Detailed information about abylon LOGON

What advantage does abylon LOGON offer for Windows logon


To secure the Windows computer against unauthorized access, it is necessary to use a password that is as long and complex as possible with lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and special characters. Only such a password can be remembered only by very few people and typing in the long character string is also annoying. The procedure of the password input takes over the software abylon LOGON for the user. In addition only the hardware key must be put. As hardware key the following media can be used:

  • Certificate chip card and token
  • processor chip card
  • Memory chip card
  • External storage medium (e.g. USB stick) with key file on the medium
  • External storage medium (e.g. USB stick) with key file on computer
  • CD/DVD
  • Contactless RFID - Radio chip card
  • Bluetooth device (e.g. mobile phone)
  • NOTE: Special support on Request!

And when leaving the computer, it is sufficient to drag the hardware key and protect the computer against unwanted access. A security, which protects the computer simply and fast when going to the quiet place and into the canteen.

functionality abylon LOGON Windows logon with chip card, USB stick and more

The software abylon LOGON protects your computer in a comfortable way against unauthorized access. You only need to train your chip card, your USB storage medium or a CD/DVD with your login data and in the future this medium will be sufficient for the legitimization of your computer. As an extended protection you can optionally verify your login by entering your previous password. During the lunch break you only need to pull the chip card or the USB stick and your computer will be automatically locked or logged off. Thus you protect your computer without large expenditure from curious looks and prevent a secret data theft.

For professional users, various certificate chip cards are supported. When logging on to the computer, only the chip card or the USB token (e.g. Aladdin eToken) must be inserted and the PIN must also be entered.

Functional range of the software ../abylon LOGON. (Windows access protection)

Functions of the individual versions see Table!

  • Secure and automatic logon to NT systems
  • supported media for registration:
    • Chip cards (e.g. EC or KV cards)
    • External storage media (e.g. USB sticks)
    • CDs/DVDs
    • RFID cards
    • Certificate chip cards and USB tokens (support of various providers, such as Aladdin eToken)
    • EEPROM smart cards SLE 4432 and SLE 4442
    • and more...
  • two-factor authentication (optional) by additional password input at login
  • SecureID for symmetrical cards (help in case of card loss)
  • Account management: Multiple logon accounts for one medium
  • Encrypted data storage
  • Increased protection against keyloggers and phishing attacks
  • When the media is dragged, the computer is Locked, Logged out or Shutdown
  • Central Administration

System requirements for the automatic Windows and program logon

  • Processor: Pentium (or comparable)
  • Main memory: 256 MByte RAM 
  • free hard disk space approx. 60 MByte 
  • Operating system: 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 32-Bit, 64-Bit
  • screen resolution: min. 1024x600 Pixel
  • Optional smart card reader or USB token

Supported standards

  • CAPI (Microsoft Crypt API)
  • PKCS#7 (Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard)
  • PKCS#11 (Cryptographic Token Interface Standard)
  • PKCS#12 (Personal Information Exchange Syntax)
  • RSA
  • PC/SC
  • RC4, Blowfish, AES, 3DES...
  • X.509 v3 Certificates
  • SCard-API
  • CT32.DLL
  • Microsoft Certificate Database

Technical Information to Software for automatic login

  • Installation and uninstallation routine
  • Driver for smart card reader or USB token has to be installed separately
  • CSP (Crypto Service Provider) must be installed separately (further information >> Compatibility)
  • If the CSP is not automatically recognized by abylon LOGON, then the corresponding transfer module can be entered in the settings dialog
  • EC-/HBCI card must be equipped with a chip
  • For health insured cards the card reader must support a CT32 interface DLL

    The CT32 interface is an outdated standard, which should not be used anymore for compatibility reasons.