prevents key loggers from reading the keyboard input. The data encrypted with AES or Blowfish can only be opened with the correct key. In addition, the software offers the possibility to sign files, create a backup or synchronize data. The software is operated directly in the Windows File Explorer or alternatively via an assistant

Supported operating systems: 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 32-Bit, 64-Bit
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  • Use of passwords, certificates, chip cards, CDs or USB sticks as keys
  • Use of the Blowfish (448 bit key length) and / or AES (256 bit key length) encryption algorithms
  • Fast copying and moving of files and folders through optimized procedures and searching for files
  • Multiple files or directories can be encrypted in one go
  • Easy access through integration into the File Explorer or by means of a wizard
  • Neu If errors occur during copying, they are entered in the error list. By double-clicking, the corresponding directory will be opened. ... All new features (version history)

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Encryption Encrypt, compress and copy in MS File Explorer or Wizard

Application example for encrypting files

The software abylon BASIC is a program to encrypt files. The primary use is the Protection against unauthorized access to your sensitive data during local storage and exchange over open networks. The files in the File Explorer are encrypted with password, hardware key or certificate. These encrypted files can then be exchanged via e-mail or Messenger without any concerns. The software abylon BASIC is also used as a supplement to other software products, for example to ensure data protection in important projects.

Another advantage is that with the abylon Reader a freeware is offered, with which the encrypted files can be read out also without liable to pay the costs software again. Of course only if the user has the correct password, hardware key or certificate.

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Certified by TopShareware.com: No virus, spyware, adware!
Certified by TopShareware.com: No virus, spyware, adware!

DownloadMix-Rezension: Absolute Sicherheit fr sensible Daten
DownloadMix-Rezension: Absolute Sicherheit fr sensible Daten

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Avatar from Norris Lewis #188

Norris Lewis -  

the Bitsdujour giveaway of 2/27/2016 provided following registration info:
Registry key: 00EN-xxxxxxx-yyyyyyyyyy-U14S1
However activation failed
How can I activate program?

Avatar of abylonsoft support #188


Thank you for your interest in our software.

The free registration data of BitsDuJour are only valid for the free version of BitsDuJour. An alternate download link, we do not offer on our website.

For the setup of our homepage a registration key must be purchased about our payment provider.
With the free registration key of BitsDuJour corresponding discounts are offered.

If you have other problems, you can contact us anytime. Please write this so accurately you can, what kind of problem you have. The more specific this, the sooner we can help.

Please here also indicate the following:
- Which registry data you use
- Where you have downloaded the setup guide
- Which version is installed?
- What error message are displayes?

Screenshots can be very helpful.

Avatar from Tan  #157

Tan -  

Is nice softeae

Avatar from Mik  #156

Mik -  

Thank you veru much for this software Smiley smile

Avatar from Lokesh  #155

Lokesh -  

No words to discribe your services. Thank you.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #155


Thank you, we are pleased about every praise.

Avatar from Duane #154

Duane -  

Sweet thanks heaps wanted to check this out.

Avatar from Kithara #153

Kithara -  

You guys are awesome!

Avatar from David #152

David -  

I really like how (you say that) you support commandline operation--I'll try that A.S.A.P!

Avatar of abylonsoft support #152


Yes, our software can also be operated via command line. A manual (unfortunately only in German) can be found at this link:

It must be noted that on 64-bit operating systems, the corresponding 64-bit file is used. This has a "X64" in the filename.

Perhaps our software abylon CRYPT in the BOX is interesting that automatically encrypts all files in the working directory.

Avatar from steve46 #151

steve46 -  

thank you for sharing. people like me that is on a very limited income due to being disabled wouldnt have some of these much needed programs today without caring people like the ones on this site!

Avatar of abylonsoft support #151


We're happy to help. However, we have to live on something. Therefore, we would be delighted if you would recommend us or mention in social media.

Avatar from Dragos  #150

Dragos -  

Thanks for the offer. You are doing a very good job.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #150


thx also

Avatar from Gus G #147

Gus G -  

excellent. love your stuff

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