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Version history abylon ENTERPRISE:
Updates, changes and improvements of updates

Software updates

This version overview lists all new features, improvements and fixed bugs of the software abylon ENTERPRISE. (Link to complete versionshistory)

Icon-Info: = New function, = Function cancelled, = Error correction or update

New software version 18.30.2

Stability and speed improvement of the deletion, encryption and logon software and more!

New software version 18.10.1 to 18.10.3 and 2019.4

Numerous new features and improvements of the company software abylon LOGON Business and other software products

The superimposed admin icons have been removed from the settings dialog. If in the future a function is selected for which no sufficient rights exist, this is indicated in a message window.

The setup routines of the program are only started after the setup wizard is finished.

New Version 17.60.1 and 2018.12

Various adjustments and optimizations of GUI and functions

The accidental display in the settings for the CT32 DLL and the Administration Server has been resolved.

In the treeview view the icon view has been improved

In the settings under the tab Administrative settings there is now the option Allow settings dialog only for administrators. If this function is activated, the settings dialog can only be opened if the user is in the group of administrators

The waiting dialog when starting the application is now displayed as a simple hexagon with program name

Negative window coordinates are now intercepted programmatically. In addition, the unpredictable jumping of the window during slicing would be prevented.

Negative window coordinates are now intercepted programmatically. In addition, the unpredictable jumping of the window during slicing would be prevented.

The functionality RemoteAdmin was removed from all modules, because the registry access via the network did not work reliably since Windows Vista. With the software abylon LOGON Business the settings defined on the server are distributed to the clients via a restricted user profile

Drag&Drop operations over windows with different rights are now displayed with the no entry symbol. For example, no files from the File Explorer (user context) can be dragged into our dialogs if this was started with admin rights. This is also shown at the top of the dialog

New Version 17.30.5 and 17.30.6

Various optimizations of all programs from abylonsoft

The problem with jumping windows was fixed.

New version 17.30.4

New functionalities and optimizations of abylon LOGON Business

New versions 17.30.1 and 17.30.2

Privacy policy, window resolution and for abylon LOGON Business optimization of account synchronization

The new privacy policy and license conditions are included with the software and can be opened via the menu

The size of the program windows can now be adjusted to the maximum width of large screens

New Version 17.10.2 and 2018.2

Adaptation of the License Agreement to the new Data Protection Ordinance DSGVO

The license agreement was revised in German and English and adapted to the new data protection regulation DSGVO. The file is displayed in the setup and is attached to the program as a PDF file.

New Version 17.10.1 and 2018.2

Many new features for abylon LOGON Business and abylon APP-BLOCKER

New Version 16.50.3 and 2017.9

New software product abylon LOGON Business and general acceleration by optimized function call

Update and position problems with the progress bar have been fixed

A small window is displayed for tedious processes. This tells the user that something is still happening and that he has to wait a little longer.

A significant acceleration of the programs was achieved by optimizing the internal function calls

General error corrections

Internally the programs have been extended so that "InApp purchases" are possible in the future

Some windows have been standardized in color and design.

New Version 16.00.2

Cloud Support, Tray Icon Conversion and SSO Optimization

The calling conventions of the tray icons have been revised

The title bar of the dialogs About, Error, Question and Registry now has a specific product color for better differentiation.

If SSO functionality is activated, the Keysafe window is opened by double-clicking on the desktop or tray icon.

Errors when copying entries in abylon KEYSAFE have been fixed

The abylon SHAREDDRIVE can also be used on various cloud services, such as OneDrive, GoogleDrive and Dropbox. All you need to do is install the appropriate client software from the cloud provider and offer the data in a directory on your hard drive (e.g. C:\Users\\Google Drive). If this is the case, the cloud directory can be selected in the abylon SHAREDDIRVE or better still a subfolder as Speiocherort. By encrypting the Shareddrive, all data is encrypted in the cloud and also the transfer from and to the clound is protected against spying.

Closing the program window via the cross icon now works with the first click

With activated AUTOSTART mode the abylon SHAREDDRIVE is started minimized.

Due to stability problems of the Windows File Explorer the Sharedrive File Explorer PlugIn is completely disabled. The access to the encrypted data now only takes place via the provided program interface of the abylon SHAREDDRIVE. The activation and deactivation of the abylon SHAREDDRIVE now only refers to the AUTOSTART of the program's own GUI after the login.

The application directory has changed from [drive]:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\apm\AUTOSTART to [drive]:\Users\\Documents\abylonsoft\AUTOSTART changed. Under certain circumstances files in AUTOSTART and FAVORITEN must be copied and accepted manually.

The account path can now be defined individually in the settings on the "Administration" page. This also makes it possible to store login accounts and SSO data in a cloud. However, it is not possible to select a network path

New Version 2017.1

Numerous optimizations and bug fixes of our apps

New Version 15.90.2

Bug fixes, optimizations and special abylon FREEHASH improvements

The distinction between Visual Studio 2008 (Windows XP, Vista, 7, and .NET 3.5) and Visual Studio 2015 (Windows 8, 10, and .NET 4) is now correctly reflected in the update.

The time calculation of progress indicators is now displayed again in the title bar.

Directly after the installation no new Shareddrive could be created. The problem would be fixed

Drag&Drop from the list (e.g. tan list) now copies the marked value again.

When setting the secret, you can switch back to the Password option if the key card is not available.

Clicking on the tray icon opens the program window with the left mouse button and the menu with the right mouse button.

Neue Version 15.90.1

Different versions with .NET 3.5 and 4, as well as optimization of the user interface and functions

In the program interface, the operation menu displayed as a pop has been removed for better clarity

All listed software products are now available in 2 versions. In principle, both versions can be installed on all supported Windows versions. However, we recommend the version compiled with Visual Studio 2008 up to Windows 7 and for mobile use. This setup requires the .net-Framework 3.5. We recommend the version compiled with Visual Studio 2015 for Windows 8 and 10, which requires the .net-Framework 4.0 and the Redistribution Pack. As long as the downloads are not differentiated yet, the version for Windows 8 and 10 is primarily offered. To get the version up to Windows 7, the file name must be completed with the character string "vc2008_". This results in a file name of "vc2008_[setup.exe]"

The abort button for "Shredders" did not react under certain conditions. The problem was fixed

The program dialogs (GUI) would be optically reworked and the usability would be simplified.

Incorrect display of progress indicator has been fixed.