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No program can be developed completely without error. For this reason, you we offer this support-site (FAQ) for installation, support, operation and errors. In order to simplify the search we have divided the FAQs into topics and sorted by importance. If you can not find a solution here, please use our
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abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER legends to symbols

Icon and button (Activated or hidden, depending on the selection):

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FAQ: Installation and Registration

Häufig gestellte FrageDo I have administrator privileges to install?

Häufig gestellte FrageIt will display an error message when entering the registration information (name, license key)!

Häufig gestellte FrageFor online update, the download file is not found! Error message "PROGRAM UPDATE FAILED

FAQ: Common

Häufig gestellte FrageWhere can I find Tray-Icons? How can I restore missing tray icons?

Häufig gestellte FrageBeim mir tritt eine allgemeine Schutzverletzung auf oder das Programm / System stürzt ab!

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Request for support

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Rich - Entry Date: 04.08.2017 at 18:14 clock 
Software version: 2017-PRV - Operation system: Windows 10

Question: Activation Key invalid

Activation Key Invalid
Not good sign when trying to sell a product

Unfortunately, we can not tell you why the registry did not work. We have created a German tutorial with information about it. The English translation can be found at this link.
If you have any further questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Pedro Saturno Galdona - Entry Date: 04.08.2017 at 15:52 clock 
Software version: - Operation system: WINDOWS 10 64BIT

Question: When I try to activate show a message wrong password

You send me a Cdkey and Registry Key by email but when I write it a mesage appear: wrong password


T Wang - Entry Date: 19.06.2017 at 20:58 clock 
Software version: 2017.PRV - Operation system: Win 7 Pro x64 latest updates

Question: Everything is in German

Hello, while I was installing the software, FireFox crashed in the background and I had to Ctrl-Alt-Del to recover the task manager to effectively recover the system.
Software seems to run properly, it shows as registered, but everything is in german. Please advise as to how to switch languages to english.

Thank you for your interest in our software. The language can only be selected during the installation. Restart the setup of abylon WLAN-LIVe-SCANNER. The first dialog is followed by the selection of the language. German and English are offered here.

krzysztofikel Elka - Entry Date: 19.06.2017 at 07:37 clock 
Software version: - Operation system: Windows 7

Question: The product says this is invalid and does not activate.

I went through the registration process for your abylon WLAN-LIVE-Scanner giveaway
The product says this is invalid and does not activate. -------------------
I downloaded and installed the program from the link provided.
But in the ad is the version WLAN-live-scanner v2016.7 for PC File gets 2017.1 (Privatversion) on your computer zainstalował Abylon WLAN-live-scanner (Private Version)- I have received the information sent on the email to unlock the program,
I went through the registration process for your abylon WLAN-LIVE-Scanner giveaway
The product says this is invalid and does not activate.
The program installed, has used the acceptance on 3 community pages,
But not registered because the key is not valid for the program version.
The question is whether the links to download the program and the key creates a knotted menel,
Do you want to depose praise on the social sites,
Without offering at least a hassle-free registration.

we have offered the software for one day free of charge via our partner BitsDuJour. The registration data sent there is also only valid for the setup of BitDuJour. This was tested and worked with many, many other interested parties and without problems.

By the way, the social links on the last page of the setup can be disabled without affecting the functionality and registration.

Douglas M. - Entry Date: 06.12.2016 at 12:29 clock 
Software version: 1607 - Operation system: Windows 10

Question: Licensing/Serial Number

The link I used was the one provided by the software. When I clicked on it, it took me to the same location as your web site.
The problem is your web site's registration routine. It is language specific. As seen: 00DE-xxxxxxxx,it is generating based on a German language. You web site needs to be language / country agnostic. Or better yet, don't embed the country in the key.
I need an EN key, not DE.

the first block of the license key is not evaluated during registration. It is irrelevant whether "00DE" or "00EN" is entered there.

Should you continue to have problems, please feel free to contact us again. In order to avoid errors, the data should be transferred to Copy & Paste. Also, it must be noted that the software and version match the license key.

Ant Bil - Entry Date: 04.12.2016 at 10:11 clock 
Software version: 2016.7 - Operation system: win 7

Question: wrong registry data

Hi to all,
Concerns last promotion from PC-Welt Advetskalender.
I can not to register the program. Quote of the program:
Your registry data are wrong! Please check your name and your registration number and compare your current version with your licence. If your licence is for a later version, please download the latest version from our server. We can not provide support for older versions.
Setup is from PC-Welt, the key from your website:
Name or CD-Key:
What is wrong with this code?
I ask about help.

You have used the wrong registration page. Please use these registration page:

Could you briefly describe which link you have called up and where you got it from? thank you

NO COMPANY - Entry Date: 27.06.2016 at 17:30 clock 
Software version: 2016 - Operation system: unknown

Question: Conectar con la protección de contraseña

Hola, soy un usuario en particular y me gustaría saber, por favor, si usted tiene redes inalámbricas de software se conectan con protección de contraseña protegida o cerrada?
Gracias desde España.

El software también se conecta con redes inalámbricas cifrados. Sin embargo, en este caso, se debe conocer a la contraseña.

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