abylon SHREDDER Current Version: 18.30.2

Security suite for irreversibly removing sensitive data and traces from various storage media

Price: 24,95
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Supported operating systems: 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 32-Bit, 64-Bit
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Related product group: Ecurity software & Suites


  • Deletes files and Internet traces (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) without residue
  • Cleans orphaned data backlogs between stored files (free space and cluster tips)
  • Deletes entire drives and computers (not Windows 9x and Me)
  • Delete the Master File Table (MTF) and reset the file name
  • Remove temporary files and directories
  • Additional tools for finding and removing duplicate files, restoring deleted files, creating delete jobs and an extension for the File Explorer to search and optimize copying of files
  • New Deleting difficult files (Windows system files / WinSXS, etc.) is possible. The shredding of "difficult" files is possible. files requires admin ... All new features (version history)

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Secure data deletion Full deletion of files, drives, free space and Internet traces

Many programs store temporary files on the hard disk for optimization and further processing. Just like the delete function of Windows, this data is not completely removed and can also be restored by other programs for evaluation. With this data you can draw conclusions about used files and visited websites. Even more dramatic is that complete documents, videos and pictures can be restored. The software abylon SHREDDER deletes selected files securely and irretrievably from the hard disk. In addition the data are overwritten up to 35 times with random characters. Afterwards also forensic laboratory procedures cannot restore the files. Beside the safe deletion function the software offers still further helpful Tools for the increase of the productivity and the protection of the privacy

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Download-Mix Rezension von Axel Gerke
Download-Mix Rezension von Axel Gerke

PC-Welt Bewertung 02/08 mit der Gesamtnote 1,9
PC-Welt Bewertung 02/08 mit der Gesamtnote 1,9

100% CLEAN Certified by Softpedia
100% CLEAN Certified by Softpedia

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10 Kommentare

Avatar from Jay  #503

Jay -  

Update the GUI it looks a bit dated. I had Version 16 in a giveaway from Bitsdjour I enjoyed it I thought it was very good.I have similar products at my disposal, but I don't think they may be as good as this. I wanted to buy version 18 the coupon will help

Avatar of abylonsoft support #503


Hi Jay,
Thank you very much for the praise. The software abylon SHREDDER offers some options, which in our opinion are not provided by other vendors. We constantly improve our software and hope that we get the GUI optimized once again. This depends however also on the possibilities of the development software and expenditure.

Avatar from Joseph #363

Joseph -  

Have you already leveled up your cleaner to the New for the 2017 season

Avatar of abylonsoft support #363


The release date for version 16 is not fixed yet.

Avatar from Julian #271

Julian -  

XYZ Win Optimizer (amended by abylonsoft) has come out already look at it's artwork when's your next update coming out

Avatar of abylonsoft support #271


Many developers place greater emphasis on the appearance and less on the functionality. Our primary concern is that the functions work optimally and quickly.

Avatar from Joshua #268

Joshua -  

Software XYZ (amended by abylonsoft) has a high dollar engine for it's Free Space Clean it's ice cold look in the Storage part you will get jealous and want to be like them it looks like a New House when they get finished with it Privazer has a Boost Button that cuts there clean by 5 and a half hours I thought it was slow but it's not it will clear the Free Space in under 2 hours you should try it out

Avatar of abylonsoft support #268


There are a number of applications, which can be deleted files without residue. Each software has its advantages and disadvantages and the functions varriiert partially considerably. Make yourself a picture of our software abylon SHREDDER. The scope of functions and the thoroughness are already outstanding, for example EverCookies are deleted and its run under Win 10.
About suggestions and comments we are always pleased.

Avatar from Joseph #195

Joseph -  

Make bigger updates at a time every once in a while and you will speed up the development of the cleaner

Avatar from Claudio #161

Claudio -  

I would like translating abylon SHREDDER into Brazilian Portuguese Language, is it possible? Please, send me instructions for translate it!
Thank you very much for your attention. Happy New Year!

Avatar of abylonsoft support #161


Hi Claudio,
a translation of the software is possible.

However, we only offer a complete language file for all our software products. A custom translation of a single program is not possible at the moment. For the translation open the XML-file SAWLangD.XML, SAWLangE.XML, SAWLangSP.XML or SAWLangXX.XML (for abylon SHREDDER, other programs similar) with an editor and translated text elements.
For more information feel free to contact again.

Avatar from Joseph #160

Joseph -  

You have to start shaping your Cleaner around the New Windows 10 style and leave this one behind

Avatar from Joseph #159

Joseph -  

Windows 7 will stop getting supported on January 14, there already booked you up for 5 more Windows Version Updates all the way to Windows 15 this will be nothing compared to the trouble there going to give trying to learn how to clean the New windows 10 and you have only a year to get ready for the next one Windows 11.

You have to start shaping your Cleaner around the New Windows 10 style and leave this one behind.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #159


Hi Joseph,
this may be. Nevertheless, I think that the majority of users will continue to use Windows 7, especially in business use. Windows XP is long gone supportet, but the spread is still very large.

As developer we do not flit with every trendy. Today nobody talks about Windows Vista.
In addition, we are concerned more about the technology than about the optics. Software is supposed to work and not just look beautiful. Windows 10 is already fully supported by abylon SHREDDER. Many temporary and forensic data are collected and cleared by us. Nevertheless, we will optically enhance our software.

Avatar from lanh #158

lanh -  

It's very good
thanks a lot

Avatar of abylonsoft support #158


You are welcome

Avatar from Joseph #110

Joseph -  

Windows 10 is going to give you extra deep cleaning problems because it's made thicker than windows 9,8,7 and each year it's going to get even bigger so there's you some extra trouble to keep having to deal with

Avatar of abylonsoft support #110


We are expanding shredder continuously, whereby Windows 10 is considered.
For example, our software seeks out and deletes the browser Ever Cookies and data for forensic analysis deleted if possible residue. But it is true the analysis and deletion effort for our software is steadily more complex and extensive.