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In the lexicon or glossary explains abylonsoft topics of general interest around the offered software products, computers and technology. The column with the letter F contains 2 entries, like for example File PKI.

Column F 2 entries

File PKI

The use of the abylon file PKI makes complex applications for the administration of employee certificates superfluous. Small to medium enterprises can manage the public certificates of all employees centrally in one STO file. Only the certificates of the employees who work on the corresponding computer have to be installed on the individual clients. The PKI file can now be used to access the public keys of all other employees.

see also: Small PKI PKI Certificate


Free disk space is the place on the hard disk that contains no currently used data. However, since data is not completely deleted when files are normally deleted or moved with Windows means, there may still be treacherous data remnants here. When cleaning up the free space all currently unused hard disk areas are overwritten according to the set shredder method.

see also: Asymmetric encryption Symmetric encryption Encrypting Privater Schlüssel (Private Key)

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