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Before you make a support request or send us an email, you should first consult the following resources.

  • Help for software! The help can be called via the F1 key or the help button, whereby the offline or online help file is opened, depending on availability.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) and answers! The corresponding page can be accessed via the product page or the direct link listed here.
  • Lexicon / Glossary! Many terms are listed in our Lexicon / Glossary in alphabetical order.
  • Instructions / Tutorials! For some special topics we have written Tutorials and Instructions.
  • Support-Forum! Unfortunately more and more private forums are shutting down due to legal uncertainties, such as Computerguard or Computerforum. At the moment we only have our own section at Android-Port!

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Avatar from Salavat #642

Salavat -  

Please add more junk items for abylon SHREDDER.
Net Assembly Cache Files
C:\Windows\assembly\tmp ...
and so on...

Avatar of abylonsoft support #642


Thank you for your suggestion.
Anyone can also add their own directories or files on the "Other Jobs" page. To do this, simply press the corresponding icon in the icon bar.

Avatar from suggest #512

suggest -  

Please add more junk items for abylon SHREDDER.
Net Assembly Cache Files
C:\Windows\assembly\tmp ...
and so on...

Avatar of abylonsoft support #512


Thank you for your suggestions. We will take a close look at this and if we think it makes sense we will support it in one of the next versions.

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With Windows 11 Microsoft has released a new version of its operating system. The first test of the abylonsoft software in the version 20.60.2 and 2021.10 under the new Windows version was ...

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Abylonsoft based in Soonwald offers the new, practical file tool abylon FILECOPY. By special procedures thereby the copy process is accelerated. This has an advantage especially when backing up large ...

Neue Version 20.x und 2021

Corona keeps us far under its spell and stops daily life in many areas. But the software from abylonsoft is constantly being developed further and is now also receiving a major update in 2021. The ...

Major update to version 19.x and 2020

The major update to version 19.x and 2020 will take place in February 2020, and we have now added a minor update in March. Besides the general speed optimization, all products have received ...

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