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In the lexicon or glossary explains abylonsoft topics of general interest around the offered software products, computers and technology. The column with the letter M contains 3 entries, like for example Memory Chipcards.

Column M 3 entries


The hash function Message-Digest algorithm 5 (MD5) was developed in 1991 by Ronald L. Rivest and generates a nearly unique value with 128-bit length from any file. This makes it easy to compare files and check their integrity. Due to the computing power available today, the MD5 method is no longer considered safe.

see also: Hash valü Hash-function SHS/SHA

Memory Chipcards

Memory chip cards contain only electronic memory (EPROM, EEPROM or RAM) which can be accessed directly for reading and writing. A health insurance card, for example, is such a simple memory chip card. Only a certain amount of data can be stored and read on this card. This card type is quite simple in its structure and also not particularly protected. Depending on the type of chip used, the data can be secured by a password or protected against changes, but without offering complex applications and functions.

see also: Chip cards


If you want to encrypt a document for multiple people, you do not have to create a copy for EVERY recipient. To create an SME file (Digital Envelope) all public keys of the recipients are selected in the certificate manager and the encrypted file is sent to all recipients. With Multicrypting, only those authorized by selected persons have access to the document. The encrypted file is also digitally signed (signed) by the sender.

see also: Secure Message Envelope (SME) HYBRID-System Digital Envelope

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