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RSS-Feeds to category FREEHASH

Info graphic RSS feed: New Version 17.60.1 and 2018.12

New Version 17.60.1 and 2018.12 RSS-Feed von 21.01.2019

With the version update to 17.60.1 and 2018.12 abylonsoft has donated various adjustments and optimizations of the program interface and functions to its programs. For example, a hexagonal window with program name shows the start of the programs or the settings dialog can no longer open without admin rights. In addition, some unused or problematic functions have been removed.

Info graphic RSS feed: Software abylon FREEHASH now completely NEW

Software abylon FREEHASH now completely NEW RSS-Feed von 18.04.2016

Has the download been downloaded correctly? Or was the file changed after it was last saved? To answer these questions, the software abylon FREEHASH provides all necessary functions for free. By determining the checksum of a file even the smallest change can be determined. In addition, the software creates hash values according to the hash procedures MD5, SHA1 and SHA256. These can be stored in the file name or in a separate file to determine future changes. Hash values can simply be copied into the software via the clipboard and searched for matches. In addition, additional information can be accessed online using the hash values.

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