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In the lexicon or glossary explains abylonsoft topics of general interest around the offered software products, computers and technology. The column with the letter V contains 2 entries, like for example Verifikation.

Column V 2 entries


Verification is the validation of a signature. The signature tells you who signed (signed) the data and whether it is authentic (unchanged). Technically, the signature is decrypted with the enclosed public key of the signer according to a special procedure. The result is a hash value. At the same time, the hash value of the transferred data is formed and compared with the enclosed hash value. If both values match, the recipient can be sure that the data has not been changed and that it comes from the corresponding sender.

see also: Signature Certificate Public Key Hash valü

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a closed network that is operated virtually in an existing network. The used encryption establishes a closed connection, so to speak. This virtual network is also known as a tunnel and enables secure communication in an open network. The complete data exchange takes place through this protected tunnel so that it remains protected from unauthorized access. This prevents a third party from seeing which Internet pages are being accessed or which data is being transferred.

For VPN connections, an existing communication network is usually used to connect to another network. This could be, for example, an employee who accesses the secure company network from his home office via the Internet. It is irrelevant whether the company network is accessed from a PC or a mobile phone and via WLAN, LTE, telephone or cable. The practical benefit is that the user can access the protected network from anywhere in the world without having a direct connection. Encryption protects the entire data transfer from unauthorized access. In addition, VPNs can increase privacy and conceal one's own identity.

More info (in german) about VPN (Virtual Private Network can also be found on our Computer Help Page.

see also: Transport Layer Security (TSL) Encrypting Asymmetric encryption

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