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abylon LOGON:
Product number: 183821
Price: 19,95 Euro » Link
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Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 32-bit Systeme 64-bit Systeme

abylon LOGON Business:
Product number: 206276
Price: 49,95 Euro » Link
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Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 32-bit Systeme 64-bit Systeme

abylon LOGON SSO Pro:
Product number: 187844
Price: 39,95 Euro » Link
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Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 32-bit Systeme 64-bit Systeme

Support information

No program can be developed completely without error. For this reason, you we offer this support-site (FAQ) for installation, support, operation and errors. In order to simplify the search we have divided the FAQs into topics and sorted by importance. If you can not find a solution here, please use our
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FAQ: abylon LOGON

Frequently asked questionsWhat must be specified when creating a new logon account?

Frequently asked questionsWhat do I have in the use of abylon login in a terminal server environment (WTS)?

Frequently asked questionsIncluded unlock the computer, the Task Manager! How can I prevent this?

Frequently asked questionsIn Safe Mode (without network) can I Operating systems without medium (chip card, CD, USB token) open! Is this a security problem?

Frequently asked questionsFor the Aladdin eToken is the Sign of accounts during the sign-NOT!

Frequently asked questionsAfter installing the program or if I am on the normal Windowsanmeldemaske logged, the program is not responding to the pull and push the chip card! Why? 

Frequently asked questionsThe program, the CT32 DLL not find! Then the software will work no more and what can I do?

Frequently asked questionsWhy is the Login Password dialog is not?

Frequently asked questionsWhat should I do after the uninstall 'abylon login' option 'Prior to the notification CTRL + ALT + DEL press' re-enable / disable?

Frequently asked questionsVersion 5.2 supports abylon login HotKeys dragging the chip card. How do I use this?

Frequently asked questionsWhy does it take to sign up with abylon login slightly longer than the normal Windows application?

Frequently asked questionsError message: "The Windows application with your card has failed!" How can this be?

Frequently asked questionsWhen creating an account or test an error message!

Frequently asked questionsWhen the file size of the delivery is the CSP?

Frequently asked questionsMy card reader is not recognized!

Frequently asked questionsThe declaration remains in my Windows Logon window ( "Please Ctrl-Alt-Delete or press card"). What should I do to this?

Frequently asked questionsWhen will my logon certificate chip card is not recognized: "Invalid smart card"!

FAQ: Password (SYMM-System)

Häufig gestellte FrageWhy the password is not recognized when I insert this by copying and pasting (copy&paste) in the password field?

Häufig gestellte FrageWhat is the SecureID and how do I enter this one?

Häufig gestellte FrageWhat is a "brute force attack"?

Häufig gestellte FrageI can not remember my using password. How can I get back my protected data?

Häufig gestellte FrageWhat is a safe and what at a weak passphrase?

FAQ: Installation and Registration

Häufig gestellte FrageDo I have administrator privileges to install?

Häufig gestellte FrageIt will display an error message when entering the registration information (name, license key)!

Häufig gestellte FrageFor online update, the download file is not found! Error message "PROGRAM UPDATE FAILED

FAQ: Common

Häufig gestellte FrageWhere can I find Tray-Icons? How can I restore missing tray icons?

Häufig gestellte FrageBeim mir tritt eine allgemeine Schutzverletzung auf oder das Programm / System stürzt ab!

Häufig gestellte FrageThe help file is not executed or displayed, what can I do?

Häufig gestellte FrageMy removable storage medium (such as USB stick) is not recognized by the software! What conditions must be met?

Further information


Request for support

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Tommy M. - Entry Date: 23.03.2019 at 10:20 clock 
Software version: - Operation system: Windows 8.1

Question: Activation problem

Dear Abylon team,
I reinstalled backwards to windows 8.1 from windows 10.
It has been quite some time that i havent been updating this software so is it so that whenever you release new version i must buy it all over again?
Now i have already two (2) activation codes:
00XX-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyyyy-L16V0 (newest)
00XX-xxxxxxxx-yyyyyyyyyy-T15V1 (oldest)
Thank you very much!

Hi Tommy,
tThe numbers in the last block of the license key are the version number for which the key is valid. In your case, version 15 and 16.
Currently we offer version 17. However, you can also download the older versions:

Last version 15: https://www.abylonsoft.de/download/logonssopro_v159.exe

Last version 16: https://www.abylonsoft.de/download/logonssopro_v165.exe

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Tommy M. - Entry Date: 12.03.2018 at 14:58 clock 
Software version: - Operation system: Windows 10 Pro

Question: Allow changing to nornal logon

Allow changing to nornal logon (ESC) Logon/Lock-mode does not work. When these options are ON i can change to normal logon ja when these are OFF i can still change to normal logon-mode.
Is there something that i am doing just wrong or is it just a bug?

Thanks, we will test this and correct it if necessary.

Ronald E Fellows - Entry Date: 10.10.2017 at 01:03 clock 
Software version: 16? - Operation system: Windows 10 64 bit

Question: Instructions

I downloaded this on Oct 5, from Giveawayoftheday.
Name or CD-Key:
I have NO idea on how to install it on a Flash Drive, or how to make it work?? I respect German, was stationed in Wiesbaden AFB, in Army for 3 years. But I no longer can read German.
I am interested in this program, IF I can make it work?

Hi Roland,
the software abylon LOGON can only be installed on a Windows PC.
After installation, a USB stick (Flash Drive) or a chip card (only special ones) is then trained as a hardware key. To do this, open the abylon LOGON settings and go to the "Logon accounts" page. A new hardware key is learned via the plus icon. Click on the icon and insert the hardware key. As soon as it is recognized by our software, you will be prompted to enter your Windows login data. Afterwards, an additional PIN can be assigned and an emergency password (SecureID) can be requested. After restarting the computer you can use this hardware key to login.

james m. - Entry Date: 18.06.2015 at 02:31 clock 
Software version: unknown - Operation system: WIN 10

Question: When cloed session -didn't puy in a password can't run IN10

I downloaded "giveaway of the day on trial version" of WIN10 and can't logon to WIN10!
Didn't put in a password-can you help?

Don't have a correct passwod so can't run WIN10

Hi James,
If you can not remember your password, there is no way to login. This is similar to an encrypted file. If you no longer know the password, the decryption is also impossible.

Alternatives of the software abylon LOGON for emergencies are:
a) Switch to the "Standard Windows login-screen"
b) Entering the emergency password (SecureID)
c) Log in "windows safe mode" (F9/F10)

Brian F. - Entry Date: 17.04.2015 at 03:59 clock 
Software version: Logon 12.9 Private version - Operation system: Windows 7 64 bit

Question: Cannot Install

I have downloaded your program from: giveaway of the day. Each time I click to open a message says: "The setup files are corrupted. Pleass obtain a new copy of the program" CI have tried 3 times, even running as Administrator, without success. Can you help with this matter please/ Thank you.
Kind Regards.

Hi Brian,
thank you for your interest in our software. In case of advertising the setup is usually offered by the partner. If you have problems with the download, contact the appropriate agency, in your case GiveawayOfTheDay.com. We did not have any influence on it.

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