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Info graphic RSS feed: Relaunch der englischen Homepage

Relaunch der englischen Homepage RSS-Feed von 16.08.2019

Our English company presentation was getting on in years. The extensive website with our software products and services no longer corresponded to the technical state of the art. In the course of the renewal also the texts of the German homepage were translated again. This included not only the software descriptions, but also the tutorials and the glossary, where many lines of text came together. Should the error devil have crept in or our language skills from school are not sufficient, we would be pleased about a corresponding notification.

Our partner Blueflexx-Webdesign actively supported us with the technical implementation regarding PHP programming, graphic design and "structured data".

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Info graphic RSS feed: Basic data protection regulation DSGVO

Basic data protection regulation DSGVO RSS-Feed von 09.05.2018

Since May 2018, the protection of personal data has been regulated in the new Basic Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). Since then, every company or association must offer a data protection declaration and have it confirmed by its customers as far as possible. In addition, important data should not be protected accordingly only since this point in time.

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Info graphic RSS feed: Complete software update to version 15.6 resp. version 2016.7

Complete software update to version 15.6 resp. version 2016.7 RSS-Feed von 30.07.2016

The German software company abylonsoft has fixed bugs, improved functions and added new ones to the current update of its Windows programs. Improvements are for example:

  • USB version for mobile use of the software is independent of the installed Windows operating system on the PC.
  • The automatic initialization of key cards can be deactivated for the Windows logon.
  • Key data on the smart card is secured with SHA256.
  • The online check of processes and data has been optimized.
  • The software abylon APP-BLOCKER lists drivers and can deactivate them.
  • Log files are loaded faster.
  • The software abylon WLAN-LIVE-SCANNER scans faster for networks and marks those which do not allow connection
  • .
  • The error output has been improved.
  • Div. error correction and some more...

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Software Update to Version 15.3 and Version 2016.5 RSS-Feed von 24.05.2016

With the release of the minor update, we have fixed some little bugs in all our software products. Additional improvements are:

  • Increase security by &changing the session keys to the hash algorithm SHA-256
  • .
  • Sorting lists by clicking on the column
  • Automatic error correction when entering data in the registration dialog
  • Additional adjustment to Microsoft .Net 4.0
  • Further improvements for Windows 10
  • Complete separation between 32- and 64-bit operating systems
  • and some more...

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Major update of abylonsoft now complete RSS-Feed von 12.03.2016

The major update of abylonsoft is finished. From now on all programs in version 15 or 2016 can be downloaded and tested. If you decide fast, you get up to 70% discount for software products and up to 90% discount for apps.

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Info graphic RSS feed: Offers and discounts

Offers and discounts RSS-Feed von 14.12.2015

Economy is a virtue of the Swabians, so it is claimed to at least. Irrespective of their origin, everyone is happy when they have to spend less at the till. Also abylonsoft offers from time to time certain software and hardware products with a discount. Usually this is done in cooperation with a computer magazine, a partner, a download page or a software portal. In order to keep our customers in the picture, we list the current offers from us and our partners on our offer page every day.

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30 days free trial and support without registration RSS-Feed von 27.06.2015

The software products of abylonsoft can be downloaded free of charge from the company homepage and tested for 30 days. In the test phase the software offers the full range of functions and can be put through its paces. Only then will some functions be deactivated. A decryption of encrypted files is possible at any time. For a small license fee, the blocked functions can be reactivated. Additionally abylonsoft offers a support page for each software product. There support questions can be asked without registration, only a small arithmetic problem has to be solved.

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Homepage according to the latest technical standards RSS-Feed von 11.06.2015

In cooperation with Blueflexx-Webdesign from Seibersbach the abylonsoft-Homepage was completely revised. The page presents itself in a modern design and adapts the content according to the screen resolution individually, no matter if mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. The template is based on bootstrap from Twitter and the pages are built dynamically with the server language PHP.

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New version 14.00.1 / 2015.5 RSS-Feed von 11.06.2015

We now offer all software products in the new version 14.00.1 and all apps in the version 2015.5. Beside numerous innovations the software programs are adapted for the new operating system Windows 10. When updating from a previous version, the license fee is reduced by up to 90%. Further information can be found on the respective "Buy" page.

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New version 12.90.1 / 2014.12 RSS-Feed von 04.03.2015

The new version 12.90.1 / 2014.12 of the abylonsoft Software is available for download. The software abylon APP-BLOCKER has been heavily reworked and got some improvements. But also all other software products from abylonsoft have profited from the update. An overview of all innovations, optimizations and improvements can be found on our Versionshistory page.

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