Detailed information about abylon BASIC

Why you need software, like abylon BASIC

The security of sensitive data is often neglected. Only the encryption of files offers comprehensive protection on your computer or when sending via email. If the right encryption algorithm is chosen, data decryption can take several decades (depending on computer performance).

How does the encryption of files work with abylon BASIC

The software abylon BASIC contains all important functions for encrypting diaries, company documents or other sensitive documents. Only by the secured storage the data are protected against unauthorized access and can be sent without danger by email. The access is only possible with knowing the given password or with possession of the used external hardware key or certificate.

  • abylon SYMM CRYPT: Password and secret based encryption
  • abylon HYBRID CRYPT: Certificate based encryption
  • Blowfish (448 bit key length) and / or AES encryption algorithm (256 bit key length)
  • Passwords or various smart cards or USB tokens can be used
  • Digital envelopes and signatures
  • additional modules: abylon CRYPTZIP, abylon SEARCH and INSERT abylon

The software abylon BASIC integrates itself completely into the File Explorer and eliminates the need for another interface to navigate your hard drive. The individual modules can be accessed via the context menu of the File Explorer. The desired files and / or directories only have to be selected and the desired function called via the menu of the right mouse button. With the help of Easy Encryption Technology (EEnTe) only a few steps are necessary on the way to the encrypted file. You can distinguish whether you want to encrypt the files with abylon SYMM CRYPT password or secret based or with abylon HYBRID CRYPT certificate-based sign and / or encrypt. As secret a password can be entered over the keyboard and / or a USB stick, a chip card or a CD can be used. Only who is in the possession of the secrets or knows the password, he can also decrypt the files again.

To edit the encrypted files, they no longer have to be decrypted permanently, just opened. The file will only be updated if changes are made. The created temporary files and the source files will be deleted automatically by multiple overwriting (shredder level adjustable). The abylon CRYPT-ASSISTENT also guides you step by step to the crypt file.

The functionality abylon PASTE optimizes the copy and move process of files. For example, unchanged files are not copied, a backup is created from changed files or the source files are automatically shredded when moving! The additionally offered module abylon SEARCH supports you in finding files and directories.

Features of abylon BASIC for file encryption:

  • Integration into the MS File Explorer (call via right mouse button)
  • PasswordScrambler and Image Input: Anti-Keylogger function by chopping the password input and using image objects for cryptic password sequences
  • abylon PASTE: Optimized copy and move process
  • abylon SEARCH: Search function
  • abylon CRYPTZIP: Creating compressed files
  • abylon HYBRID CRYPT: Certificate-based encryption and signature (incl. SME files for email delivery)
  • abylon SYMM CRYPT: Password and secret based encryption (e.g. with smart cards, USB sticks or CDs as secret media)
  • Context-sensitive display of menu items and options according to the selected files
  • abylon CRYPT-ASSISTENT: Step by step to Crypt-File
  • Menu items can be hidden in the settings
  • Supported PKCS#7 file extensions for encryption (CRP, P7M, TBE), signature (SGN, TBS, P7S) and encryption and signature (SME, ASC, PK7, VSP7)
  • Administration and creation of X.509 test certificates
  • Create an executable copy of the software on an external storage medium (e.g. USB stick)
  • Command line call
  • Improved administration for companies

Supported standards:

  • CAPI (Microsoft Crypt API),
  • PKCS#7 (Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard)
  • PKCS#11 (Cryptographic Token Interface Standard)
  • PKCS#12 (Personal Information Exchange Syntax)
  • RSA
  • X.509 v3 Certificates
  • PC/SC
  • Blowfish and AES algorithm
  • Microsoft Certificate Database
  • compression in ZIP format
  • Deletion according to the DOD or Gutmann method

Technical Information:

  • Installation and uninstallation routine
  • Certificates (X.509 v3) can be generated
  • Driver for smart card reader or USB token has to be installed separately