Support, help and instructions for abylon SHREDDER

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Additional Info and Help Delete Files, Hard Disks and Surf Tracks

Questions and answers about the software abylon SHREDDER (FAQ's)

Full deletion of files, drives, free space and Internet traces

To keep your computer clean, we must access with our software abylon SHREDDER every file on the hard disk. This comes very close to the behavior of a virus. For this reason our software is called by some virus scanners as alleged dangerous software. In such cases you should adjust your virus scanner in such a way that our software is excluded for the examination.

We have no influence on third-party software such as virus scanners. For this reason, you should also contact the virus scanner manufacturer directly with this request. For these cases, most programs offer a corresponding support function.

INFO For instructions on how to administer the virus scanner, please contact the virus scanner manufacturer directly or read their instructions.

Seit der Version 3 legt Firefox die Lesezeichen und den Verlauf in einer gemeinsamen Datei an? Um beim Entfernen des Internet-Verlaufes nicht auch die Lesezeichen zu löschen, müssen folgende Einstellungen vorgenommen werden: 

Vorgehen zur Abhilfe:
  1. Öffnen des Firefox-Browser
  2. In die Adresszeile about:config eingeben und ENTER drücken.
  3. Hinweisseite bestätigen
  4. In das Suchfeld (Filter) bookmarks eingeben
  5. Folgen Einstellung von false auf true ändern. Dies erfolg durch einen Doppelklick:
    - browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML
    - browser.places.importBookmarksHTML

Im Anschluss können Sie mit der Software abylon SHREDDER den Verlauf löschen ohne die Lesezeichen zu verlieren!

This problem occurs with invalid file names of Cookies, Chache or History entries of Internet Explorer.

These invalid file names may occur if the file names are too long or contain invalid characters. Many of these invalid file names are already intercepted and deleted by our software. This functionality is also improved from version to version. Unfortunately, in rare cases, the error message still occurs.

Procedure to remedy:
  1. Open the Internet Explorer
  2. Open the Internet options via the menu Extras
  3. Switch to page General
  4. Delete the Temporary Internet Files (switch Delete Cookies) and the History (switch Empty History)
  5. once

Afterwards you can use the software abylon SHREDDER without further problems.

TIPP Afterwards you should clean up the free space of the hard disk once!

The speed of the deletion process depends mainly on the hardware used. On a fast hard disk, the shredding process is also faster.

Example values (older measurement)

On a Pentium 1 (350 MHz) PC with an 80 GB hard disk (7200 revolutions, 2 MB cache, average access time 8.9 ms).

Test 1:

30 GB - Shredder level 3 (overwrite 7 times) >> Required time 3 hours

Test 2:

10 GB - Shredder level 5 (overwrite 35 times) >> Required time 5 hours

INFO Compared to other products, the performance of the software abylon SHREDDER is very good!

This can have two reasons.
  1. During the test phase of the software the function Shredd drive(s) is deactivated. In order to use this function, the software must be registered!
  2. Additionally, to execute the function Shredd drive(s) Administrator rights are required! These can be requested via the Shield icon in the icon page in the top right corner.

The abylon SHREDDER offers different shredder levels for overwriting the data. These differ in the number of runs, whereby for example at level 5 the data is overwritten 35 times.

As a software manufacturer, we are not familiar with the complex technology of hard disk hardware down to the last detail. As far as we are informed, however, data storage on hard disk is a contactless magnetic process, so that in principle there should be no wear of the hard disk surface. It is correct, however, that a high shredder level places more extreme demands on the mechanical components of the hard disk and this could lead to an earlier failure of the hard disk.

For your information, already from a single overwriting of the data (shredder level 1), the recovery of the data with so-called recovery programs is no longer possible. In such cases the data can only be recovered in special laboratories. To make this more difficult, the abylon SHREDDER offers the further shredder levels.

NOTE Regarding the wear of the hard disk surface and the stress on the mechanical components, the corresponding hard disk manufacturer can certainly give you more detailed information.

Under certain circumstances it may happen that not all file names are correctly reset when cleaning drives.

This is occasionally the case:
  1. On FAT drives
  2. If files with the "normal" Windows Recycle Bin have been deleted
  3. If the drive is not written to the last byte

The file contents are completely overwritten and can also be restored with recovery programs NOT more


In addition, some recovery programs do not distinguish between the drives (partitions) on hard disks, but recover ALL files on the entire hard disk (including non-partitioned areas). If, for example, you have split your hard disk into drives C and D and clean up the free space only on drive C, some recovery programs also recover the deleted files from drive D! In this case the free space should be cleared of all drives.

HINWEIS When cleaning drives you should not work on the computer or run programs anymore. Our software offers the possibility to shut down the computer automatically after the deletion process is finished.
HINWEIS When shredding directly with the abylon SHREDDER both the file contents and the file names will be deleted!

In the following cases the complete and drive icon is hidden in the abylon SHREDDER dialog, so that the corresponding functionalities are not available:

  1. expiry of the test phase (30 days)
  2. Context-related call, e.g. when shredding files from the File Explorer
  3. Maybe missing administration rights
  4. Complication with external software that intervenes very deeply in the system (e.g. Hard_Drive_Inspector_NE)

NOTE Drives completely shredded (total destruction) is only offered under NT based operating systems and not under Windows 98 and Me!

  1. Registration of the product (see e.g. Prices)
  2. call the program via abylon SHREDDER icon on the desktop or in the start menu
  3. Open the program under a user with administrator rights. At the top right of the icon bar, you can use the shield icon to switch to the administrator view.
  4. Uninstall foreign software

In rare cases it can happen that after shredding the cluster tips on the system disk, the operating system reports corrupt system files and asks for a new installation. This message can be safely aborted. After booting the computer, this message no longer appears.

The reason for this message is that to delete the cluster tips (unused memory until the end of the last cluster), the file is expanded briefly until the end of the cluster. This change is immediately reversed so that the file content remains undamaged. However, the operating system notices this alleged change and therefore prompts for a new installation. However, as there are no real changes, shutting down and restarting the computer!

is sufficient.

The ClusterTip cleanup temporarily expands the file size by the amount that corresponds to a multiple of the cluster size of the hard disk. One file is processed after the other, so that in case of a system crash only one file can have the wrong file size. This file has not been damaged or changed in the data structure.

The file size is usually reset by the application itself, so you can continue to use the file without any problems. If this is not the case, the file size must be reset manually, for example with a HEX-Editor.

The free space is cleaned up by creating temporary files. If the computer crashes, these temporary files can remain on the hard disk. A deletion of these temporary files is possible at any time without problems. For this you can also use the functionalities of the abylon SHREDDER.

The history list (history) is still displayed when Internet Explorer is open despite deletion. This is because Internet Explorer remembers the links internally. After closing and reopening Internet Explorer, the history list is no longer displayed.

Er überschreibt nur die gelöschten Daten. Dabei wird ihre Festplatte weder zerstört, noch wird sie dadurch langsamer oder ähnliches.

Sie sollten jedoch in bestimmten Abständen, z.B. jeden Monat einmal, Ihre Festplatte defragmentieren, um Leistungseinbußen zu verhindern.

The higher the setting, the more complex is the deletion process. It can take a long time until large files are destroyed. In any case, the deletion takes much longer with a high security than with the normal Windows trash can.

FAQ: Password

Information about password usage and related security issues.

For this purpose, a mouse click event was inserted programmatically from version 19.10.1 and 2020.1 on. If there are problems with this, it can be switched on or off via the registry. To do this, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\abylon\[PROGRAM NAME, e.g. ENTERPRISE]\FLAGS set the value FWACTIVATEWINDOW from YES to NO.

After the password entry the software displays the message "The entered password is wrong or the key file (certificate) does not belong to this object!". What is the reason for this?

Please check first whether the password was really entered correctly or the keyboard layout has changed.

Another possibility is that the password scrambler converts certain special characters into other characters. For this reason it is necessary in such cases to activate or deactivate the password scrambler according to the creation of the encrypted element. I.e., if the password scrambler was activated during encryption, it must also be activated during decryption.

The password scrambler must be deactivated in any case if a password or the SecureID are entered into the password field via Copy&Paste. Otherwise, the program will not recognize a keyboard entry and the password field will remain empty.

The SecureID is a so-called emergency password. If the chip card or USB stick is defective or lost, this can be entered as an alternative for decryption.
The SecureID is determined during the encryption process on the page 'Key management >SYMM-System'.
The SecureID is identical for each encrypted object (abylon KEYSAFE, abylon CRYPTDRIVE, abylon BASIC, abylon SHAREDDRIVE) and is built as follows:

# + 32 characters + . + 32 characters + # 
(characters only numbers 0-9 or letters A-F; e.g. #A54E1CB23F31464AC3B7D65F4557C1D1D. 50F4B4A9EC30705944EB12870284C419#

- Starting with version 8.3, both upper and lower case letters can be entered. In older versions the input is Case-Sensitive.
- The password scrambler should be deactivated for input!
- The SecureID should be stored in a secure place!
- The SecureIDs are different for encryption and Windows logon.

A "brute force attack" means trying out all possible character combinations of passwords. For example, the process starts with 00000001 and then continues with 00000002, 00000003, 00000004.... A password that has only 4 digits and consists only of numbers can easily be "cracked" within a few seconds. A good password should consist of at least 12 characters with lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and special characters. In addition, no words from dictionaries, names or relevant password databases should be used. If you follow these rules, you can be sure that it will not be possible to decrypt the protected data economically in the foreseeable future.


Unfortunately / fortunately it is not possible to open protected data without the corresponding password. I.e., the software of abylonsoft offers neither a back door nor a so-called "general key". If you have lost your password, you can no longer access your stored data. 

You should remember the used passwords well and possibly write them down in a secret place. However, this should not be on the hard disk or near the computer. Alternatively, so-called password managers (such as abylon KEYSAFE) offer the possibility to store the different passwords in a secure database. In this case you only have to remember a password

An insecure password is always a date of birth, a nickname, a name in principle or any other word that is frequently used or that is in the dictionary.

A secure password is a password consisting of several random characters, e.g. myz<_/k)),%06YLbcw3pU. It consists of special characters ( ! "§$%&/()==?´*?+#´\ß^.;:_@<>|{[]}), numbers (1234567890), uppercase letters (QWERTZUIOPÜÄÖLKJHGFDSAYXCVBNM) and lowercase letters (qwertzuiopüäölkjhgfdsayxcvbnm).

If you cannot remember such a password, you can use a trick. Although the password is not as secure as the previous one, it is still much more secure than "Otto" or "Müller". And this is how it works. Think of a long sentence that you can easily remember, such as : I live in the model city 134b. My phone number is 123456789.  Now simply take the first letters / characters from this sentence. In this case that would be? IwidM1.Mti1.?. However, you should make sure that at least some numbers and special characters are present in the sentence. In addition you must pay attention to upper and lower case.

To create a really secure password, you should use the integrated password generator. You can find it for example in abylon KEYSAFE.

FAQ: File Explorer / right mouse button (OLE plugin)

Questions and answers about using our software via the right mouse button in the File Explorer (OLE PlugIn).

Workaround via flag in the registry

Open the Windows registry (for instructions, see the glossar) and change under X the value REG_SZ Y from YES to NO!

This change launches the .NET framework via an alternate call.

In this case we can offer the following workarounds.

1. Check plugins

Open the settings dialog and switch to the "Explorer Plugins Settings" page. Check here whether the corresponding PlugIn is activated (check mark).

2. Disable / activate modules

Open the settings dialog and switch to the "Explorer Plugins" page. First deactivate the plugins via the traffic light icon. Then you can activate the plugins again.

3. Registration of the Plugin-DLL

Start the command line entry with administration rights (Start -> Run -> cmd.exe). Then change to the abylon program directory (with cd). Enter here the command "regsvr32 [Plugin-Dll].
". As a plugin dll, enter the following files:

- abylon BASIC: 32bit = APMBOle.DLL, 64bit = APMBOleX64.DLL
- abylon READER: 32bit = APMROle.DLL, 64bit = APMROleX64.DLL
- abylon ENTERPRISE: 32bit = APMPOle.DLL, 64bit = APMPOleX64.DLL
- abylon SHREDDER: 32bit = SAWOle.DLL, 64bit = SAWOleX64.DLL

4. Check if all registry entries are present

Open the registry editor (Start -> Run -> regedit.exe) and check if the following 10 entries exist. The menu is only displayed in the File Explorer if all values are present and there are no errors.

1. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\ShellEx\ContextMenuHandlers\apmcrypt -> REG_SZ: ID see below
2. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{ID see below} -> REG_SZ: apmcrypt
3rd HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\background\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\apmcrypt -> REG_SZ: {ID see below}
4. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\apmcrypt -> REG_SZ: {ID see below}
5. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\apmcrypt -> REG_SZ: {ID see below}
6th HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\*\ShellEx\ContextMenuHandlers\apmcrypt -> REG_SZ: {ID see below}
7. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\CLSID\{ID see below} -> REG_SZ: apmcrypt
8. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\Directroy\background\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\apmcrypt -> REG_SZ: {ID see below}
9. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\Directory\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\apmcrypt -> REG_SZ: {ID see below}
10th HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\Ddrive\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\apmcrypt -> REG_SZ: {ID see below}

The following IDs must be used for the individual programs:
- abylon READER = {5fbcd2e0-73dd-11ce-993c-43aa004adb6c}
- abylon BASIC = {5fbcd2e0-73dd-11ce-993c-42aa004adb6c}
- abylon ENTERPRISE = {5fbcd2e0-73dd-11ce-993c-41aa004adb6c}
- abylon SHREDDER = {5fbcd2e0-73dd-11ce-993c-00aa004adb6c}

FAQ: Installation

Questions and Answers about the installation of software products from abylonsoft.

Usually, with abylonsoft software, the new version can be installed over the old version. This is also the case if the setup asks in advance and offers the uninstall option. If an over-installation for any reason is not possible, so you will be pointed out during installation. In this case no other option is offered.

Yes, because during the installation the software has to make some settings for which only the administrator has rights. So log in for the installation as an administrator or contact your responsible administrator.

Possible cause of error:

  1. You have entered the registration data incorrectly! The safest way is to copy and paste the name and the registration key from the email directly into the registration dialog of our software.
  2. Each license key is created individually for each program and each version. Check whether your registration data are also intended for the version you have installed!

Updates in the same major version number are free. Updates to the next major version number are subject to an update fee. If you have any questions or problems with us you are welcome to contact us in Kontakt.

This is because when a new user is created, Windows first creates the registry and makes entries. Since our software also has to make registry entries, an operating system restart is required for proper operation.


If this error occurs, you should manually download and install the setup from the download page. All settings of the previous version will be adopted.

FAQ: General

General questions and answers about the software from abylonsoft.

This error is caused by the rights management under Windows
  • If you open a file, the error message The path is not available is displayed.
  • If you open a folder, the error message Unhandled exception in the application - The root folder cannot be retrieved is displayed.
user's root folder or the own files. This causes the above error message and is due to the Windows rights policy. As a workaround, you could adjust the NTFS permissions, for example, add the rights for administrators in the user directory.

Redist Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Redist-Error-Message 0xc0150002

We unfortunately had to realize that Microsoft has changed something since the end of the Windows 7 support. Since that time it seems to be necessary to install a so-called Redist-Pack of Microsoft Visual Studio. This was not necessary before, but now it seems to be absolutely necessary. Please download and install the Redist-Pack of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

Alternatively please use our contact form for further information! Please indicate the software version and operating system.

From version 19.1 or 2020.1 the appropriate Redist-Pack is delivered with the setup.

Interaction with electromagnetic radiation

First of all, passive RFID tokens (chip cards or key fobs) need a magnetic field or high-frequency radio wave to be supplied with energy. This is usually done by the RFID card reader. The data integrity on the RFID token is not endangered by light magnetic or radio fields. The data is not likely to be erased, for example by a mobile phone, a magnet or a monitor. However, an electromagnetic interference source can lead to an impairment of the reading reliability.

Storing the RFID token in the same pocket as the mobile phone is no problem. In order not to disturb the reading process, the RFID card reader should be placed as far away from electromagnetic sources as possible! In a microwave, on the other hand, the RFID token is likely to be destroyed.

Tray-Icons are small buttons, which are displayed in the taskbar at the bottom right, next to the clock.
These icons are used to display information and call functions. In the preferences, Windows deactivates tray icons of programs so that they are not displayed for the time being. The following section describes how the settings for all or individual icons can be set.
NOTE The description is general. Depending on the program, you must select the appropriate tray icon. You can find this in the help or the FAQ's.

How do I open the settings for the tray icons?

To the left of the clock, there is a small white arrow pointing upwards, which can be used to display the other tray icons.

Adjust Tray-Icons

With "Customize" you can define the behavior of the tray icons. The "Info Area Symbols" window opens.
NOTE Below are alternative ways to open this window.

Information area symbols

In the settings window for info area symbols, you can define the behavior of each individual tray icon.
Select the corresponding icon and select "Show icon and notifications" as option. After that you will find the tray icon on the taskbar to the left of the clock at any time.
Alternatively, you can enable the option "Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar". In this case, the tray icons of future programs will also be displayed directly on the taskbar.

Alternative 2 to open the notification area icon settings

Move the mouse to a free area of the taskbar and press the right mouse button. Select Properties from the menu. The dialog for customizing the info area symbols opens on the Taskbar page via the "Customize" button.

Taskbar Properties

Alternative 3 to open the notification area icon settings

As a further option, you can also open the Control Panel via the Start menu. Select "Large Icons" or "Small Icons" in the upper right corner. Now you can open the settings via the "Info Area Symbols" icon.


Because of errors in the operating system or other software, as well as the variety of the hardware used, apparently occurring errors and / or irregularities in the software of abylonsoft must not necessarily be justified in this software. This means that the interactions between our software and software / hardware from other manufacturers are so complex that they cannot be taken into account by us in all cases. Often errors / defects in other software (e.g. the operating system) also occur, which only become effective in combination with our software. These errors usually manifest themselves in a general protection violation or a system crash. For these reasons we subject our software to a very extensive test before release in order to reduce the problems and errors to a minimum.

Should you nevertheless become aware of a direct error in our software, we will correct it as soon as possible. So that we can understand the error / the problem, you should give us all the details:

  • Operating system
  • Service packs
  • Other software used
  • Whereby the error occurred
  • If the error is reproducible
  • Etc.

Please use our support form support form!

for this purpose

For more see AGB's

FAQ: Compatibility

Questions and answers for compatibility tests of our software products with special hardware.

Microsoft has disabled the automatic installation of the framework .NET 3.5 under Windows 10. This causes crashes and protection violations during the execution of the .NET 3.5 versions of abylonsoft.

How can I still activate .NET 3.5 under Windows 10?

.NET 3.5 unter Windows 10 aktivieren

As shown in the screenshot, Microsoft .NET 3.5 can be enabled via the Windows features:

  1. Open the Control Panel under Windows 10, e.g. via the Search field or the Settings icon in the Start menu.
  2. Display all system control elements and select the entry Programs and Features. This item is also displayed directly under Programs.
  3. Open the Windows features on the left.
  4. Search entry .NET Framework 3.5 (contains .NET 2.0 and 3.0) in list.
  5. If the entry Activated is, then first Deactivate (Otherwise skip this point). With Ok Windows takes over the changes, which can take some time.
  6. After or if the point is Disabled anyway, the option is activated by clicking Activated. This operation is also done with Ok.

subsequently the version .NET 3.5 of our software should also run without problems under Windows 10.

To use a removable disk (e.g. USB stick) as "key" for login and encryption or mobile use (switch "install modules on USB stick"), the following conditions must be met:

  1. The USB stick must be plugged in
  2. The USB stick must create a new drive
  3. The drive must be formatted
  4. The drive must be writable (write permissions)
  5. The drive must have enough disk space
  6. The driver must register the drive as "Removable Device"

Card reader:

Our software supports all card readers that offer the standard PC/SC interface. In addition, you have to pay attention to which smart cards are supported by the card reader. In addition to contact smart cards, there is a large variety of suppliers and different technologies available for wireless smart cards. Here the supported frequencies 125 kHz (long wave) and 13.56 MH (short wave) are to be mentioned for example.

chip cards:

  • Contacting ACOS1 or ACOS3 chip cards
  • Other contact processor smart card (on request)
  • 13.56 MH Legic ATC
  • other 13.56 MH (on request)
  • 13.56 MH Mifare Classic
  • 13.56 MH Mifare Desfire
  • 13.56 MH Mifare UX
  • 125 kHz HITAG (on request)
  • 125 kHz EM (on request)
  • other RFID cards/keyfobs (on request)

Our software can be fully tested for 30 days. You should definitely take advantage of this offer. If you have any questions about compatibility, you can also contact us with confidence approach.
On our hardware page you will also find a selection of compatible card readers and chip cards.

Support request for abylon SHREDDER Shredding files and Internet traces

4 Support requests

Avatar von Reg Pellow #186

Reg Pellow - Eintrag vom: 30.08.2023 um 17:36 Uhr 
Software-Version: 11 - Betriebssystem: Win 11

Frage: SharewareonSale

Shredder. Downloaded installed from ShareWareOnSale today 30 Aug 23.. No field or icon to allow me to enter my registration details. I did have a previous version but this installed over it.
Advice please.
Thank you

Avatar of abylonsoft support #186


Hi Reg Pellow,
if this has the same main-version number, no registration necessary!

Avatar von Bill A #138

Bill A - Eintrag vom: 02.03.2020 um 17:33 Uhr 
Software-Version: 5.5 - Betriebssystem: Windows 10, 64 bit

Frage: I get multiple fles when just selecting one file

When I use the add option and select one file for shredding the display shows multiple files and directories for shredding. I'm concerned that I would be shredding files and directories I want to keep. How do I avoid this? I just tried to shred one file and 36 files and directories appeared in the file list to be shredded.

Avatar of abylonsoft support #138


Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. But I just missed the email.

First of all I would like to know if you are really using version 5.5. This would be very old. In the meantime we are at version 19, where we release a new major version about once a year.

The version number is shown in the "About" dialog of our software.

About your problem:
Does the problem always occur, regardless of the file. Or does it always behave differently.

Could you send me some screenshots of the process so that we can reproduce it.

Avatar von Tom H. #124

Tom H. - Eintrag vom: 19.10.2017 um 15:43 Uhr 
Software-Version: n/a - Betriebssystem: XP SP3

Frage: pre sales enquiry

The screen shots are in German. Is there an English version of each of your programs?
The Shredder finds deleted files. Is then able to do anything about them - for example by cleaning the file index and the deleted file itself to such extent as it has not been overwritten?
Do any of your programs create certificates that can be used in an s/mime email client such as Outlook?

Avatar of abylonsoft support #124


Hi Tom,
Even if the screenshots on our homepage are not in English, all our setups can be installed in German and English. The "Restore file" tool is only a function of our software abylon SHREDDER which to verify that all files have been deleted. The primary function of our software, however, is to delete files irrevocably and irrevocably. For example, the file index is also cleaned up.

With the software abylon SHREDDER no X.509 certificates can be created. Please look at our tool abylon SELFCERT ( Please bear in mind that the software create self-signed certificates must be imported into the Windows certificate database "trustworthy certificates" (or similar).

Avatar von mr.joseph #30

mr.joseph - Eintrag vom: 26.04.2015 um 23:58 Uhr 
Software-Version: 12.90.1 - Betriebssystem: 64-bit

Frage: your reason for being sick

its what's making you sick the 2 pass setting

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