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No program can be developed completely without error. For this reason, you we offer this support-site (FAQ) for installation, support, operation and errors. In order to simplify the search we have divided the FAQs into topics and sorted by importance. If you can not find a solution here, please use our
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Certified by TopShareware.com: No virus, spyware, adware!

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Award 'CHIP PICK' - 4 out of 5 - Reader Rating: 89% positive!

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Sharewareconnection: 5 Star award

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Software-Informer: 100% Clean Award

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Softpedia: Don't contains Malware, Spyware, Viruses, Trojans and Backdoors.

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FAQ abylon BASIC

Frequently asked questionsWhen decrypt files> 100 MB, the error "ASN.1 - indicator value too long or too large ASN.1 value - error code: 0x80093104 | CRYPT_E_ASN1_LARGE." What can I do?

Frequently asked questionsNote to store data on external devices such as USB sticks (error message: "The decryption failed! ASN1 Invalid indicator value")!

Frequently asked questionsI can no longer decipher (decryption fails - HYBRID system)?

Frequently asked questionsWhy is the processing / decryption failed (This command is not enough space)?

Frequently asked questionsWhat should I do when my certificate expires?

Frequently asked questionsWhen sending email, an error occurs (MAPI failed to send e-mail)

Frequently asked questionsI have the encryption and decryption of files is not password. Is my data then ever safe?

Frequently asked questionsWhy can I do with the software can not selbstentschlüsselnden files (in the form of an EXE)?

Frequently asked questionsAre the old WinCrypt - files (. Crp,. Sgn and. Sme) with the successor versions?

FAQ: File Explorer / Right mouse button (OLE-Plugin)

Häufig gestellte FrageThe menu items in the Explorer plug-in (right mouse button) will not appear. What workaround are there?

FAQ: Password (SYMM-System)

Häufig gestellte FrageWhy the password is not recognized when I insert this by copying and pasting (copy&paste) in the password field?

Häufig gestellte FrageWhat is the SecureID and how do I enter this one?

Häufig gestellte FrageWhat is a "brute force attack"?

Häufig gestellte FrageI can not remember my using password. How can I get back my protected data?

Häufig gestellte FrageWhat is a safe and what at a weak passphrase?

FAQ: Installation and Registration

Häufig gestellte FrageDo I have administrator privileges to install?

Häufig gestellte FrageIt will display an error message when entering the registration information (name, license key)!

Häufig gestellte FrageFor online update, the download file is not found! Error message "PROGRAM UPDATE FAILED

FAQ: Common

Häufig gestellte FrageWhere can I find Tray-Icons? How can I restore missing tray icons?

Häufig gestellte FrageBeim mir tritt eine allgemeine Schutzverletzung auf oder das Programm / System stürzt ab!

Häufig gestellte FrageThe help file is not executed or displayed, what can I do?

Häufig gestellte FrageMy removable storage medium (such as USB stick) is not recognized by the software! What conditions must be met?

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Lorenzo Roberto Almada - Entry Date: 07.09.2017 at 18:46 clock 
Software version: 64 Bit - Operation system: Win 10

Question: Incorrect login

I am copying from your email and it says I entered the wrong information. I am now afraid that I will lose all data I encrypt because your company doesn't know what it is doing. I now need to tell all my Facebook family and friends not to use your products. Thanks for nothing.

Hi Lorenzo,
Today, well over a thousand users have already registered our software without any problems. For a competent help I would have to get more information. Which software version was installed and which registration data were entered where?
Otherwise, I would like to point out that data may be lost if the encryption key is lost. Only those who deal with this topic and understand the basics should use an encryption software like abylon BASIC. And everyone should test an unknown software with unimportant data at the beginning.

Bob Amaral - Entry Date: 07.09.2017 at 15:08 clock 
Software version: abylon BASIC 16 (Adv. - PRIVATVERSION) - Operation system: Windows 10 64bit

Question: Problem With Installation

I downloaded your application from Giveaway of The Day site. I can't install with the Giveaway of the day wrapper. I tried downloading the trial from your site but my registration info won't work with the trial version. Do you have the private version without the wrapper available to install?

Hi Bob,
Unfortunately, we can't offer the setup on our own. On the one hand, this is a contractual thing and then it protects against piracy.
A limited version of abylon BASIC (without asymmetric encryption) is offered by the PC-newspaper "Computerbild". This offer is also limited in time!

Vaio Portable - Entry Date: 07.09.2017 at 14:28 clock 
Software version: UNKNOWN - Operation system: W7 SP1


Name or CD-Key:
Your registration data is incorrect! Please check your name and your registration number and compare your current version with your licence. If your licence is for a later version, please download the latest version from our server. We cannot provide support for older versions. New attempt?

Thank you for your interest in our software. Three things to do for registration:
- The registration data of GOTD is also valid ONLY for the version of GOTD.
- During the licensing process, the CD key (number and letter sequence) is used instead of the name.
- To avoid transmission errors, the data should be copied and pasted from the email to the software.

Gunderic - Entry Date: 14.06.2016 at 08:09 clock 
Software version: unknown - Operation system: W7-64

Question: Expiration

I got your abylon app through BitsDuJour as a free download. Now I got a message from your Co asking me to buy the app.... When I downloaded it, I did not see any condition stating a 30 day validity, unless it was buried very deeply... Let me know if this message asking for money is a mistake or whether I have to delete the program.

Hello, the promotional version of the software abylon BASIC is free. However, you need to unlock the software enter the appropriate registry of BitsDuJour.

We hope our reply is helpful. For further questions you can contact us again.

Marco - Entry Date: 07.01.2016 at 16:33 clock 
Software version: Abylon Basic 14.3 - Operation system: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit

Question: Does signing a file also garantee its integrity?

When I sign a exe file with Abylon Basic,
does it also detect (accidental) corruption
of that file? In storage or download for example.

Hi Marco,
the signing of a file can protect against unnoticed changes. Even if only one byte of the file is changed, the signature is no longer valid. This is checked and displayed during the verification of the file.
After the signature, the files will be stored as SNG file. These can be opened with the software abylon READER, abylon BASIC or abylon ENTERPRISE.
As an alternative, the hash value of a file can be determined, eg. with abylon FREEHASH.

Pedro - Entry Date: 20.12.2015 at 21:23 clock 
Software version: Abylon Basic w/free updates SharewareOnS - Operation system: Windows 10 Home 64-bit platform

Question: Operating System Compatibility

I would like to know if the Abylon Basic with free updates version at SharewareOnSale for 5.85$ is compatible with Windows 10 Home 64-bit platform?
And also if this one is the latest version released?
Thanks in advance.
Best regards.

Hi Pedro,
the discounted version of abylon BASIC is the latest version. This is also runs on Windows 10-64 bit. Again, I would point out that we can't exclude any interaction with other software. See current problem with abylon CRYPTDRIVE. You can download the software on the download page and test without limitation. (Response:
Hello Brent,
your registration data are correct.

Maybe you don't have installed the newest version.

Download abylon BASIC:
Download abylon KEYSAFE: http://www.abylonsoft.de/download/keysafe.exe

If you continue to have problems, please feel free to write again. In this case, please write as much detail as possible. What do you have done and what problems and error messages have occurred.

penelopeo - Entry Date: 05.06.2014 at 16:42 clock 
Software version: 11 - Operation system: 64-bit

Question: Abylon Basic 11

Avrei bisogno della versione 11 del software. Dove trovarla? Grazie

-> Translate into English: I need the 11 version of the software. Where to find it?

Hi Penelopeo,
sorry, but I do not speak Italian.

We currently offer convenient updates on the current version 12. All you need is the third part of your current registry key as enter coupon code (order-page).

If you still want the 11 version of our software, you can download the setup here. However, please remember that registration information of free cover mounts for this version are NOT valid.

Best regards

Allan - Entry Date: 07.03.2014 at 09:15 clock 
Software version: unknows - Operation system: unknown

Question: Can the software decrypt CRP dBase files?

I have a number of CRP files I would like to open.
My suspicion is the they are encrypted dBase files.
I attach a sample.
Are you able to confirm that your product will decrypt the attached file?

Hi Allan,
as far as we know, the CRP dBase format is compatible with our software. However, to decrypt, you must have the matching private key of the associated certificate. This is the reason why we do not were able to decrypted your sample file.
To be sure, you can install the setup. The first 30 days is possible to use our software without restriction and registration.

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