Detailed information about abylon SHREDDER

Detailed product description of the file deletion software and more

Working with the computer and surfing the Internet creates numerous digital traces on the hard disk. These traces cannot be completely erased with the normal methods of the operating system. Especially with special programs and in the laboratory these data can be restored without major problems. With their help it is possible to read documents deleted even after weeks or to reconstruct the surfing behaviour. To really delete files, the abylon SHREDDER overwrites the complete data up to 35 times. An additional option is the cleaning of the hard disk between the files, the so-called free space and cluster tips. Also your internet traces, like the history, the cookies or the browser cache can be deleted irrevocably. And if you want to sell or dispose of your computer, all files on all drives can be destroyed in one go.

The functionality abylon PASTE optimizes the copy and move process of files. For example, unchanged files are not copied, a backup is created from changed files or the source files are automatically and securely deleted when moving! The possibilities with the Windows XP search are so extensive that the files are not found at all. With the additionally offered module abylon SEARCH you will find the corresponding files and directories.

For control the software abylon SHREDDER offers the possibility to scan all hard disks for deleted files.

Functional range of the Toolbox abylon SHREDDER

  • Shredding files and folders
  • AutoCleaner: Automatic Background Cleanup
  • Duplicate finder: Search for duplicate files
  • Quick destruction: Reduces overwriting of files to a minimum
  • shredding of surf tracks
    • Supported browsers:
      • Internet Explorer
      • Firefox
      • opera
      • NEW Google Chrome
    • Supported Options:
      • History
      • INDEX.DAT
      • Cookies (NEW also EverCookies)
      • Cache
      • Form data
      • Access data and passwords
      • Download list
  • Shredding Windows Tracks
    • List of last started programs
    • List last opened documents
    • List of recently opened documents (e.g. MediaPlayer, Photo Explorer, etc.)
    • List of last searched programs
  • Shredding of free space, cluster tips, the master file table (MFT), directory and file entries
  • Shredding of complete drives (also operating system!)li>
  • INSERT abylon: Optimized copying and moving of files (NEW Now also synchronize!)
  • abylon SEARCH: Search and find of files and directories
  • Full integration into Microsoft File Explorer (right mouse button menu)
  • Drag & Drop capable
  • Find temporary files and directories and delete (NEW Now also directories to which you don't have permission, like Prefetch-Folder)
  • NEW Freely definable job list for deletion (Predefined job list included!)
  • Empty trash can
  • 6 Shredder level adjustable (max. 35x overwriting according to the Peter Gutman method)
  • Create an executable copy of the software on an external storage medium (e.g. USB stick)
  • Scanning for deleted files on the hard disk (control function, does not replace a recovery program)
  • Automatic update (can be deactivated)
  • Improved export of settings
  • Improved administration for companies

System requirements for data erasure software

  • Processor: Pentium (or comparable)
  • Main memory: 512 MByte RAM
  • Free hard disk space approx. 40 MByte
  • Operating system Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, 2003, 2008, WTS, 32 and 64bit
  • Screen resolution: min. 1024x600 Pixel
  • Administration rights for the installation and certain functions

Supported standards

  • DOD method
  • Peter Gutman Method