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CSP (Crypto Service Provider Compatibility)

The CSP (Crypto Service Provider) is the interface between the certificate on the smartcard, the smartcard reader and the software. Without a CSP our software have no access to the certificate. 

Tested Crypto Service Provider (CSP's):

NOTE For abylon LOGON must be insert the correct  CSP in the appropriate field of the settings. This is necessary for loading the drive during the login process. For questions, please contact the chip card manufacturer or certificate exhibitor. (see also » Support)

Smartcard Compatibility

The software of abylonsoft support following processor smartcards::

HINWEIS Also the corresponding CSP must be installed (further information » CSP)

The software of abylonsoft support following other smartcards:

USB-Token Compatibility (USB-Smartcard for certificates)

Aladdin eToken Enabled Certification The software of abylonsoft support following USB-Token:

RFID-Card Compatibility

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology offers the contact less reading of a transponder. Depending upon used frequency the range varies from few millimeters to some meters. Supported are:

USB Stick / CD Compatibility (External memory storage)

In the past the using of USB Sticks substitute the floppy disk as transportation and storage medium. Until the software version 5.6 of abylonsoft you can use the USB Stick as personal „key" for windows logon (abylon LOGON) and encryption (abylon BASIC, abylon ENTERPRISE, abylon KEYSAFE, abylon CRYPTDRIVE and abylon SHAREDDRIVE).

Supported are:

NOTE If the storage medium isn't available during the logon time, it can't be use for windows logon (abylon LOGON)!

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