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Show meta information of image files and delete this

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Many camera manufacturers and graphic programs store a lot of additional personal information in the image-file. The meta-information called EXIF and includes for example, comments, camera model, serial number, copyright, exposure, graphic program, thumbnails or GPS coordinates. This can be very useful for archiving and image analysis at home. The software abylon EXIF-CLEANER show an overview of all EXIF-Information. 
In addition, this meta-information can be completely removed with one click. The cleaning of the image files remove your personal fingerprint. Afterwards a cross-references or traceability is no longer possible. This can be very helpful especially for uploading images in pictures archives, communities and social networks without personal fingerprint.


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abylon EXIF-CLEANER (Nervige Anwendungen und Dienste dauerhaft blockieren)

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Oldnut - 03.11.2015 at 19:00 clock  ✪✪✪

Thanks for making this so easy.

you are welcome

spn11 - 03.11.2015 at 18:59 clock  ✪✪✪

Am unable to access download site

Visit our download-site and click on "Downlaod"
In the case of Covermount contact the seller!

Jhonny - 03.11.2015 at 18:58 clock  ✪✪✪

great product for privacy reaks like me

Robert - 03.11.2015 at 18:57 clock 

Can't wait to Try this!
Keep Up the Good Work!

Bryan - 03.11.2015 at 18:55 clock  ✪✪✪

: Thank You very much for being generous with your creation of this software

Stefan - 03.11.2015 at 18:54 clock  ✪✪

Will it work with video's also or is that a good idea for in the future; then don't forget me for a free key

Our programmers will look at that. If no major obstacles exist, we will support it in a future release.

Mort - 03.11.2015 at 18:53 clock  ✪✪✪

Nice Utility! Smiley lächeln

Muhamad - 03.11.2015 at 18:51 clock  ✪✪✪

nice metadata viewer and cleaner. i like it

Hans - 03.11.2015 at 18:07 clock  ✪✪

Thanks for the software.
If I find anything wrong with it (learning software-testing), I will e-mail you guys about it.

Feel free to contact us.... ^^

michael - 03.11.2015 at 18:05 clock  ✪✪✪

I've heard of this process of cleaning out the photo info...I would love to be able to share photos without sending anyone all of my other info in my camera. Could be very interesting. Could very well love this program

From version 2015 cleaned images can also be sent directly from the program via e-mail!

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