Detailed information about abylon SHAREDDRIVE

Current version 24.10.4!
Do you have questions or suggestions about the software abylon SHAREDDRIVE by abylonsoft? Then simply use our contact form on the homepage or on the support page the support form. Should you require special functions, we offer special conditions on hourly or project basis. Also with the administration and installation of the software we help you with pleasure.

Why you need abylon SHAREDDRIVE (Central File Encryption):

Do you continue to belong to people who think they have nothing to hide? And that encryption is only something for mystery-mongers, conspiracy fanatics and criminal individuals? But nowadays information is highly traded, no matter if email addresses or company secrets. The access can be made by a hacker via the Internet or also in the company by a too curious work colleague. Stolen hard disks, lost labtops or service technicians also pose a very high security risk. Confidential and secret data fall into the wrong hands faster than you think.

What if, however, an employee has stored important information encrypted and becomes ill or leaves the company. Also for this the software abylon SHAREDDRIVE offers well-engineered solutions.

How does abylon SHAREDDRIVE (multi-user access to encrypted files) work:

With the abylon SHAREDDRIVE you successfully protect your confidential data against espionage. The files are encrypted with the most modern means (Blowfish or AES) and stored in a data drive. Encryption and decryption takes place automatically and without noticeable delay in the background. Sophisticated techniques allow simultaneous read and write access to one data drive by several users.

  • Access protection by chip card, certificate, USB token or password
  • Access over the network or to a local client
  • multiuser capable: Simultaneous write and read access of multiple users
  • The transmission of the data is guaranteed encrypted
  • emergency decryption through the use of certificates or the use of a SecureID
  • Create encrypted CDs and DVDs

The abylon SHAREDDRIVE GUI offer the general functions, such as insert, copy, open or delete. The files are always stored encrypted when saving to the data drive (Blowfish - 448 Bit / AES - 256 Bit), without the user having to perform an additional operation. The location of the encrypted files in the base directory can be on the local computer or on a network computer. The transfer of data from the server via the network is encrypted and the decryption is only performed on the client.

The access rights of the individual data drives are defined by the assignment of a password (SYMM-System) or by assigning X.509 certificates (HYBRID-System, PKCS, RSA). It is also possible to use external storage media (e.g. USB sticks) or EC or KV cards. By using certificates or SecureIDs, the data can also be decrypted in an emergency.

The file-based structure allows simultaneous access by several users. Additional security is provided by the obfuscation of the original file names by random numbers. Only authorized persons can see the original file name in the program GUI. Furthermore abylon SHAREDDRIVE is especially safe in case of computer crashes. Only the really needed files are opened and all other files remain untouched and stored encrypted on the hard disk. Thus the possible data loss is reduced to a minimum. After restarting the computer, the temporary directory is also thoroughly cleaned.

Thanks to the individual encryption and storage of every single file, abylon SHAREDDRIVE has great advantages, especially when backing up data with backup systems. In contrast to encrypted image-based drives, only modified data must be backed up, which greatly reduces the data transfer volume and the storage space required.

Functional range of the encryption software:

  • Automatic encryption and decryption of files in the background
  • Encryption with the Blowfish (448 bit) or AES (256 bit) algorithm
  • PasswordScrambler and image input: anti-keylogger function by hacking the password input and using image objects for cryptic password sequences
  • Combination encryption with the Blowfish and AES (HighEncryption - System) algorithm
  • supported secrets (keys) for access authorization:
    • SYMM-System
      • Password via the keyboard
      • Chip cards (e.g. EC or KV cards)
      • External storage media (e.g. USB sticks)
      • CDs/DVDs
      • RFID cards
      • Combination of password and token
      • 4 eye system (4Eye system)
    • HYBRID system
      • X.509 Software certificates
      • Certificates on smart cards or USB tokens
  • NEW New program window for direct access to the encrypted data. This is also used in the mobile version
  • Full text search in encrypted files
  • Storage location of the base directory:
    • Local computer (client)
    • Network computer (server)
  • Special server software is not required
  • Each file will be saved as an individually encrypted image file
  • Encrypted transmission of the data over the network or Internet (decryption only on the client)Masking of the original file name by an arbitrary number, so that no inference can be made about the type and content of the file
  • Multiuser support: Multiple users can access a SHAREDDRIVE at the same time
  • Display of open files
  • Memory requirements only Depending on the size of the files
  • Access to encrypted CDs and DVDs
  • Maximum size only Depending on the hard disk limit
  • Crash backup: Decrypt only the required files and clean the temporary directory after restart
  • Low backup effort due to individual encryption and storage of each file
  • Automatic update (can be deactivated)
  • export the Settings
  • Administration for companies

Application areas and data security scenarios:

  1. Encrypted file server in companies: Important company data can thus be encrypted and stored centrally on one server. All users can access this data simultaneously without having to worry about encryption. (NOTE An installation of the software on the server is NOT necessary)
  2. CD/DVD Usage: Data that does not change can be stored encrypted on a CD/DVD. There are only numbered files on the CD/DVD, without which the content can be inferred. Only authorized persons are shown the real file names and can view the files. If the CD/DVD is lost, the Finder can do absolutely nothing with the data.
  3. RAS or VPN dial-in: Access from home computer via RAS dial-in or VPN access is possible without problems.

System requirements for encrypting files:

  • Processor: Pentium (or comparable)
  • Main memory: 256 MByte RAM 
  • Free hard disk space approx. 25 MByte 
  • operating system Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, 2003, 2008, WTS, 32 and 64bit
  • screen resolution: min. 1024x600 Pixel
  • Optional smart card reader and certificate smart card or USB token 

Supported standards:

  • CAPI (Microsoft Crypt API), 
  • PKCS#7 (Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard)
  • PKCS#11 (Cryptographic Token Interface Standard)
  • PKCS#12 (Personal Information Exchange Syntax)
  • RSA
  • Blowfish and/or AES algorithm
  • PC/SC
  • X.509 v3 Certificates
  • Microsoft Certificate Database